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Cultural Collision in the Film ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’

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Throughout a lot of research, the conclusion that I have come to, seems that ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ surpassed ‘Yolngu Boy’ in presenting cultural collision. This was reached by showing what life was like for Aboriginal kids back in around 1930 and how white culture effected their lives. The part about this film that stood out to me was the fact it was based on a true story where 3 young girls: Molly (14 years old), Daisy (8 years old) and their cousin Gracie (10 years old). These kids embarked on a massive journey across WA, it was around 1500-mile-long walk they did and took about a month. The director of this move Phillip Noyce is a well-renowned director/producer who has shot many films a few years ago. Another film his produce is ‘The Resident’, which is a well-known TV show; he was the executive producer for 37 episodes. Doing this movie was going to be a challenge and Phillip Noyce knew that, but the way he produced this is incredible. He got amazing actors for this and the way he portrayed cultural collision is great. This film could be the only great feature film that has been brought to life about the Stolen Generation, people believe that from data estimated that 1 in 10 children were taken. Around 7000 kids were taken in NSW alone.

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Since Molly, Daisy and their cousin Gracie were all ‘mixed breed’ kids, they were forced to be put under the jurisdiction of the Aboriginal Protection Act, which, from research online, some people actually called it the Aboriginal Genocide Act (since the plan was to breed them out of their culture; some say it was the same as killing them all). The 3 girls in the film were just young Aboriginal girls who could only speak a little bit of English, the main language in WA. The girls end up being taken from their home in Jigalong and sent to a place where they are basically stripped of all aborigine culture and are forced to be white. The plan that was made by the head of protecting aboriginals was to breed them into white culture by taking the aborigine out of them. These kids’ culture would seriously collide with the kids, they were put into school where they had to be white since the whites back then called them ‘primitive’. The man behind this act named Mr. Neville was behind everything that has happened he ordered for the kids to be taken out of their homes made and made to be turned into white people and forget about their own culture.

‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ could be the only feature film that presents the assimilation. It associates 3 young girls who walk around 1500-miles from a state school ran by the government they walk along a fence around 1000 miles called ‘the rabbit proof fence’, originally made to keep rabbits and other animals out. This film’s antagonist name Mr. Neville was chief of protecting Aboriginals and he was trying to force them to assimilate (means force them to become white). His big plan was to breed the aboriginal out of them, so they don’t exist anymore. Mr Neville send an aboriginal tracker after the girls, since he has taken his daughter, and he needs to pay a debt to get her back; this shows how bad this guy was. Through the trip the girls take they experience the worst of Australia, they encounter famine, dehydration they even get cuts and scrapes all along their body from walking over a month. The journey they took, you could see in the close-up shots on how it was affecting them physically and emotionally.

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