Essays on Corporations (38)

Uber Business Model

Uber Business Model connects and manages a network of drivers who offers the services and passengers (demand) through a technology platform that offers cheaper transportation through a phone application. The business model is also referred to as multi sided platform business that uses a platform...
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Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Introduction Nowadays text mining and sentiment analysis are sensational topics in the area of research. Twitter, a social media website which allows different ways of demonstration opinions and establish communication among the users, all over the world. Since Twitter is very distinctive so it’s difficult...
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The History And Activity Of Enron Company

The Enron Corporation of Houston Texas was the result of two Houston companies merging together in 1985. Up until that point, Enron had been struggling financially and continued to struggle after the merge until ‘the deregulation of the electrical power markets took effect, and the...
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Facebook: Pros And Cons

In this digital age, everybody is familiar with Facebook, Linkedin, twitter or many more social media sites and though it increases the chances to be addicted to one of these social media sites. It seems no problem of using social media websites like Facebook for...
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How Uber Revolutionized The Taxi Industry

In this era of data and technology, competition for customers is fierce across various industries and evolving every day. Thanks to that, some truly great business innovations have surface and take the world by storm. It is hard to ignore names like Uber, Airbnb, or...
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Global Competition Law. Uber: An (Un)solved Problem

1. Introduction We were all accustomed to the traditional taxi services, but this sector was not showing signs of evolution and users have to accept the service as it is. Then, the situation changed when online-enabled car transportation service like Uber appeared. Uber provides a...
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Southwest Airlines: Strengths And Weaknesses

A quick situational analysis of Southwest Airlines would begin with their history or background of their organization and their successes and failures. Southwest actually started their company in the maintenance sector of planes and by 1971 Southwest attained its first three airplanes. Southwest only had...
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The Biggest Scandals In History Of Uber

Nowadays more and more startups and original ideas appear every month. Not all companies become successful, and not all startups can earn millions. But sometimes an original and socially useful idea becomes extremely popular. One of such enterprises is Uber – the most expensive startup...
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Collapse Factors And After Effects Of Enron

Enron was the seventh largest corporation of America. The company gave a vision of a steady company having very good revenue, but in real that was not the situation the large part of the company’s profit was just on the paper. All of this could...
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