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Critical Analysis of the Success of Jamestown

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Being an adventurous person, I would leave England to the unknown world for some factors.

One push factor that will entice me into leaving England is going into another world to discover a different life and how the individuals in the given country live. With new discoveries, there are distinct possibilities in not only acquiring new products for various business opportunities in England But also exposure to an environment that will make me grow as an individual due to the challenges that will be encountered in the colony.

Being a citizen of England, I understand the business opportunities present, especially on the goods from the colonies. I would hence carry our research about the possibility of bulk import of the goodies and the likelihood of the different items to be bought once imported. With the above knowledge, I would set out to the unknown country with the main aim of coming back to England to invest.

Which do you consider more important to American history and why

Beacon rebellion was one of the revolts led by Nathaniel Bacon. Some of the reasons that resulted in the uprising were high taxes and low prices for the Tobacco crop and favor accorded to those that were close to the governors. Bacon conducted two expeditions that although were unauthorized were successful. The only gain the rebels had, was the removal of Berkeley from authority by the Native Americans. However, they lost the most in that after Bacon died suddenly, an event that took place after he had captured Jamestown. Berkeley came back to perform vengeance against them, an undertaking that resulted in the loss of many lives. The event in itself was most important to the American history in that is proved that blacks and the white could unite to fight a common enemy and that such a union could challenge the authorities.

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Some of the factors that led to the success of Jamestown was the formation of marshal laws .besides, other factors such as the realization of the market niche in the selling of tobacco aided them to understand the market better and also find one for their other products. The lack of allies by the Roanoke colony as well as the hostility the natives showed them contributed to the failure of the settlement.

The people of Jamestown avoided the mistakes of Roanoke by focusing more on trade and farming instead of having control of their new colony by depending on external supplies. With this, they were self-sufficient to a large extent. It is likely that Roanoke could have survived under the circumstances of Jamestown as they would have many chances of not only having supplies but of also having allies that would have helped them to fight their survival battles. Besides, with trade opportunities such as tobacco and that of selling other commodities, they would have been able to take care of their supplies, hence starving while waiting supplies from their native country would not have happened.

I would like to do more research on Captain John Smith. I choose the above topic because I would like to have more knowledge on the individuals who contributed to the success of Jamestown. He is important in the event in that he was one of the individuals who was a mastermind behind many successes by Jamestown. In researching about Captain Smith, I have learned his role in fighting as a soldier to ensure the success of Jamestown.


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