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Critical Analysis of the Essence of Illuminati

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Subliminal Message

This culture jam project was unquestionably a standout among the most captivating task that I've done so far. When I first start thinking of the topic for this project, I wanted to do something my mind is linked to. I remembered watching this particular video in high school. The speaker conveyed a message surrounding subliminal messages. The general meaning of a subliminal message is a hidden message that is not easily perceived or be seen. The speaker then touched on modern music videos and point out numerous areas where subliminal messages were hidden which surprised me dramatically. He followed with an intriguing message by simply pointing out what was the meaning behind the drawings in the back of the American one-dollar bill. This really captured my interest, as I never really paid much attention on the design of the one-dollar bill. The more I looked at the drawings, the more question marks start to pop up in my head. This project gave me the opportunity to investigate and look deep into the drawings. Possibly finding out the reason and purpose of why it was drawn as they are. Moreover, I was more anxious to find out if the drawings have any subliminal messages which most people were not aware of. There were a lot of speculation on whether the pyramid, the half-hidden owl, and the infamous eye have anything to do with the Illuminati. Illuminati is a secret society that is, ironically, known for their love for owls, pyramids, and of course, the infamous eye. With the obvious and weird correlation between the dollar bill and the Illuminati, could it really be possible that the drawings of the dollar bill was originally designed around the idea of the Illuminati? We soon shall see.

The design of the drawing has its own original historic facts and meanings. Do you already know that there are hidden patterns, color spots, and mysterious symbols in one dollar? And this is just the most common knowledge. Also, do you know the true meaning of those seemingly random letters and Latin phrases? But first, I will explain one simple question: what is the value of one dollar bill? This question seems simple, but the answer is complicated. Since 1973, the dollar bill has not been added to the value. You can't exchange gold, silver, or any other commodity with the dollar and the government. The value of this US currency is related to the government's stipulation that the US dollar is the legal currency of all debt. This means that if someone wants to pay the debt in dollars, the payee must accept the money unless the law no longer recognizes the debt. This is very important, so this phrase is printed on every banknote made by the government. It is also very important that the citizens of the country agree that the banknote is valuable. If a member of a society decides not to trust a currency, the value of the banknote will soon be equivalent to the value of the paper printed on it. The case-by-case data is that the government prints 6.4 cents per banknote.

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What kind of paper is the banknote printed from? The banknotes are made from a mixture of flax and cotton, which is why they do not dissipate like plain paper after washing. If you look closely, you will see the red and blue silk fibers of the banknote intertwined on the banknote. Such a thread is generally considered to be a measure against counterfeit banknotes.

What is the meaning of the letters in a circular seal on the front of a one-dollar bill? There is a black seal with a large letter in the middle, representing the Federal Reserve Bank that placed the order. A = Boston, B = New York City, C = Philadelphia, D = Cleveland, E = Richmond, Virginia, F = Atlanta, G = Chicago, H = St. Louis, I = Minneapolis, J = Kansas City, K = Dallas. (PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP) This letter also echoes the black numbers that appear everywhere on the front of the banknote. For example, if you have a banknote with the letter K from Dallas, the number on the banknote should be 11, because K is the 11th letter of the alphabet.

Can you find hidden owls or spiders on the top of the banknote? Many people believe that they can see a small owl (also known as a spider) next to the big number '1', in the upper right corner of the banknote. If you look closely at the shape of the shield around the number '1', you will find the little owl in the upper left corner. The most likely scenario is that this is just part of the design of the edge of the pattern, and nothing else. However, this still does not prevent some people from linking to the Illuminati.

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