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The Role Media Plays in Promoting the Plight of Crime Victims in the Criminal Justice System

The media as the voice of the people, from time to time reports on criminal activity. The conversation of whether the media reports news as they are or as they can sell has been going on for so long. It has also been there in criminology, many question the role of it in exaggerating crime rates and exacerbating the public’s fear of crime. From the likes of Stanley Cohen’s moral panics and folk devils to the now conversations of media’s...
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American Criminal Justice System Effects On Youth

In America’s Criminal Justice System there are many faults, from racism, sexism or mistreatment of the incarcerated, there is one issue stands prominent to others. That is the terrifying violence that affects our youth. From very young ages, children are put into situations where they have to fight for their own lives because of the color of their skin or where they live. This deeply affects the future of our country and further generations after. Sadly, the criminal justice system...
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Canada Criminal Justice: Youth Gang Involvement

Introduction The most common problem is reducing gang wars in Canada. The Canadian government has consistent to reduce gang crime with applicable criminal laws. Though the criminal activities are increasing rather than decreases in the social platform, the main reason behind the criminal activities is a huge attraction in gang crimes. The government has tried to locate and detect all reasons before gang activities occur in social life. The government has taken many policies and builds a strong team to...
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Challenges Faced by the Modern Criminal Justice System within England in Wales: Analysis of Catch 22

During this essay I will be exploring three different challenges faced by the modern criminal justice system within England in Wales; the first of which is the complexity of the new approaches being used by the individuals working within the criminal justice system that have arisen due to the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, taking into account the new safety measures put in place and the increase of hidden crimes such as domestic violence that do not take place in...
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Reflections on the Geographic Information System Used in the Criminal Justice System

From policing to corrections, technology has been playing an increasingly important role within the criminal justice system. Computer records management and geographic crime-mapping systems have been used more frequently in order to grant effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to analyzing large amounts of crime data. As mentioned in the textbook ‘Criminal Justice in Canada’, “A crime mapping system called Geographic Information System (GIS), identifies the crime patterns in specific geographic areas such as neighborhoods or larger districts of a...
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Analysis of the Disadvantages of Technology in Criminal Justice Through the Advantages and Solutions to Eliminate Them

In this essay, I will talk about how modern technology will change our criminal justice system. First, I will talk about modern technologies that have been used by the criminal justice system over the years and whether their use has made the criminal justice system more efficient or transparent. I also focus on the disadvantages and challenges of using the technology, as well as on possible solutions. With technology advancing at a fast pace, it was only a matter of...
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Criminal Justice Procedure and Analysis

During colonization, a dehumanizing process of Indigenous people began; the brutal introduction of the new societal norms was accomplished by invading, displacing many families, murder, and rape. Once the first process was complete, an introduction of the new ‘truths’ about the indigenous people formed; this was that they are stupid, lazy, promiscuous, dirty, and so on. The harsh and violent actions also diminished the indigenous peoples’ cultural and spiritual beliefs, many of them then turning to alcohol and drugs as...
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Analysis of the Models of Criminal Justice: Crime Control Model, Due Process Model, Punitive Model of Victims’ Rights, Non-Punitive Model of Victims

Comprehensive Literature Review Abstract In the following paper I attempt to discuss the impact of diversity in administration, and how diversity plays a major role in the criminal justice system. I explain that managing diversity is also a key characteristic of having diversity in an organization. While further exploring the qualities of a leader and different leadership styles within an organization, and how these different leaderships adversely affect the different models of the criminal justice system. My paper concludes with...
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Comparative and Contrastive Analysis of the Due Process and Power Models of Criminal Justice

Part 1: Compare and contrast the due process and power models of criminal justice. Illustrate your answer with examples and evidence from the module materials. Word Count: This essay will explore two models of criminal justice, the due process and power; explaining the similarities and differences between them. The due process is a model that prioritizes the individual suspect, it is a requirement that legal matters should be a fair application of the law before a conviction is to be...
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Racial Bias in Criminal Justice System

In the current climate of America, there has been a lot of controversy regarding policing and in specific, whether there is racial bias in policing. Some people claim there is no racial bias when it comes to policing such as when Vice President Mike Pence stated during a debate that there was no bias towards minorities in law enforcement while others believe that there definitely is a bias towards minorities. Despite there being people who say there is a racial...
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Using Restorative Justice In The Criminal Justice System

