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Could Digital Communication Take The Place Of Face-to-face Conversation For Business?

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The usage of digital communication is growing rapidly. According to Peek, 2017 digital communication have positive benefits for business sectors. This situation help workers become more flexible and do their work from outside the office. However, there are some drawbacks of modern technology such as lack of face to face interaction. Lack of face to face interaction will cause people to become less emphatic, less connected, less creative and fulfilled (Turkle citied in Lamore, 2018). This essay will argue that could digital communication take the place of face to face communication in the business sector.

The technology transition is important for the global industry. Recently, technology became smarter than before. These developments have many benefit for employees, for example, virtual reality technology. According to Peek (2017), virtual reality will admit people to get the atmosphere busy office without leaving their house. As a consequence, virtual reality will help employees save more time. In addition, there is a possibility to make the workplace become more efficient such as using tools in an email application. For example, sending multiple emails will sabotage efficiencies and spend a lot of time. However, the “cc” function will be handled correctly and the result may be reached much faster than a face to face communication ( Leach cited in Johnson 2017).

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According to Turkle ( citied in Lamore, 2018) argue that social media and technology should not replace the essential stuff in people lives such as real communication. This is because, in the face to face communication, people tend to completely aware and need to react to each other. Therefore, it can be difficult if the person not actually being there, because a lack of face to face interaction will hinder real communication. In addition, business and creative industry should improve their workplaces, by having a good connection with their colleagues. The relation between face to face communication and good team-woks is extremely important. To create interpersonal bonds, reading expression and body language only happens when they do face to face communication. As a result, encourages the face to face communication will affect their success as employees.

Digital communication probably will make the workplace become more sophisticated. However digital communication may not take the place of face to face communication. There is a big challenge for the company to adjust with online communication. This is because face to face communication is extremely important in this modern digital environment, especially for personal interaction and encourage creativity.

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