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Criminal Behavior Essays

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The Causes For Criminal Behavior

Have you always wondered what are the underlying reasons why someone grows up to become a criminal in society? The world is filled with so much violence and with people who are heartless. Why is it that because of the violence and heartless people, we have human beings in our society who hurt others to fulfill themselves and feel pleased. Growing up from a loving and nurturing family, I believe that that is how everyone should grow up to see...
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To What Extent does Childhood Trauma Influence Criminal Behaviour?

The debate on what the causes of criminal behaviour has been a long going one. Many have tried to explain and give reason for the actions of offenders. But at the end of every debate, people are left with the question: Is There a Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Criminal behaviour? And if there is there is a connection at all how much does their upbringing contribute to antisocial behaviour. The Natural Institution of mental health defines childhood trauma as...
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Antisocial Personality Disorder And Criminal Deviance

Understanding what factors contribute to the development of a criminal is crucial to understanding crime, social interactions, and today’s criminal justice system. For many years criminal law applications have relied on the sociological influences and theories derived from such influences. When understanding the criminal mind, there are many factors to consider, including an individual’s personality traits. Personality refers to an individual’s emotional and behavioral attributes that remain consistent as the individual moves from situation to situation (Snipes, Gerould, & Bernard,...
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Different Theories Used To Understand The Causes Of Criminal Behavior

Heartless monster(s), that is all anyone can think of when someone commits a crime against a loved one. A few moments after however, the thoughts shift from describing the criminal less than human out of anger and grief, to a moment of confusion, making one wonder, “Why would someone commit a crime like this.” The answer to that universal question of why someone commits a crime lies in criminology, the study of criminal behavior. According to criminology research experts from...
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Developmental Psychology: Psychological Approaches to Crime

On the night of January 19, 2013, a teenager 15-year-old call Nehemiah Griego shot and killed his father, Greg Griego, 51- year-old, his mother, Sarah, 40- year-old his brother Zephania, 9- year-old; and his sisters Jael, 5- year-old, and Angelina, 2- year-old. (Metro UK news) The first person Nehemiah Grieg killed was his mother. He waited for his mother to fall asleep, and then the child took a 22 caliber rifle and shot her. Next to her sleeping mother was...
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How Does A Lack Of Human Development Contribute To Criminal Behavior?

A criminal’s home can resonate with many different meanings. To understand a criminal, an individual must first understand their lifestyle. The origin of a crime can be nebulous, hence the fundamental importance of the criminal’s upbringing. Criminal tendencies distinctly tie to psychopathic or sociopathic personality traits. Underlying constituents could have triggered criminal behavior, provided that the criminal is not psychologically abnormal. People are not born criminals, a singular occurrence in their life could have guided them to this path. Internal...
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Drug Addiction's Socio-Economic Impact

Addiction has seemingly become more prevalent in todays society. The most prominent addictions being drug addiction with its long and extensive history of shaping society and social media which is a relatively new phenomenon. There is plenty of different ways addiction can affect society. It affects everyone psychologically having a massive impact culturally, potentially changing the decision making of the populous dramatically. Addiction can also impact society in many ways economically. Either this be through the incentivisation of taxation to...
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Analysis of the Results of Research on Causes of Criminal Activity

Introduction The purpose of this study is to understand the perspective that young people have on the causes of crime. Living in a world where we now just accept that crime exists and anyone who commits a crime is simply sentenced, we tend to ignore the main factors of a committed crime. I have used a multi-method technique to examine the causes of crime and its importance on criminal activity as I believe that the government forces often avoid the...
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Risk Factors Causing Higher Probability for Youth Crime Behavior

Risk variables for criminality are not inactive as their prescient value changes depending on when happens in a youth’s development and environment, in their social setting and beneath what circumstances. Risk factors may be found within the person, the environment, or the individual’s capacity to reply to the requests or necessities of their environment. A few variables come into play during childhood or prior, while others don’t show up until puberty. Some variables include the family, the neighborhood, the school...
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Social Differences in Criminal Behavior: Theories and Models

Social class and crime behavior relationship is a long-standing basis of discussion in criminology. The society has this perception that crimes are to be committed mostly by a lower class group of people in the society, forgetting the fact that even the upper and middle-class people commit serious crimes too. These social classes are a result of emerging divisions in the society which are supported by the social and economic background of the people. As opposed to the social norm...
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Analysis of Sociological Factors Motivating Crime

The mind of a criminal is a very interesting one. Many may wonder what motivates a criminal to commit the acts they do. It has always been debated whether crime originates from the individual or the environment. In this paper, I am going to discuss the environmental factors that motivate crime. This paper will be split into first discussing the differences between nature versus environment, looking into the Sociological theory, specifically the General Strain Theory, and addressing any factors that...
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The Role of Antisocial Personality Disorder in Crime