Summary The study A Model of School Violence Prevention article by Martha Frias-Armenta et al explores the alternative approaches to punishment in Mexican schools for bullying. The evidence was provided that that 43.2% of staff members that worked within Mexico’s educational reported their involvement in different types of school bullying within their institution. 1.3 million Middle school and high school adolescences reported in a poll that they had been subjected to some form of abuse or harassment from there other...
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Law Of Suicide: Need To Humanise The Criminal Justice System

Since the advent of mankind, suicides have been a complex part of society. It is considered as a factor contributing to the premature or unnatural end of precious lives. It is an act of self-destruction. It is an outcome of an unfit mental thought-process. It is not the nature of a person. It is an act which is as involuntarily done as voluntary it seems to be. A person is in such an irreversible ideation that he loses the prudence...
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Racial Profiling Of The Criminal Justice System Towards Minorities

Abstract This research proposal looks to further investigate the deep racial profiling that is present in law enforcement officers and to articulate and explain what these individuals that are being racially profiled go through. These racially profiled individuals range from African American males, Hispanics, and all the way to individuals from Asian background. Learning about this is very important due to the nature of how common it is. This proposal reviews 3 scholarly articles and aims to explain the research...
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The Drawbacks of Criminal Justice System

The terms justice, sin, and redemption are complex and their definitions mainly contested. What one person may consider just or a sin is not the same as another individual’s definition. Nonetheless, grounding our human pursuit of justice in the understanding of sin and redemption is a critical starting point towards putting to right all that is perceived wrong. It is through justice that we mend all that criminal activities and other types of sin had broken. This synthesis essay used...
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Legalization of Marijuana in the Terms of Criminal Justice

Abstract The debate over the legalization of marijuana rages on. The facts are clear. Marijuana is now known to be effective in the treatment of several diseases and medical marijuana is legal and available from dispensaries in over twenty-five states. These states have seen increased tax revenue through the sale of legal marijuana and there have been no reported serious drawbacks to legalization. Jails are overcrowded with people whose only crime was possessing a natural plant that has medicinal purposes....
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Factors Influencing Criminal Justice Personnel Behavior

Discretion still today stands as our liberty to choose by what means a situation ought to be handled inside our criminal justice system. Discretion as we know it should give some sort of check and balance within the criminal justice system. The law has been pinned out precise and plainly as to what crime is and its penalties. When one look at the discretionary nature of the matter even though the move on control is one of their rewards, you...
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Criminal Justice VS Restorative Justice

It is important for victims to have a voice. It is part of the victims healing phase. However, I do not believe there should be continued contact past the controlled environment. Victims have the right to confront their aggressor and express their emotions towards the offender. These programs work to give victims a sense of closure. I don’t necessarily believe that this program gives the offender the same type of closure because for the offender this is where they need...
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Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration

The criminal justice system ought to consistently rehearse demonstrable skill just as morals in request to guarantee the residents are dealt with decently consistently. There are times when polished methodology also, morals are not appropriately utilized, and individuals can wind up illegitimately sentenced as well as somebody who might some way or another be demonstrated blameworthy may get away from discipline. There are numerous moral choices that criminal equity experts run over every day. It is imperative to consistently utilize...
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Populist Politics and Criminal Justice Policy-Making

Populist politics and criminal justice policy-making refers to the influence public opinion and fear of crime has on politicians and policy. Moral panics and punctuated equilibrium emerging in the 1970s allowed populist politics to become dominant in society; influencing criminal justice policy making as politicians focussed on what was popular in the media, with moral panics causing the dominance of fear of crime within society leading to policy rupture and political parties toughing it out to get the most votes...
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Women in Criminal Justice: Analytical Essay

Imagine it, you have found the love of your life! He is tall, great head of hair, gorgeous eyes and a smile that could charm the pants off anyone. You could not be happier or more in love. Then, not long after your wedding day, everything changes. He is soon monitoring your every action. Giving you permission to whom you can and cannot speak to. Insulting you, and lastly begins to get physical. You make up excuses, telling yourself, family...
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Reflection On Criminal Justice: Opinion Essay

