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Correlation Between Yearly Album Sales and Youtube Views

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The aim of this paper is to find the correlation between yearly album sales from 2015-2017 and the YouTube music video views. K-pop otherwise known as Korean Pop has been increasing in popularity globally these past few years and I believe it is a really good way to know the culture of South Korea. When I was first interested in K-Pop last year, I was really intrigued by the difference of Korean and Western artists. In Korea, their artists are very active music and social media wise. As in Korea, they have apps where the artists can interact with their fans such as VLIVE, Naver, Fancafe, etc. While in America, it is usually only from Twitter, Instagram and others. Another difference that I noticed was that in Korea, when they have a comeback/debut, they usually go on music shows to promote themselves. These music shows are broadcasted weekly and in the music shows, fans are able to show their support for their artists by voting or streaming. Each music shows have different criterias on how the idol’s fans can show support and help the artists win first place.

This topic is very interesting to me because I am genuinely curious at how the yearly album sales and youtube views can be correlated since they both can affect the artists’ win on music shows. Even though some of the percentage of this category might be low, it still helps a lot for the artists. My hypothesis for this exploration is that there won’t be a correlation between the album sales and YouTube views because some people might not be really interested with the group to the extent of buying their albums, as the albums are also expensive which might be a problem for some fans because they might not think it’s worth it to spend their money on the albums.

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From the results and graph shown above, it can be concluded that the album sales from the top charting songs of 2015-2017 and their YouTube music video views do not correlate well together, since the r value that was obtained was -0.0368, it can also be said that it has a weak and negative correlation.

In conclusion, the impact of YouTube views on album sales are not that high as there might be some fans that did not buy the album sales because the albums were too expensive and the fans were saving their money or they just did not want/were not able to buy. There might be some correlation to each other as there are some fans of the idols/artists are willing to stream the music videos to increase the views and to buy their albums, there are some that are only watching the music videos because they are simply curious or they just happen to stumble upon it. There might also be some fans who did not buy the album because they’re trying to save money or they don’t have the money.


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