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Critical Analysis of Diversity in Sports

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“On the sports field or on the stage, there is no black or white, no gay or straight, no rich or poor, just the joy of being out there doing your best'. This statement present sport in a way with no lack of diversity and no negative sides with sports and the culture. I believe that this statement is false and that the sports industry needs to be more open for diversity and for it to be more multicultural. In this text I will discuss diversity in sports.

I believe that teamwork can be improved by introducing new alternatives with different ethnicities, religion, sexual identity and financial condition. There are a lot of benefits that will come with this. Diverse teams can reach new heights of success both on the field and other places, also obtain better teamwork. By introducing diversity, it can improve the teamwork because of the new ideas from different cultures.

With diversity in sports, I believe that is very important with equality. Everyone is different but we are all worth the same, this is something that is important everywhere, also in sports. We have to look away from skin-color and sexuality and try to focus on the results. But at the same time look at the bigger picture and introduce diversity to the world. I will say that many of the athletes are role models for their young audience and therefor they can introduce diversity and make them understand that with diversity equality comes as well.

Lebron James who is a basketball player from The US is one of many athletes who has a big audience. He is really focused on the subject about equality. He has a pair of shoes, that has written “Equality” all over it. One shoe is in white and the other shoe is in black, this represent both black and white people.

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In the sport industry we rarely hear about athletes that are gay. Even though we are in 2019 it is still a shame to be homosexual. If athletes where more open to homosexuality they could help to normalize this subject.

Another positive effect about diversity in sports is that connections between cultures and sports, and individuals allows us to share knowledge about different their culture and themselves. Instead of watching the world through your own eyes only, you get the golden opportunity to watch it from different perspectives. Diversity takes people past their ethnocentric and egocentric viewing points that they may have learned by in their culture. When they learn about different cultures, they can learn more about themselves and can develop as individuals.

Diversity in sports can also be abused by opponents, maybe when they are in desperate times, and this can make unnecessary situations. Rhian Brewster is a football player that plays for Liverpool. He has said to the media that he has heard racist comments from opponents repeatedly. One time he heard opponent call his dark skin-colored teammate a monkey. This is unexpectable and shows diversity from a bad angle.

It is important to break culture barriers and sport is a good way to do it. Well known individuals that compete on a professional level can help with this development and show that no matter if we are black or white, gay or straight we are all worth the same and should stand together and share our knowledge instead of being separated and cruel.

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