It is important for high school students who are interested in going into the criminal justice system to be educated on the field and the different careers made available to them. Careers in the criminal justice field are in high demand by United States citizens for both increased protection and better prison facilities. According to Johnson (1998), “students interested in working in the criminal justice system have many careers from which to choose, including policing, corrections, and the judiciary” (para....
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Focus On Crimination Concerning The Criminal Justice System

The concept of this paper is to focus on crimination concerning the criminal justice system. It will cover privacy concepts regarding social media, voice calls, and text messages and further on the concept of computer forensics, where it will give a description and the types of crimes committed as well as traditional warrants. Also it will answer why the law enforcement offers search warranty refrain from asking people against whom the search is directed to assist. Lastly, it will discuss...
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Overview Of Criminal Justice System And Explaining Imprisonment

The purpose of this essay is to explore the criminal justice system and its operations as well as dissect a chosen agency from within the CJS, considering the many thriving, hopeful developments that have been made in this field as well as the scrutiny of some decisions made and thus discussing where clear areas of improvement may lie. The agency chosen is imprisonment, this process sees a gap in research, proving many positives right as well as leaving much room...
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Psychology And Criminal Justice

Introduction The eye witness is not perfect and challenging to Identify accuracy. Eyewitness could be problematic due to issues which might be addressed during the interview such as delay evens, suggestibility, anxiety, and lack of confidence as a result of false convictions. To aid the police in their investigations, some interview methods have been developed to improve the quality and quantity of information obtained from eyewitnesses Vredeveldt.,2011. The present thesis investigates the effectiveness of a relatively new interview instruction, namely,...
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DNA Technology In Criminal Justice

DNA analysis is one of the greatest technical achievements for criminal investigation since the discovery of fingerprints. Methods of DNA profiling are firmly grounded in molecular technology. – Committee on DNA forensic science, National Academy of Sciences. For this project I chose to do DNA in the criminal justice field. What is DNA? Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA for sure, is the chemical in cells that specifies the composition of proteins along with other cellular components, contributes to their synthesis. DNA...
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The Police Officers As Functionaries In The Criminal Justice System

When individuals hear terms such as valorous, venturesome, dauntless, or lionhearted one of the professionals people think of are Police officers. Police officers are appreciated in society because people know they are the primary reason for people being able to sleep peacefully at night. They are the ones who risk their lives to protect us from threatening individuals. Police officers are always at risk. For instance, during this pandemic police officers are now one of the first responders and throughout...
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Techniques In Forensic Science And Their Utility In The Criminal Justice System

‘Today we see enomorous changes being realized by science. The entire setting of life is changing .As a self evident actuality, glancing back at any rate 50 years with which I have been pretty much concerned and some of you additionally observe that huge changes have been realized mainly by science and innovation. This pace of progress is developing and I have almost certainly that an additional fifty years thus you will see considerably more noteworthy changes not simply in...
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Characteristics Of Criminal Justice And Racial Profiling

According to Profiling and Criminal Justice in America by Jeff Bumganger criminal justice profiling occurs when criminal justice officials strategically take characteristics such as race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation as they make important decisions in the course of their job responsibilities. In considering such characteristics, criminal justice officials may select some actions over others, in part because of the profile of the suspect, convicted offender, victim, witness, or another relevant party under consideration. Profiling in America today is very...
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The Perspectives Of Criminal Justice To Adult Prostitution In Canada

Introduction Basic morality is widely known as the guiding principle for our legal system, explaining why things like murder and assault are criminalized; but what about adult prostitution? Reasonably, the law argues that it is because prostitution often comes alongside dangerous activities such as drug use and violent crime, thus its heavy regulation is in the best interest of personal and public safety. Nevertheless, the nature of the issue still sparks controversy to this day. As a result, I will...
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The Problems Of Criminal Justice System In The USA

The formation of the US Criminal Justice system dates back decades ago to the Colonial time period. At that time; the foundation, laws, and punishment all came from the tactics in which the British had used. Often times, the punishments that came with breaking laws were not always just and fair to the indiviual who broke them law; and needless to say some of the same laws and forms of punishment is still used in the modern day Criminal Justice...
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