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Corporate Responsibility and Ethics in Electronic Commerce

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Ethics comes from a person’s own will based on the values and cultures that he has. In turn, laws and ethical standards are also going to influence that during transactions correct information is reported. Companies often have to adapt to other companies under their professional ethics. Bad ethics causes reputational damage, lack of confidence and loss company. Ethics is done in compliance with laws and policies under the culture of the country.

In the promotion of a service or product the information provided must be true and should not be omit part of it as it would be hidden, and this would be unethical. Customers must know the truth at all times and no company should lie to achieve their organizational goals. There are many organizations that use information from people’s transactions to sell to other company which I think is unethical. In the United States, companies by law have privacy obligations and rights that protect customers. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission (FC) sets standards for what companies should show customers in their advertising. Some companies choose to put the options electronically, if the customer allows you to offer your information to other companies or you want to receive information from other companies.

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An example of a company that ensures a responsible and ethical environment in its transactions is EBay. When you search for a product you want to buy in, you can see in the description at the bottom of the website all the information part or service. For example if I look for a tire or ‘rubber’ as well it is said in Puerto Rico for the vehicle jeep can observe the part number by the tire manufacturer. With this information I can buy price with the original manufacturer. Additionally, EBay creates a security environment as it tells me all the types of Jeep that you can use the same tire. In turn it shows the contact numbers if you want to call manufacturer. If you do not agree with the product or service, as part of the your commitment to the client returns the money.

Ethics is how problems are worked as you mention it on the internet. For me a clear summary of this that ethics will do the right actions that are taken during the negotiation process. One point I do not mention in my work and you mention it is that equality must be respected or offered during internet trading. Good ethical practice does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion, among others. I mention this because when we make electronic transactions, we find different clients with different nationalities and this can be seen even in their names. Although Facebook as indicated protects children that represents a good practice of ethics, I consider it as a means of communication and promotion to other businesses rather than an own e-commerce.

Ethics envelops the values of good that characterize any individual and organization. Although I could not observe the principles you mention of charity and malice, these definitely represent ethics. Charity represents good while malephilia represents no harm. Ethics is about being as honest and responsible as possible. In addition, a company with good ethical practice will always seek to do good and sometimes sacrifice its own interests for the well-being of people.

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