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Risk assessment is the concept on the increasing knowledge and importance in dealing with prevention of criminal behaviour. It is applicable and legally relevant to mental health professionals. In a forensic context, psychiatrists and psychologists may be asked to examine and assess the potential risks a patient or client could be potentially violent in the future. (Australian Institute of Criminology, 2004) Risk assessment is relevant in other sectors such as civil and criminal law. In civil law – risk assessment...
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The word forensic was derived from a Latin word forensis which means forum, a place where trials were conducted in the Roman times; the word is currently being used to denote a relationship between one professional field like psychology with the legal system (Goldstein & Weiner, 2003). Bartol and Bartol (2004, p. 4) have defined forensic psychology as “the research endeavor that examines aspects of human behavior directly related to the legal process and the professional practice of psychology within,...
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The mind of a criminal is a very interesting one. Many may wonder what motivates a criminal to commit the acts they do. It has always been debated whether crime originates from the individual or the environment. In this paper, I am going to discuss the environmental factors that motivate crime. This paper will be split into first discussing the differences between nature versus environment, looking into the Sociological theory, specifically the General Strain Theory, and addressing any factors that...
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In several countries around the world, psychology is now among the top three most favoured subjects studied at university. Psychology is a highly significant aspect of life. Therefore, those that graduate with a psychology degree have an endless and diverse spectrum of jobs to choose from. Psychology graduates can enter almost every job considering how most roles utilise skills that are often learned through a psychology degree. A career that some find particularly interesting is forensic/criminal psychology. It covers a...
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Forensic psychology combines the study of psychology along with criminal law. Clinical psychologists working within the system are significant for the well-fare of some offenders. congruous with current research, they are doing significant such as justifying involuntary hospitalization, deciding if an individual is stable enough to face trial, if the transgressor was stable when they committed the crime, and if the person has suffered any harm thanks to trauma (Kramer, Bernstein, & Phares 2009). There are various things which will...
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To distinguish between typical and atypical behaviours there are many factors that need to be considered such as an individual’s religion and culture, some individuals religious beliefs may mean they take part in celebrations that other cultures may find abnormal, this is classed as Ethnocentrism and is hard to avoid. However, statistics’ can be used to explain atypical behaviour as in all cultures, there are unwritten rules that we as humans abide by, therefor the behaviours presented by most of...
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With this essay, I intend to inform the reader about Criminal Psychology. I have chosen to write about Criminal Psychology because I'm a very indecisive person. On one hand, I want to be in law enforcement and on the other, I want to be in a courtroom. Being a criminal psychologist would allow me to help law enforcement officers and provide expert testimony in court. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018 there were approximately 200,000 employed as...
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The Criminal Justice System is a set of legal and social organisations which implement the criminal law by obeying rules and regulations. Psychological research has affected the criminal justice system in different ways and this essay is designed to understand the effect it has had upon the interview process (Day & Marion, 2019). The interview is an important method used by the police in order to gather information from individuals as it forms a foundation for all investigations. Psychologists have...
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Introduction The eye witness is not perfect and challenging to Identify accuracy. Eyewitness could be problematic due to issues which might be addressed during the interview such as delay evens, suggestibility, anxiety, and lack of confidence as a result of false convictions. To aid the police in their investigations, some interview methods have been developed to improve the quality and quantity of information obtained from eyewitnesses Vredeveldt.,2011. The present thesis investigates the effectiveness of a relatively new interview instruction, namely,...
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Kimmel and Aronson outline the 4 major theories of crime. They also consider the explanations of why the United States has such a high crime rate. Crime is an act that it illegal and that breaks a group norm. An example would be homicide. However, not all crimes break group norms, such as smoking marijuana, but are bad because they are illegal. There are two categories of crime: violent crime and property crime. The first theory that Kimmel and Aronson...
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