Crisis in the Hospitality Industry and Ways to Minimize Their Potential Consequences

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The hospitality industry, as a year-round industry, is vulnerable to both internal and external emergencies. Crisis has become an important part of the hospitality industry and often directly affects hospitality organizations and their stability (Henderson, 2002). Henderson and Ng (2004) argue that internal and external hazards that can directly affect an organization can easily affect tourism and hospitality activities. Given the inseparability of the employee and guest as part of the hospitality product, these hazards affect the organization as a whole. Fortunately, security systems and other products help ensure the safety of guests and staff. In order to prevent any dangers that could affect the business, several enhancements can be used, such as installing modern surveillance technologies, informing your guests and intelligent management systems.

First of all, the current technology offers several types of video surveillance systems, from facial recognition devices to motion detectors to unauthorized access protection systems. Companies that make these systems understand this. Speaking with security companies, tell them about your desires and problems. Most likely, they can come up with a system design that meets both criteria. For example, companies such as BigSecurity can individually design a system with visible or hidden security cameras that cover all areas of the facility, including nooks and cranes, parking, video security packages and wireless remote recording devices.

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Secondly, to get the maximum benefit from your security systems, there is a need to inform guests about the functions of security systems. For example, by developing a brief explanation in the form of a script that reception staff can easily provide to customers upon check-in. The presence of the script ensures that the hotel staff transmits the same information about their security to each guest when the hotel staff hands over the keys to the hotel guests. For example, a hotel has an intelligent access control system, each guest must know that his key card gives him access to the pool, gym and any other areas reserved exclusively for hotel visitors. It is also important that the hotel guest does not keep the door open for the person who is directly behind him, since this person cannot be a paid guest of the hotel. If the entire hotel staff literally knows the script, this procedure becomes an integral part of check-in at the hotel. However, all the guests know that they were informed about their duties to ensure the safety of themselves and their values.

Thirdly, modern security systems allow you to control who has access to each area of ​​the premises. Guests can use their room key card to access the pool, gym, business center or any other area for which they are required to pay, or deny access to non-residents. For example, it keeps people who don't pay from going to the pool. At the same time, it is possible to make restricted areas, such as financial files and computers, available only to employees who need access to them. Controlled access systems are not new, but they have become even more advanced than in previous eras. Technology companies like Salto can coordinate map access with other building systems so that all security measures work together.

Thus, the hospitality industry is one of the most vulnerable industries to crises. Crises have become more frequent and complex than before, affecting the hospitality industry and other related activities. So, it is better to be prepared and minimize the potential effects of the crisis, whether it is natural or man-made, and advanced surveillance technology, keeping guests informed, and intelligent control systems will help to reduce and kind of treat in the future.

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