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Critical Analysis of Anne Bradstreet's Poetry: “Verses upon the Burning of our House” and “To my Dear Grandchild”

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Anne Bradstreem conveyed two important messages in both her poems; “Verses upon the burning of our house” and “ To my dear Grandchild.” Although she was talking about two different things, one who is a person and another who an object in the end it does come together to convey a message of life and God. Basically that no matter how life goes and what/who does or doesn’t go along with you it’s all in God’s hand/plan for you. It’s all the purpose of life for you and that person or even object.

In “To my dear Grandchild” Bradstreem felt saddened by the death of her grandchild and couldn’t acknowledge that the path of destiny is predefined (for her already). She felt the need to blame herself but in the end she wishes to move on ahead as soon as she can. Basically she encourages the readers to look at life as a predestined story and to move ahead with their lives. Anne educates her readers on letting go of death ones and accepting their fate as the way of life. That basically everything happens for a purposeful reason. I personally agree that everyone has a purpose in the world and once it’s fulfilled that’s when God takes us home. Because in the end we’re all going to go home just in our own time when our purpose is fulfilled basically. We always leave a mark on someone so we shouldn’t be unreasonable as to why our loved one is gone.

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In “Verses upon the burning of our house” Bradstreet loses not only her house but her possessions inside the house as well. The only thing that will forever be saved are all her memories that happened inside her house. It was still very difficult for her to move on or even pass by her house without being sad. However, she accepts that everything she owns belongs to God. That He can take anything He wants from his children at any time. Because in the end it was never hers. Anne also came to realize that even though her house on earth is gone she knows she has a home up in heaven. Anne took the lost of her house as if it was a person but that doesn’t display a loss of faith or a desire to relinquish Puritanism but it does revel her humanity. Anne’s message towards the end is to be active in your faith in order for it to remain meaningful.

Like I said although both lost were two different things they both come as one message in the end. No matter who or what you lose it can be difficult to move on but it just takes faith and understanding. Anne wanted Puritans to have faith in what happened, in what they believed in and what was yet to come. To have an understanding as to why the things happened. It can be a simple answer if you have faith. The simple answer is God has a plan and a purpose for everyone and things in life. Even for an object because it still turns out to mean a lot for you. Just like the house meant a lot for Anne. It was where her children grew up and her great memories of her husband. It’s almost as moving away and leaving the memories behind. It’s still a hurtful feeling to experience but change can be good at time and new memories can be created anywhere else you plan to go.

To end my point look how Anne Bradstreet made a mark on puritans with powerful messages. She brought a more understanding point to losses in life. A more understanding as to why God took them away. Because I know we always ask why he takes away what we most love. Well it’s for a purpose; the purpose of that person that is already fulfilled and towards its loved ones as well. That whatever they helped you with along their way was part of the plan. Sometimes I see it as the ones we lose are the prettiest flowers in the garden and who doesn’t like to have the prettiest flowers so God just takes them back before they aren’t taken care of (correctly) anymore. Both her poems still relate to how people encounter their feelings today. With so much grief instead of celebration as well. Celebrate what was once alive, what was once yours because everyone knows that nothing lasts forever. Only maybe your memories but that’s good enough to keep you moving on in life. Because no matter what you gotta keep moving on in life. Time doesn’t stop or slow down for you so why should you. Everyday is literally a new day. A day you can’t get back but that’s okay because new ones are coming and better.

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