Critical Analysis of The Message of Black Lives Matter

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The subject of black lives matter can be very touchy for the people affected by violence on black lives. Ignited by the acquittal of Trayvon martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. There are always two sides of the spectrum on a matter and although some may believe the theme of black lives matter is just a shrouded message as an excuse to stage protest are dreadfully wrong. We all know in America you don’t need an excuse to stage protest. America was founded on very undeniable rights to life and liberty. The message of black lives matter is universal, and life and liberty as well tie along closely to its theme. It’s not just targeted towards the African American culture but everyone alike also. Black lives matter is more prominent that ever because of the cruel and unruly shootings that get publicized only fuel this message. As it should, typically in cop shootings involved with an African American the officer will react with no hesitation at all as if a guilty conscience does not reside within these hearts of men and women sworn to protect its citizen’s. African American created the theme of black lives matter as a wakeup call to America. This wakeup call is that some if not half the population of this backwards country are still stuck in their roots. So, into their roots you would believe these people still think the civil war is thriving today! This is not the case at all we must learn to unite as people or divided we will certainly fall. This country’s history is a dark one plagued with human slavery and countless atrocities Inflicted on multiple ethnic groups. This is where the important factor of the theme black lives matter comes into play the message itself embodies any normal human being with a heart and conscience alike to stand up and let it be known to the nation these cases of hate crimes will not go unnoticed. The people of this nation will not be silenced this might and just cause will prevail until history is unwired and we create a new world of universal acceptance of one another. History will always repeat itself in the hands of the ignorant. The people of this nation can rid of this intolerance of one another and Ignorance if they just open their hearts and minds and listen to the message black lives matter is trying to portray. If Dr Martin Luther king Jr himself were still here he would still sadly be prevalent in protest. Why sadly? Because barely anything has changed since his lifetime and within mine I still witness hate crimes alike just as he did maybe not as horrendous as those days but still terrible acts

Our generation of heroes like Martin Luther king Jr stood up and fought for what is right. All starting in 2013 Black lives matter was founded by scholars of education and politics. Three radical black organizers-Alicia Garza, Patrisse cullors, and opal Tometi-created a black centered political will and movement building project called #BlackLivesMatter. The agenda of this movement is to organize and build local power in black communities to intervene in violence inflicted on any black communities by the state and vigilantes. It is an ideological intervention in a world where black lives are intentionally targeted and set up for demise. It is the affirmation of black people humanity and contributions to society throughout history. Organizers within the within the BlackLivesMatter committee practice support of all black lives including the ways in which black trans women are violated. BlackLivesMatter stands by for justice for all the communities they support. In 2014 mike brown was murdered by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. As a response to the violence in the community of Ferguson as they were being brutalized by law enforcement that night, Darnell Moore and Patrisse cullors organized a national ride during Labor Day weekend that year. It was called the black lives matters ride. Over 600 people had gathered to discuss the horrors inflicted on the community. BlackLivesMatter’s organization knew Ferguson was not an aberration but a clear reference for what was going on all over in black communities in America. My opinion on this movement as always been clear someone must represent the black community and preach the ways of ethical acceptance. This modernize generation does not indulge in one’s ancient hatred such as the southern states in the civil war days hatred for the blacks. This is a day in age of universal acceptance of all humans, yet America is still a nation inflicted with violence targeting mainly the black community. We must astray from stereotypical assumptions off all people or we will never come to accept one another. The cops of this nation have a problem with the nature of stereotyping they encounter a black man in a rural neighborhood and immediately think he’s on drugs or armed already when really the man is going along with his day just caught in their clutches of unjust judgement. I believe cops all over the nation should partake in classes that will help them sympathize with black communities all over that have suffered from being wronged by our justice system or had a family member taken by cop violence. I believe this will give cops a better understanding that not all black people are dangerous, and cops must learn not to be so trigger happy in every call they handle with a black person. It is unjust and makes our police force look as if they were a complete reflection of the police force in the civil rights era. This is a travesty and must be ended. I also believe all cops must always show their dash cams when in court if a case is brought to the court of the cop killing anyone of ethic color. Our justice system is rigged in ways and many cops barely get trialed for these crimes they inflict on our citizen’s. Their punishments must be more rigorous and damming. All the time I see on the news cops slay a teenage black boy and the worst sentence they get is their badge reprieved or they’re on temporary leave. In the public eye’s as an American citizen this makes me feel like cops are above the law. As the constitution states all men are created equally and therefore no man should be above the law. BlackLivesMatter today still thrives in communities all over representing the citizens that have been wronged by our nation and will continued to do so until the perverted nature of our rigged justice system and our police force comes to an end. Black lives matter all lives’ matter this is the message we must embrace and forge a new beginning in ethical acceptance all over.

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