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Has the Digital Age Made Copyright Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

Digitalization has enabled the transformation of intellectual property into electronic format. In this context, the importance of copyright becomes impossible to ignore. Copyright, as we know it, was creating during a time when digitalization had not happened. Thus, there are certain limitations that appeared with the coming of the digital era. Due to digitalization, copying art, of any form, has become easy, fast and cheap. Thus, the incentive of the artists that they used to get due to copyright has...
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Freebooting as Copyright Infringement

Today here, in our modern era world lies technology. According to, technology is an advanced set of tools used to make things easier and/or to resolve problems. An example of technology is computers, laptops, phone, tablet, TV, and many more. Another word for technology is ICT which stands for information and communications technology, this term mostly focuses for education as it works for giving information. Other than that, it is mostly has the same meaning as technology. Technology has...
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Informative Essay on Disc Jockeys and Copyright

The term ‘disc jockey’, now commonly abbreviated as DJ, was coined in 1935 by the American radio commentator Walter Winchell. They were originally the operators of machines that played phonograph or gramophone records (now known as vinyl records), but, with the technological advancement in the modern era, DJs have largely shifted from vinyl discs to compact discs and now to computer media files which are more portable and accessible. Copyright, itself is an already complex topic, but for DJs who...
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Essay on Copyright: Pros and Cons

To creative individuals and consumers alike, it remains difficult to completely understand the complexities of copyright and the legislation that simultaneously runs parallel. Many view it as a challenging and theoretically intricate subject, but also realize its importance to almost every facet of our social and cultural world. Essentially, only the expression of an idea is protected by copyright but not the idea itself. Despite the well-established control of copyright practices for intellectual property in regard to how it is...
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Copyright Is Becoming Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

While we used to pay for certain media products such as songs, films or newspapers. Nowadays, it is available to us for free thanks to the work of the Internet ‘pirates’. In today’s Internet age, sharing content is one of the most favorable parts of the World Wide Web. The computer-aided communication technologies such as e-mail and Internet have added altogether a new dimension to today’s communication process by making it more speedy, informative and economical. While all these have...
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Copyright and Royalties in the Music Industry

I have been asked to create this essay in which I have to provide an account for how copyrights and royalties work in the music industry and to show my understanding of the importance of collections societies. I have thoroughly researched these topics and have gained full understanding on each matter. Copyright There are many issues surrounding the downloading side of today’s music industry. And one of these issues to mention is illegal downloading. With music now being so easy...
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Essay on Copyright and Its Regulation

Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, copyright is an exclusive law, which protects the creative works of an individual for a fixed amount of time. Copyright laws have been implemented worldwide to limit the use of copies of an existing work without making compensation to the creative originator for their ‘intellectual labor’. However, copyright does not protect an idea but the form of expression. Nowadays, the regulation of copyright material has become increasingly difficult with the introduction of multimedia. Which...
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Essay on Copyright and Its Protection

Copyright legislation is said to be part of the wider body of law known as intellectual property. In ancient period authors wrote for fame and recognition and it was not their bread and so the question of copyright never arose. The need for copyright protection arose after the introduction of printing as it enabled reproduction of books in large quantities. It came to be regarded as a property right and hence required protection. Copyright in a given country is regulated...
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Artificial Intelligence Creativity in the Context of Copyright

“At all events my own essays and dissertations about love and its endless pain and perpetual pleasure will be known and understood by all of you who read this and talk or sing or chant about it to your worried friends or nervous enemies. Love is the question and the subject of this essay. We will commence with a question: does steak love lettuce? This question is implacably hard and inevitably difficult to answer. Here is a question: does an...
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Essay on Artificial Intelligence and Copyright

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI), where an object is capable of human thinking, has been around for centuries, where classical philosophers have attempted to describe human thinking as a mechanical manipulation of symbols and numbers. However, in the present era, AI can be understood as a computer system that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Today’s AI software is capable of producing works that were never been created by computers before such as artistic works like producing...
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