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Crucial Ideas of Humanism in Renaissance Era

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The Renaissance was the era, where it undergoes a change in human perception. The change was identified from a new philosophy, which involved the rise of humanism, individualism, and secularism. As philosopher focused on humanism, they concentrated on the idea where humans were significant to the world. The human right was one of the important topics which occurred in the Renaissance as it was the time when people started to change their thoughts on humanism. The human right has always been an issue from the beginning. Many influencers and philosophers have fought for or fought against it. It might not be really the case. It affected many aspects of human right; which over time became a big deal which includes religion, education, and civil rights. (An indication of your eventual conclusion)

Humanism has played a major role in education, during the Renaissance. It allowed many individuals to be a part of a dramatic change in education. There were many limitations involved when it came to education for society. Renaissance movement was an important movement which took place in Italy during the fourteenth century. Renaissance Humanism can be defined for the movement for literary and scholarly. Before Humanism came into movement there were scholars who studied classical antiquity in Ancient Greek and Rome. The researcher had considered studying culture had surpassed the contribution to renaissance, which led to the invention to the printing press created by Gutenberg.

The movement to Humanism was very significant as the movement was known as intellectual. The movement created a combination of philosophy, sciences, art, religion and political thoughts. It also created the establishment of secondary education. It was divided into two knows for Italian and northern humanism. In Northern Humanism, education was very limited to the population in society. School during that century gave education priority to the boys and not the girls. Society had viewed boys has the future student for university and individual from the upper class. This explains the gender inequality which occurs during the Renaissance. Girls were not given the chance to show what they can do. They expected the women to stay home, clean, learn to cook and take care of the children. It was not until World War I, which changed the system allowing both boys and girl to be educated. It also created an environment which allowed women to work and help around in the community. The education system did not change Understanding humanism and Humanities after the Renaissance to be a crisis, which can be known for dark ages from early middle ages period. Looking into the present today, there is no such thing as gender inequity as the world is changing as time goes by. Women are allowed to work, be educated, and have a professional occupation. Both men and women are given the right without gender bias.

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Civil Rights allows an individual to practice their beliefs and creates an environment where an individual allowed to express his deliberation. During the Twentieth Century humanity was attacked in many ways. Many philosophers fought for the right for civilization in society. The influence of the Enlightenment, allowed many citizens to protest against the development, which created the French Revolution. In the year of 1789, the national assembly was passed creating the “Declaration of the rights of Man and the citizen.” It played a majority role in humanism as it created a list of right for the citizen, such as Freedom of speech, Freedom of assembly and separation. Its development into the renaissance it revolves more into the modern age. Before the Declaration of the rights of Man and the citizen was generated, they had to follow specific rules, such as what they can speak, vote, and or participate in specific activities. Martin Luther King Jr. also made a movement in social justice, liberation and civil right. M.L. King Jr. fought for the equal right for the black as the white. He states “Christians should be taught that one who gives to the poor or lends to the needy, does a better action than if he purchases an indulgence,” this statement has a strong explanation where he mentions if everyone was treated right, it would have made them a bigger person.

Philosopher Marquis de Condorcet and Kersaint, who also tried helping the society friends of black. Both of their goals were to restore the political right to the blacks and eliminate slavery. Philosopher Kersaint discusses the national assembly, where the first right indicates “Men are born and remain free and equal in right. Social Distinction may be based only on common utility.” This statement speaks a lot with just a few words. It signifies every individual has the right to participate in society, no matter his color or religion. It took a while before civil rights were given to the citizen, they had been through a lot and suffered. After civil right came in place not only it helped the citizen, it allowed them to express their political thoughts. The situation the society has to have for civil rights was horrifying and significant as it provided a background knowledge to us today explaining what they had to do. Today, we have freedom of speech, freedom of expression, Right to Public Assembly, and many more. Even though we have all these rights, many citizens will say we do not have full freedom to speak as we still have to be careful about what we can say and what can we not say. We are in a world where we don’t discriminate by color or religion, we are not able to speak for every individual as we are different people. Human rights have changed dramatically from Renaissance to present, but there is still a lot to go.

Renaissance was the Era where it played a major role in religion. It created barriers for many citizens, depending on their beliefs. Religion has been impacted mainly when it comes to humanism. During the renaissance religion had significantly changed, some of the citizens had stayed Catholic, while some became protested. While, if you refer back to the early modern age, the Catholic church remains as a dominant leader. During this time, they controlled the citizen lives on what their belief is and what they can and cannot practice. During the Renaissance, Martin Luther King Jr. came up with 95 theses where he explains the reformation and shut down the Catholic church. “God never remits guilt to anyone without, at the same time, making him humbly submissive to the priest, His representative.” This statement explains how God will always show you the correct path, even if you have done wrong. The belief in God should be strong, to see the right way shown by him. Humanism played a role in creating a reformation for religious debates and issues. Religion has also made an impact with the ladder of intellect as if would describe each process of the step. The highest level would indicate you are the high leader, which represent god and the lowest level, indicating hell (devil). In the present today, we have human right which allows to practice our belief without having any issue or being stopped by any individual. Every citizen respects one another culture and belief, showing how much humanism affected us from the past to the present.

Humanism has been a big aspect to renaissance, which created the human right to be effective during the past and present. Education, Civil Rights, and Religion were the main points when it came to human rights. Education has been one of the main aspects of the human right as there were many barriers for many individuals. Many citizens did not get the opportunity to be educated as some school get gender biased. Likewise, Civil right also came in a play where citizen did not get the right to practice their belief or be allowed to express their political thoughts. Religion was another issue, which was rise as not many were able to practice their belief and many issues occurred. Many philosophers focused on the issue and fought for or against to make it possible.

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