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Critical Analysis of the Main Themes Rebellion in the Novel In the Time of the Butterflies

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Julia Alveriaz Is the author of the novel In The Time of The Butterflies which undoubtedly contains; multiple metaphors throughout the book about life, love, etc. Also, how each of the characters goes through their own personal journey to complete their ultimate goal. The historical-fiction novel is about how four sisters (Dede, Minerva, Patria, Maria) attempt to overthrow a vicious dictator (Rafael Trujillo). Throughout the novel’s story, there are numerous themes expressed in each chapter in separate ways. One relevant theme is the more chains are tightened the more someone eagerly wants to break free. For example, how in the beginning that with their home life with Papa he does not want the sisters to attend school and they have to convince him for them to go. Moreover, with Minerva when she obtained her degree to be a lawyer but is unallowed to practice. When the sisters are in prison plus house arrest they always keep their spirits high for example the crucifix necklaces. All of these examples the sisters push through and do not allow them to bind them, force them to be someone they are not.

Relation to the theme is when the sisters go to prison and when they get out they are still on house arrest. All throughout the jail, if they show they are still strong-willed they are sufficiently punished like when Minerva stood up to a guard and went solitary. This might have disturbed her when she got out but after she overcame that hitch she became a stronger person and wanted to break free from Trujillo. The next reason why this is related to the theme is how when the sisters get out of prison and during that time it is almost the end of Trujillo. With almost all his key allies fleeing him Trujillo tries to tighten his control over the country but more people start opposing him even Minerva feels getting apart of the revolution again is not worth it. But continuing in the chapter Minerva gets her old self back is trying to find resistance cells to assist her to get rid of Trujillo. Although finding out almost all the resistant cells are dead she still is persistent in discovering a person still interested and involved in the cause. Also, how she is so tired of Trujillo, that she just desires him to die just to get rid of him she does not care who or how it’s done. The reason why this is related to the theme is after being burdened by what he has performed to her and the people with extreme restrictions she just wants him gone.

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Going farther into depth with Minerva and how after she graduated but was unallowed to get her necessary license and how it is reasonably related to the theme. A specific piece of evidence that supports this claim is how is when in the chapter (seven) Minerva informs her sister that she is a leader in the revolution. With her not gaining her license piled on the various reasons Trujillo should not be in power, she realizes that for her to get free of the chain that is Trujillo she needs the key which is his death.

Final pieces of evidence are when Papa is basically forcing the sisters to do what he wants and does not let them do stuff that they want to do, for example, go to school. Evidence for this at the beginning of the book Minvera explains they have to ask Papa to do anything. This is related because for Minvera she longs for freedom, and when seeing her chance to flee to school with her sister she took even to imply that she “got free.” Next piece of evidence is when Papa tells the sisters one of them has to stay, and Minerva is extremely reluctant as going to school is the only way for her to get out of the house. How this is related is she is so sick and tired being caged even finding similarities to her pet rabbits and them being caged that she waits until Dede is forced to volunteer to get her freedom.

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