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Cruelty To Animals In Modern World: Food, Fashion And Entertainment

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Animal cruelty has been around and innumerable of innocent animals are killed each single day simply to serve us in ways like food.In my opinion, this topic has gotten several attention however it has not gained the sympathy from many people. I for one understand it ,however, i have not taken action upon it, therefore, I have chosen this topic, to be more knowledgeable of the problems in this topic.

‘Animal cruelty is described typically as any act or omission that causes unessential or unreasonable damage to an animal’. ‘According to a quest done by the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (RSPCA), in 2016, it had investigated an intensive quantity of cases amounting to 150,000’.

Firstly, animals are being employed in the medical industry to discover new medicines. Several diseases that humans faces are reduced over the years thanks to discovery of medicines once being tested on animals. ‘The polio vaccine, tested on animals, reduced the worldwide incidence of the disease from 350,000 cases in 1988 to 27 cases in 2016’ . Furthermore, animal testing has also been useful for them as they’re saved from deadly diseases like leukaemia and rabies. However, animals like mice and rats, are subjected to cruel treatments by being barred in cages and compelled to inhale toxic fumes and are fed pesticides. ‘Moreover, over 90 percent of animal experiments fail to lead to treatments of humans’ with the lives of those poor animals taken just like that without justice. Moreover, ‘only 10 percent of those science discoveries could enter clinical routines as most are incompetent and are too dangerous’. Therefore, it’s not justifiable to test for medicines on animals because it is vicious and testing on animals doesn’t verify that it’s safe for humans. Statistics are displayed and it ought to be enough to prove that animal testing should stop since its pointless and is unnecessary. With recent technological advancement, several scientists are currently using computer modelling and human skin cells to check for medicines rather than animals as they take less time and they realise it’s more moral.

Some animals are involved in production that is usually referred to as factory farming where by animals like chicken and cows experience a process where they would be slaughtered. ‘The creation of factory farms, conjointly referred to as Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), came about within the last century as a way to stay up with the large demand for animal product’. ’In the US, 9 nine billion chickens are killed for their flesh every year, and 305 million hens are used for their eggs’. At the slaughterhouse, these chickens would be hung by their legs with chains then plunged into a pool of hot water to get rid of their feathers. Their throats would then be slit while they’re still conscious.To earn a lot of profit, chickens undergo genetic selection ,therefore, ‘chickens are currently fourfold larger and they often become crippled, typically inflicting them to die of ascites’. Consumers are the reason behind that as they would like chickens that appears bulkier than a thin one.

The foie gras industry, where ‘thousands of innocent male ducks bear a pitiless procedure, ‘Gavage’, pipes would be forced down their throats twice a day, pumping 2.2 pounds of grains and fat into their stomachs, that permits their livers to grow larger’. The ducks would be unable to stand because their livers would swell up and may even tear. To justify that foie gras production is a form of extreme level of cruelty, its productions are prohibited in California. As foie gras is a luxury French cuisine, several restaurants and farmers charges high prices as they claim that these ducks need huge amounts of feed. We need animals for consumption because it is part of our food chain since they supply several health benefits. ‘Studies have shown that individuals not consuming meat are more likely to suffer from problems such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders’. However, the amount of extreme cruelty the animals undergo will could never be expressed in words as they should be slaughtered in a more respectful manner.

Other than meat, sharks bear a frightful method where they are caught only for their fins and their bodies would be thrown back to the ocean to die slowly as many people within the Chinese community are consuming shark fin. While these sharks are thrown into the ocean without their fins, they’re unable to swim properly which causes them to suffocate and die. ‘It is estimated that as many as 73 million sharks are killed for shark-fin soup each year’. Personally, I’ve witnessed shark fin soups served in several Chinese weddings. Since i was exposed to the vicious ways in which the shark fins were extracted, I’ve stopped consuming shark fins. Shark fins are considered a luxury food item embracing their prosperity, instead, they support such immoral acts.

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Fashion industries have conjointly allowed animal cruelty to exist ‘as over half the fur within the US comes from China, where millions of dogs and cats are bludgeoned, hanged and often injured alive for their fur’. They would be trapped using a ‘steel-jaw trap’ that causes extreme pain. Due to the inhumane nature of the ‘steel-jaw trap’, this contraction has been prohibited in the US and Europe.