They could be friends, co-workers, or neighbors. They could even be a family member. A conversation might be held with them or they have maybe even invited inside the house. Younger siblings or children could play at the same playground or be in the same friend group. These people could have Antisocial Personality Disorder. 3% of American men and 1% of American women have been diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (Friedland , 35). Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) is a mental...
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Areas of the Human Brain Responsible for Violent Crimes

Could positron emission tomography scans allow for the prediction of a crime before it has been committed? Could individuals be incarcerated based on their hereditary? Studies are emerging that support the idea of criminology being associated with nature rather than nurture. A study by Hiatt and Newman has found that violent criminal behaviour is attributed to the prolonged interhemispheric transfer time among psychopathic offenders. Another analysis by Tiihonen and colleagues has found that the genetic background of the offenders heavily...
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Criminal Behavior And Its Contexts

This assignment focuses on explaining Mr. Khatri’s stalking and abusing behavior, in light of relevant theories and researches. The theoretical framework is followed by the intervention and treatment strategies. Critical Evaluation on Psychological Theories to Understand Offender’s Behavior Psychological theories are an array of explanations that help us explore human behavior in different situations. Different psychological theories present different reasons for criminal behavior in people. These theories aid in unveiling crime, criminal behaviors of people, causes and consequences of criminal...
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Criminal And Deviant Behavior

Introduction Criminal and deviant behavior is an important topic of research in psychology, including the environmental influences and genetic influences on deviant behavior. This is important to understand because if we get a better understanding of when deviant behavior starts then maybe we can give that person help to prevent them from engaging in future criminal activities. Does a person’s genes that are inherited or the environment they grew up in lead to deviant/criminal behavior? Research seems consistent in recognizing...
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Ted Bundy: Peculiarities Of Criminal Behaviour

Theodore Robert Bundy, also known as Ted Bundy, was born on November 24th, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. What his family did not know was that he was going to be known as one of the most popular American serial killers. Bundy kidnapped, raped, and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s and earlier years. He confessed 30 victims, but the total is unconfirmed, meaning there could be numerous more that were not found or related to him. Bundy...
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Psychological Theories Of Criminal Behaviour Of Ted Bundy As A Serial Killer

Introduction The definition of ‘serial killer’ accepted by the police and academics says that a serial killer is someone who has killed, spaced through time, three or more people who were previously unknown to him. (Haggerty, 2009) However, as Haggerty (2009) states this definition can present some difficulties as other individuals who have killed three or more unknown people should be defined as serial killers when they are not, such as dictators or terrorists who kill those who do not...
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Psychoanalytic Theory Analysis Of The Criminal Behaviour Of The Serial Killer Edmund Kemper III

Throughout history, many theorists have attempted to explain the mental and physical behaviour of humans, specifically, when trying to analyse criminal behaviour. Psychologists are absorbed in; learning, personality, aggressive behaviour, intelligence, developmental and cognitive theories (Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, 2016). Within this essay, the psychoanalytic theory will be used to explain the criminal behaviour of of a famous serial killer from America, Edmund Kemper III. This theory will be applied to Edmund Kemper’s criminal behaviour, by explaining...
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Dissociative Identity Disorder And Criminal Behavior

In the late 1970s, a young man named Billy Milligan, became a controversial public figure for being the first person in U.S. history, who was found not guilty of committed several crimes (including kidnapping, armed robbery, and raping three women), by reason of insanity, due to his suffering from multiple personality disorder. From the first moment Milligan was arrested and indicted, the results of his mental examinations made his face appearing on the covers of magazines and the front pages...
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The Effects of Human Psychology on Crime Commitment

There is much that can be said eyewitness testimonies and their place in the use of solving crimes, and the psychology behind them. While they are often used to solve crimes, the truth is that the human memory is a very malleable, unreliable thing and that many psychological factors should be considered when considering the reliability of eyewitness testimonies. To examine this, first I will look at a case study where an unreliable eyewitness testimony led to the wrongful conviction...
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Strengths And Weaknesses As An Explanation Of Criminal Behavior

Professionals have tried to use different angles including biological, psychological and sociological angles to analyze why one will commit a crime. Biological theories focus on the characteristics of individual criminals. Cesare Lombroso’s theories of ‘born’ criminal think criminal behavior is determined on the inheritance of the ancestors. If one ancestor is hunters, their posterity is more violent and tend to commit crimes. Yet, if one ancestor is farmer, their posterity having less chance to commit a crime. Besides, the early...
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Genes And Environment In Criminals Behavior

It is a possibility that DNA and environmental influences, is a contributing factor in crime. It has shown in many factors in example,families with drug abuse or such as sexual abuse will soon inherit in the genes of the criminal or grow in or around the environment and watch and learn things he/she shouldn’t and become so used to that behavior that they have the need or urge in the future to have that intensity or adrenaline. Growing up around...
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