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Characteristics of Canon Law Contracts: Analytical Essay on Contract Law

In 12th century the church needed a special body of contract law to control economic relations between ecclesiastical corporations. The canon law of contracts is considered as an area of civil jurisdiction which is operated by canon law. In this law, canonists used texts of Justinian which were rediscovered by the glossators. Because Roman law was a great source for canonists due to its massive improvements in the field of contract law. In later periods, canonists not only used ideas...
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Business and Corporate Law: Application of Contract Law and Breach of Contract

Introduction: Joey Joystick was approached by Great Games Pty Ltd for an internship for designing a game which afterwards benefited the company and helped it to gain some prestigious awards. Due to this they later approached it for a 3 year contract with the clause of not undertaking any design activity for any other company during the contract period. Also it included that joey can also not participate in any design activity within Australia for any gaming or entertainment purpose...
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Contract Assignment: Scenario Analysis

The scenario must be analysed in order to advise Claire on whether any contracts have been made or not, and if so, on what terms they have been agreed. The key requirements for a valid contract are offer and acceptance (known as agreement), consideration and intention to create legal relations. The first issue to consider in this scenario is the legal status of the advertisement made by Virtue Plus. As a general rule adverts are considered an invitation to treat,...
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Contract With Lothian Quality Building Supplies: Personal Opinion Essay

To begin, I would advise that Bob crave the contract to be held as valid, as this would allow him to receive the goods for the contracted price. Lothian Quality Building Supplies will likely make a claim of uninduced, unilateral error calculi, in which they can crave a void contract. First, one must distinguish whether the contract is a matter of error or not. Considering the matter dealt with a factual matter within the contract, one can clearly see it...
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Duress And Undue Influence On Parties In Contract Agreement Process

The Black’s Law Dictionary defines a contract as a lawfully binding pact among two or more parties which promulgates commitments, any violation of these commitments result in remedies in the form of damages or by any particular enforcement of the contract. Contract law explains the obligations of any persoms who would have entered into an agreement. Contract law in other words encompasses two divisions of jurisdiction. These are the rulings resulting from case law and regulations from statutes and Acts...
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Psychological Aspects Of Contract Breach

When an individual joined an association, many papers has to signed by both of the employee and company and employee create desire for each other. On the same day they are additionally shaping another contract which is not visible and does not composed any paper. It is known as Psychological contract. (Rousseau, 2000) has defined psychological contract as “the terms of an exchange agreement between individuals and their organizations”. A psychological contract plays an important role for understanding how employee...
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Legal Contract: Case Study Of John And Span & Spic

Introduction The concern that requires being determined in the given case study of John is an issue of consumers’ satisfaction and consumers’ well-being at the lounge of business organizations through the legal and legitimate rules and regulations at any place of this globe. As the Span and Spic offers upgraded and high-class garment cleaning services, John trusted their service blindly without any hesitation. That’s why John did not turn over his receipt to go through all the related legal issues....
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Disadvantages Of Zero-Hour Contract

In this essay, I will argue that zero-hour contracts should not be allowed because they cause more for issues for the employees and they cause the organisations or companies that hire the workers receive most of the economic risk than the workers. The zero-hour contract may lead to organisations mistreating their workers by exploiting their workers, I will back my argument by using varies information from online resources. A zero-hour contract is a type of contract in which an organisation...
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Contract: Definition, Parties Involved And Breach Procedure

In this essay, I hope to give an unbiased view of some of the precedential cases and statutes that have shaped contract law up to now. I will go over (1) what a contract is and why they are used, (2) what it means to be fair in the eyes of contract law, (3) the parties involved within a contract – their individual and mutual rights a (4) Procedure when contracts are broken and situations where a breach of contract...
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Contracting & Construction Projects: Types And Differences

A contract in relation to capital projects functions as a legally binding, enforceable, and reciprocal commitment governing the collaboration between owner and contractor (Berends, 2015; Turner, 2003). A contract should clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved as well as establish a clear framework that outlines the implementation of design processes, procurement strategies and construction methodology. It is designed to align the goals of the owner and contractor to meet a mutually favourable outcome (Turner, 2003). However,...
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The Peculiarities And Elements Of E-Contract Law

A contract is a written or verbal agreement in which responsibilities and duties of the involved parties are mentioned. Nowadays every business works on some contracts or agreements it became a necessary part of our life. Contracts help businesses to run smoothly without having any conflicts, if one party get involved in any misconduct which goes against the duties and responsibilities mentioned in the contract, so on the basis of that contract, other party can sue against them. Any contract...
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