Criminal Profiling: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Clay, R. A. (2016, February). Listening to killers. Monitor on Psychology, 47(2).

Serial killers tend to be misunderstood as traumatized children; This has become due to where they have grown up. The overall population will in general view killers as totally underhanded people or individuals so harmed they can't in any way, shape or form live among us. Be that as it may, most executioners are untreated damaged kids who are controlling the activities of the terrifying grown-ups they have moved toward becoming. A large portion of what's been done in the past in these cases is either what's known as a social history, which is a personal abstract, or clinical evaluation and conclusion. They can say, ‘This kid’s mother’s abandonment is so devastating” (Clay, 2016). At whatever point a mother abandons her child it has a long haul influence on anybody that has been abandoned, however, how they process and live with that is unique. I believe that the information presented about how serial killers are traumatized can be a good aspect in my essay. I think writing about how their mothers have left or someone special to them has left will help explain the nature versus nurture because mothers tend to be nurturers.

Snook, Brent, et al. “The Criminal Profiling Illusion: What’s Behind the Smoke and Mirrors?” Criminal Justice and Behavior, vol. 35, no. 10, Oct. 2008, pp. 1257–1276

While it is not yet scientifically proven, criminal profiling is still used. Although it is not proven it has helped to solve many cases because, without criminal profiling, it would be hard to narrow down suspects, hard to group similar people that could be involved, and helps find killers faster. Criminal profiling can be very important to an investigation. It helps to narrow down who could be a potential suspect. Although when the criminal profiler has seen media reports on the issue it causes biases (Snook, 2008). creators contend that this conviction might be a fantasy and clarify how individuals may have been deceived into accepting that criminal profiling (CP) works in spite of no solid hypothetical establishing and no solid exact help for this plausibility. Possibly liable for this deceptive conviction is the data that individuals gain about CP, which is vigorously affected by stories, redundancy of the message that profiling works, the master profiler mark, and an unbalanced accentuation on right expectations.I believe that I would be able to use this article to research statistics about criminal profiling. I can relate it to my topic in the way that many times cops use a criminal profiler to catch a serial killer

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“The Social Study of Serial Killers.” The Social Study of Serial Killers | Centre for Crime and Justice Studies,

While this accentuation on close-to-home life story fits truly necessary mental examination, the total impact of such records is that serial killers can seem an authentic and a-social, just as such inclinations may show themselves in indistinguishable manners independent of setting. For as long as serial killers have been someone has had a fascination with them. Back in the day before urbanization, everyone would know everyone because they were so close together. Nowadays you may not even know your neighbor a few houses down from you. I would use this in my paper to explain how serial killers came to be and how they have escalated. I will talk about how there have been many people who befriended a serial killer but when the killer was caught the individual was shocked to find their friend to be a killer.

Giannangelo, Stephen J. Real-life Monsters: A Psychological Examination of the Serial Murderer. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2012. Print.

The author looks at almost every mental issue that surrounds killers (who kill one person after another). He includes multiple different case studies on specific killers and explores all different points of views on what could be added/gave to them killing many people. He writes about what a killer is, qualities of a killer, how they choose their victims, and personality of killers. His main focus is on environmental and mental issues that surround each killer.

Brief critique: This book would be helpful with my research because it clearly stated examples of sicknesses/problems of serial killers that they have faced and have in common. This text is reliable because it gives sources to where his information came from.

Velez, Edwin. 'Sei.' Hudson Reporter. N.p., 17 Mar. 2013. Web. 03 Apr. 2013.

'Does abuse cause a lifetime of crime?' is regarding one in all the most factors that psychologists believe create a serial murderer kill, that is abuse. this text talks regarding kids UN agency get beat, smacked, starved, etc and the way they're at the next risk of changing into a serial murderer. It doesn't suggest they'll be one however they're at the next risk. The article states that nearly each serial murderer the author researched was abused as a toddler.

This article was useful with my analysis, as a result of I learned a lot of info on what most researchers of this subject notice, that nearly each serial murderer was abused as a toddler. This text is reliable, as a result of it uses AN skilled joined of it's sources. this text isn't biased, as a result of it is not all out locution thats the amount one reason for a serial murderer, it's simply giving a lot of info on it issue which will contribute to the creating of a serial murderer.

This article fits in with my analysis, as a result of my main findings in virtually each supply mention abuse as a giant consider serial killers. It gave American state another supply to use for my claim that nearly each serial murderer has been abused as a toddler.

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