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Crime Reporting and Predicting Tool

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The researchers studied the existing crime predictive and reporting tool used in Uganda police force to identify its strengths and weaknesses. A number of techniques and tools such as observation and interview guides as well as document reviews were employed by the researcher to acquire information that was used to give the basis for the design of the system. The researcher carried out face-to-face interviews with 4 managers in the directorate of criminal investigation (CID) whose age ranged from 18 years to 45 years. Also an interview guide was prepared and questionnaires were administered to 46 CID police officers so as to enable them give their views freely.

From the study, the researcher realized that Uganda police force currently has a lot of information that is recorded and stored in paper files for all crimes committed and reported. It noticed that when a victim reports a crime at the police station, they were asked to explain the ordeal as the officer is listening and it is this officer that makes a report out of the statement that the victim has made. The statement is hand written while the victim is narrating. The files are then kept in a room that is assumed to be safely guarded, but the files are exposed to many other threats like; theft, fires, and rain which can lead to loss of vital information including evidence for some cases.

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From the study, the researcher also realized that there have been recurrent crimes of raping and murdering women, for instance in the areas of Entebbe, Nansana and Masaka towns in Uganda. Female bodies have been found dumped in areas around different towns mentioned above. These crimes occur rapidly and keep reoccurring after some period, which is still challenging the police to predict and combat them. Much as there have been numerous efforts in the fight to combat crime in Uganda, for instance which range from police recruiting more officers, public awareness efforts, installing CCTV cameras, there is no known predictive models that can be used to predict crime rates, detect the crimes and identify suspects, after the crime has taken place. Good enough the crime predictive and reporting tool can apply an algorithm that makes a descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis on large volume of crime data.

Thus, through these three methodologies, law-enforcement authorities can be able to take suitable actions to prevent the crimes. Moreover, by predicting the highly likely targets to be attacked, during a specific period of time and specific geographical location, police can be able to identify better ways to deploy the limited resources and also to find and fix the problems leading to crimes.

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