The animal skin trade is one amongst the foremost popular industries. ‘Most animal skin comes from cows however animals like sheep, pigs and crocodiles may also be slaughtered and targeted for their skins’ to satisfy the demand of shoppers. These animals are usually slaughtered ferociously in China whereby they go through identical method as mass productions. Ostrich leather is currently employed by major fashion houses like ‘Hermes’.These leathers would then be exported to several different countries round the world. However, these industries helps to make employment and it will increase the productivity rate of the country permitting the economy to grow. Moreover, ‘animal skin accounts for roughly 100 percent of the animal’s total worth, making it the most valuable part, pound for pound’. However, we tend to as humans, can’t feel what the animals undergo because the cruelty and pain isn’t exerted on us. Many people wear fur clothings to showcase their wealthiness and to keep themselves warm while not knowing how the fur on their clothings were eradicated and the way their leather bags are made. Meanwhile several businesses, have aims in maximising their revenue since animal skins are valuable.

Animals are employed in entertainment industries like circuses. ‘Those animals would be confined in hefty trucks for days while in transit without food and water’. ‘To force animals to perform, circus trainers abuse them with whips, muzzles, electrical prods and bull hooks’. Aside from that, countries like Thailand, there are elephant rides which may appear fun, however these wild elephants would have to be tamed and trained.When they are still a baby, they would be separated from their mothers and confined into a small cage. They would then be stabbed with sharp bull-hooks and are being starved for days. They are stabbed so that they would fear the trainers which motivates them to work. Moreover, there are long term damage to those elephants as their spines are not created to withstand the burden of humans. However, the elephant rides have helped to boost the tourism rate of the countries as many foreigners are interested in them which could help with the growth of the economy. However it’s not excusable to harm the elephants from young just so that we could we sit atop of them and revel in without feeling the least bit of sympathy for them.

Orang utans are currently considered an endangered animal and are in danger of extinction in Malaysia. A century past, there have been ‘most likely over 230,000 orang utans in total, however the Malaysian orang utans is currently estimated at about 104,700 based on updated geographic range (Endangered),their habitats are destroyed for oil plantations’. Palm oil, an ingredient used to manufacture several of our everyday things like toothpastes and detergents have permitted to a lot of plantations, many forests that are homes of the orang-utans are being destroyed, as a result, several of the orang utans lose their habitats that provides them with food and protects them also.’Today over 500 of orang utans are found outside protected areas in forests under management by timber, oil and mining firms’. They would then be left alone with no protection, where they may be targeted and be killed for food or for destroying crops of the farmers, with no bad intentions. Young orang-utans are kept as pets and they are exported to Taiwan, because the demand is growing there.

However, at least 3 or more orang-utans can die during transportation. Aside from keeping orang utans as pets and also the destruction of their habitats, orang utans will solely survive if they are furnished with a range of fruits and leaves however they hardly are given a range of foods as several of the forests are being employed for land to build infrastructure and many plantations. Recently, Taiwan has introduced new law enforcements that has helped to reduce the amount of orang-utans transported there illegally. Aside from that, ‘WWF, is presently working along side Kalimantan and Sumatra to secure and conserve the areas within the forest that contains orang-utans.The Sabah government’s initiative to retain the largest orang-utan population within the Ulu Segama-Malua Forest Reserves under sustainable forest management wants a lot of support of the nations in order for it to succeed’. Lastly, organisations like WWF, has urged that ‘individuals begin supporting brands and obtain product that are certified by the roundtable of sustainable palm oil (RSPO) because it ensures that the oil employed in the product are not farmed through deforestation’.

The courses of actions for this issue is that there ought to be a lot more awareness being raised in schools, like creating it as a co-curriculum activity or doing presentations so that students are aware regarding the hardships animals undergo and the way the food they consume are created as well as teaching them regarding sympathy. We could all begin reducing our meat intake from our meals, as it could also benefit the environment since there would be less carbon footprints and global warming to be more of an environmentalists. ‘Animal agriculture is accountable for 13–18% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions globally, and fewer in developed countries’. Other than that, we should shop responsibly, buying products that are certified by RSPO and purchase clothings that are cruelty free. So as to protect animals from being exploited by the entertainment industry, ‘The Animal Legal Defense Fund are starting to file high profile lawsuits and lobbies and it tries to advocate for stronger laws to protect animals employed in entertainment’.

In conclusion, by watching graphic videos online and by reading several articles, I have discovered the pain encountered by animals that a lot of individuals are unaware of. It has been an eye-opener to me as i notice myself actually being more conscious of the brands of clothings and products that i use and try to make an effort to not support brands that are unethical. Currently i’m aware of how cruel humans can become within the means of making money where they benefit and take advantage of those voiceless animals who are unable to speak up and defend themselves. I have begun to educate the people around me regarding the issues of animal cruelty so that they’ll also be aware and could try to reflect on their own actions and make amendments to it so they are not advocating and supporting animal cruelty while not acknowledging it.

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