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Critical Thinking: Discussion And Problem Solving Technique

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Critical thinking is crucial in daily life to make rational and prominent decisions by properly interpreting the problem. It is reflective and open mind thinking which concentrates to grasp the logical aspects behind the issue. Critical thinking is used to make judgments in a situation where more than one alternative is available. It is the outcome of any discussion and problem-solving technique. Concentration, learning, brainstorming, and plain hard work are required to gain critical thinking skills, but it is attained over years.

To become a master thinker, a person must figure out their existing thinking level and then practice to improve it. This essay will elucidate the theoretical and practical implementation of critical thinking. To resolve any problem, critical review, discussion, and inquiry are pre-requestee to apply the rule of critical thinking. Mostly human thinking is irrational because the person does not know the reason behind this learning such as why and how they believe. Society influences a person to believe because a person is gaining an advantage by irrational belief without understanding the reason behind it. Irrational learning is without rational ground, foundation, and evidence belief, it can be turned into rational thinking if critical recognition is performed to add clarity, fairness, and accuracy to thought. Rational learning can be generated by applying special design of logical thinking in schools.

Critical thinking relies on rational and irrational learning, academic level, and societal influences. Strong sense critical thinkers develop a framework of assumptions and their own ideas and figure out the thoughts opposing to their own point of view sympathetically and then apply the multilogical approach to ascertain either their own point of view is weakest or the opposing idea is strongest. They are rational thinkers, therefore, they do not follow anyone blindly and do not trap in confusing dilemmas such as democratic or capitalism concepts in the economic system, so they are disciplined and professional in nature. Robert Ennis stated that reflective reckoning is what to believe or what to do. For gaining genuine open-mindedness, first, a person must understand the point of view of others and then compare with own point of view to know the causes of non-matching of view and present own judgment if reasons are not inappropriate. Harvey Siegel commented that a critical manner generates a critical spirit that assists pupils to become genuine critical thinkers. The teacher plays a great role to develop critical spirit among the students by utilizing their skills and habits to emphasize thinking logically. It will be a worthwhile style of teaching.

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In daily life, people reckon critically to tackle the personal and social aspects of life. From the time of Socrates (470- 399 BC), the concept of critical thinking is introduced in western intellectual traditions. As a teacher, Socrates' life was full of logical thinking and rational ethics. Socrates stated that a teacher would be an expert only if he has the courage to put the question on society's unethical rituals and he creates an environment among their students to develop questions in front of society. Mostly he talked about justice, virtue, and ethical manners with a vulnerable social group to be aware of right or wrong manner. Hereby, his students were experts in the art of dialectical questioning techniques. Socrates developed the maiden model to think rationally and express an opinion publicly.

Education institutes must focus on the creation of rational beliefs, but students try to learn about what the teachers and books explain, therefore it has prevailed that schools emphasize merely irrational learning. For gaining the efficiency of critical thinking, social studies are an appropriate area to analyze and to question the nonproductive plan and policies of leaders. Rationalization of ruling power and choosing of national leader requires critical thinking because it is a critical decision, so it is pivotal to develop a critical ideology for making judgments in favor of national interest. Apart from this, critical discussion, debates, and conversations are an appropriate way to eradicate any personal, social, and national disputes and help to evaluate different vintages through dialectical practice. In case of national tension, leaders of both countries should consider the perspective of each other to relieve political tension, for instance, the cold war: Cuban missile crisis, US writers state biased approach by writing that the cold war crisis could be settled by considering one point of view, it was representing their objective thinking, however, the concept of dialogical to consider both points of views and facts was missing there. Mostly facts bring the attention, questions, and arguments of listeners and readers. If provide some facts about the cold war situation that both counties tried to place their missiles in each other territory, then it gave birth to rational thinking in favor and against of this situation.

In conclusion, Critical thinking is an argumentative technique in which critical thinker deals with situation facts, different viewpoints, and a myriad of questions to make the rational judgment. Usually, it is not innate, but it can be accomplished by proper practice, training in educational institutes. Critical teachers must emphasize their personal, social, and civil life to make their students critical thinkers. The questioning technique is crucial to generate critical discussion and critical inquiry about the situation and contribute to students learning and make the problem-solving technique rememberable. Students must value their reasons and evidence to bring clarity and fairness at the time of presentation. Hereby, considering theoretical and practical aspects of rational thinking is productive to control irrational behavior and to solve the conflicts and misunderstandings in society. In this technique, thinkers must identify and understand the problem and facts and try to find probable alternative aspects, lastly, they must evaluate and analyze these alternatives and facts to make rational decisions based on the logical aspects. All techniques like problem-solving, decision making, managerial techniques and other are utilized in modern business era and these fully rely on critical thinking concept. People must recognize the assumption and facts, appraise the different arguments and illustrate judgment to think rationally.

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