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Covid-19 Vaccine Argumentative Essay

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To what extent do you support or oppose the governments’ mandatory vaccination policies against the Covid-19 pandemic?

For more than a year, people from many countries have been living through the peak of the global COVID-19 pandemic around the world, which has caused serious and terrible consequences, because of this, there is now a chase for the development of the necessary vaccines. A large number of health officials are calling on their societies to get vaccinated in order to get rid of this terrible virus that is spreading all over the world as soon as possible, or in other words, these people want to make a series of vaccinations mandatory for each person. However, in my opinion, this is a personal issue, where each individual must make a choice for himself or herself whether to vaccinate himher or not, since they should take into account the incorrect introduction and the perception of different organisms.

First of all, a substantial number of influential individuals or entrepreneurs began to advertise and show in their personal accounts on their social networks that they decided to trust and get vaccinated. For instance, Karen Wazen, who is a Lebanese influencer and a famous entrepreneur in Dubai, posted on her Instagram page that she and her family trusted a certain hospital and received vaccination against COVID-19, and now they are isolated and sitting at home taking it well. (Wazen, 2020). In good clinics, doctors are trained to administer and prescribe the correct doses of the drug, and other well-known personalities and officials are also given different doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as part of the Dubai Health Authority’s. While obtaining several doses of the vaccine from professionals in this field in private clinics helps people stay safe, there are individuals who are affected by incorrect entering vaccinations, as there are not enough doctors who have training for these types of vaccines. Hunt (2021) claims that “A doctor who did not receive the necessary vaccination training incorrectly prescribed two elderly people in a Queensland nursing home “a dose higher than the recommended” Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.” It suggests that there are much other public or conventional hospitals where doctors are not aware of certain conditions and the dose of prescribing is for an individual patient, and in addition, most people who are unable to pay for the procedure in private clinics are at huge risk of making vaccines in places with a more affordable price, and instead of protecting themselves from it, they earn themselves other difficulties.

Another point that is necessary to note is that there are already a huge number of organizations and their managers want to make their employees undergo mandatory coronavirus vaccinations, as Sorenson (2021) said ‘The advantage of introducing mandatory vaccines is that they can show that the employer is doing everything reasonably possible to protect the health of their employees.’ Companies such as airports or large international organizations believe that mandatory vaccination requirements should be introduced in the work environment so that their colleagues or employees can feel 100 percent safe, and healthy, and perform their roles and tasks with confidence. However, there are people who believe that whatever the vaccine is, there are different organisms that perceive the vaccine and other drugs as very difficult and with negative impacts, even if the doctor is the most professional and knows how to accurately prescribe the appropriate vaccine for each of their patients. Since individuals can have their own difficulties or illnesses in the body, in other words, each organism has the ability to quickly or slowly show various consequences. In addition, according to the World Health Organization’s Coronavirus envoy, David Nabarro, making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in different organizations could increasingly alienate workers or society as a whole from getting vaccinated, as ‘…we want people to do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time.’ (Nabarro, 2020). In this case, I believe that the management should leave the remote mode of work, or at least leave the choice to the employee and the individual.

After analyzing the whole situation, it should be noted that the health of society is more significant than the coronavirus vaccine, which can cause more harm than good to individuals which may sound strange because these vaccination therapies are created precisely to save and protect people from the terrible virus. On the other hand, the government and society should take into account that they are taking important and serious risks by making vaccines mandatory, and furthermore, they should take responsibility for this and provide strict choices to individuals about this. That is, in the midst of the peak of a pandemic, the state should isolate cities rather than take on even more legal risks, and society should observe self-isolation in order to circumvent the risks of contracting the virus or acquiring other diseases due to vaccination.

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