Constitution Essay Examples

The Racist Principles In The American Constitution

When many people try and talk about how the Constitution advocated for racial quality, there isn’t any real proof of such. In fact, most modern historians conclude that the American Constitution could in fact be a proslavery document. Recognition of the proslavery Constitution would lead...
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Secularism Under Indian Constitution And Judicial Intervention

The English word secular drives from the Latin word ‘saeculum’, meaning “the present age”, “this world” of change as opposed to the eternal “religious world.” It is defined as “the liberation of man from religious and metaphysical tutelage the turning of his attention away from...
5 Pages 2178 Words

The Constitution Of Medina

Yathrib or Medina was a place where there were conflicts among pagan and Jewish tribes for hundreds of years. Due to distinction in ideologies and disagreements, it resulted in massacres and battles such as ‘Battle-of-Bu’ath’ between clans. This was perceptible to all the clans of...
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