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1. Identify the areas of law that are relevant to the chosen media report, and explain how they are relevant to the matters outlined in the report. This media report is based on the article from 31/07/2019 by Robyn Ironside “Widow sues CASA over Tiger Moth pilot’s fatal crash” Tort Law The main aspect of this article is that a pilot and passenger lost their lives as a result of a wrongful decision made when the Civil Aviation Safety Authority...
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Explain the role of government in law-making and how statutory and common law is applied in the justice court. The parliament of the UK is the one who make a law. Parliament have 3 chamber in which include House of Common, House of Lord and Monarch. In a first place, a bill is propose new law or existing law and come from government, opposite party, civil service groups etc. The types of bill is public, private, government and private member’s...
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In 12th century the church needed a special body of contract law to control economic relations between ecclesiastical corporations. The canon law of contracts is considered as an area of civil jurisdiction which is operated by canon law. In this law, canonists used texts of Justinian which were rediscovered by the glossators. Because Roman law was a great source for canonists due to its massive improvements in the field of contract law. In later periods, canonists not only used ideas...
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Facts On the 16th of June of the year 2019, Mark Brexit whom is a sitting member of the United Kingdom Council met with John Whiskey an engineer and building contractor were they discussed the construction of a bridge that would join the districts of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Details of the bridge were: Length: 35,000 meters’ long Time of Construction: 8 Months to complete Total Cost of Construction: 2 Million Euros Upon writing out a check of $100,000...
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Introduction: Joey Joystick was approached by Great Games Pty Ltd for an internship for designing a game which afterwards benefited the company and helped it to gain some prestigious awards. Due to this they later approached it for a 3 year contract with the clause of not undertaking any design activity for any other company during the contract period. Also it included that joey can also not participate in any design activity within Australia for any gaming or entertainment purpose...
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Part A: Option 1: Contract law (SSO burgers) Issue: SOO burgers have been a famous chain of the hamburger restaurant that opened in Australia. With its immense competition worldwide, this restaurant started to organise a promotional deal called “the Fair Dinked deal”. Thus according to the rules, a token is provided to every 'Double-decker Emu burger” and if 50 of these tokens are collected a golden card is given. When scratched if it showed a golden car then that person...
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Question 1: Issue: The key issue is whether is Nick has a binding contract with Frank. Will Nick still able to claim the money? Rule: As a contract law in Australia is embodied in common law which defines the Contract law as an agreement between two or more parties which were stated in “Topic 2 Agreement – Offer in Contract I ”. In order to recognise as a contract, there are 4 element you must be follow: Offer: a promise...
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Issue: Is there any legal relation between Soo Burgers and their customers (Michael and Brett) If yes than can Michael “mickey” “ask for his claim (grand price) from Soo burger? Can Brett vulture ask for his claim (grand price) from Soo burger? Whether Soo burger needs to provide both customers their claims? Rules: Under contract law, there are three element that define its existence as when one party makes a promise to other party, and both are abided by legal...
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Sports law is plainly described as a fusion of laws that apply to professional sportsperson and the sports they play. It is not just one legal matter with broadly relevant rules. Sports law affects a wide array of topics, including contract law, administrative law, competition law, intellectual property law, defamation law and employment law. The people that are committed to this dispute regarding if sports law can be a true area of law take up one of three points. The...
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Since the penalty rule was for the first time formed in the Englsih contract law it has caused controversy. Some have argued against it and believed it should be abolished as it is believed it provides no suffiecient justification. However, its supporters believe the rule shoud be kept because it politically and economically will benefit them. The aim of this essay is to discuss why the opponents of the penalty rule believe the penalty rule is a controversial issue to...
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Executive Summary The report has focused on corporate law for breach of contract between Jen and her client over Dali paintings. There are several laws which are applied to this case in order to resolve the conflict under legitimate Australian Law. According to Australian Consumer Law (ACL), fair trading is necessary to maintain within a business that is not properly followed that arose a range of problems for both the parties. It has also focused on liability of Master Plate...
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