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Essay on Intercultural Communication in International Relations

The move from generalization to specialization abounds in all academic fields. Generally this transition leads to a better understanding of one or more phenomenon by granting us the ability to focus on specific features in a more analytical manner. This is but one advantage of specialization. The liability of limiting our focus to specific points of interest via specialization, however, is that we often narrow the scope of inquiry to such an extent that we overlook parallel research that is...
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What it Takes to Be an American: Opinion Essay

To be an American? what is being a genuine American? So as to characterize the very idea of what is takes to be an american, it’s source would need to be considered. America, as a nation, is said to be the place where there is which one can live their fantasies out to whatever they shape them to be. This land is said to be one that permits the expressement of unrestrained choice, free of chain of importance and judgment,...
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Ethnocentrism Versus Cultural Relativism: Comparative Essay

Both ethnocentrism and cultural relativism contradict one another due to having their own set of beliefs and , therefore, they share no common ground. Both types of culture are different from one another and have different strengths and weaknesses. Ethnocentrism is the tendency to look at other cultures and judge it by the standard of one’s very own culture. Basically, it’s the idea that one’s culture is the main standard that other cultures should be measured by. This type of...
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Impact of Cultural Diversity And Cultural Competence On Speech Therapy Treatment

Literature Review “Multiculturalism is often used to refer to one or more particular minority, racial, and/or ethnic groups in the United States” (Stockman, Boult, & Robinson, 2004). Using the word ‘multicultural’ refers to the wide range of co-existing cultural groups within society. Due to the growth of diversity in society, multicultural instruction has been introduced into education. Multicultural instruction is important to have in the curriculum to meet the needs of growing cultural differences and to prepare the future professionals...
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Personal Experiences Of Intercultural Communication: Opinion Essay

Introduction: In this essay, I will demonstrate my understanding of intercultural communication by describing three experiences of intercultural communication. The main viewpoints discussed in the three different communication experiences are the diversity of language and culture, cultural beliefs, and the values formed by collectivism and individualism. These viewpoints not only help me to have new understanding and views on intercultural communication but also help me to strengthen my communication with others. Culture is not a fixed but a dynamic existence....
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Intercultural Competence: Analysis Of The Report Conducted By The United Nation

The report conducted by the United nation in June 2019 reveals world population is 7.7 billion. In this situation, there are more than “two billion users” (Crystal, 2008, cited in Baker, 2009, p. 569) of English in the world and Noack and Gamio (2015, April 23) reports there are 1.5 billion English learners in the world. Regardless of the global scale, it is indeed that in the proportion of the number of the students, it indicates there are so many...
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Importance Of Intercultural And Technological Communications In Professional Environments

Introduction The communications form the base of the meaning of sharing ideas, issues and thoughts to others where the global businesses have made the inter-cultural communications as the chief of the process adopted. Hence communication stands as the pillar for the business interactions and its growth and development in the days of competitions and interchange of ideas which is based on the established norms and ways which makes it understood by all. The entire idea of communications is to make...
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Cultural Competence In XBR Minerals: Analytical Essay

Introduction: Identify the scenario and its context, the role you are providing, and the purpose of your report XBR Minerals is a global mining company that has experienced a decline in productivity because of arising challenges in cooperation between their Japanese and Australian staff. The video illustrates the challenges arising from the different culture, common sense and worldviews that impacted on the interaction between the staff. This report aims to identify and analyse the existing cultural competence issues in the...
2 Pages 883 Words

Fostering Intercultural Communication Competence Through ICT: Mediated Teaching

Chapter I Introduction A. Background Intercultural interaction and communication have witnessed a considerable increase in the world. Globalization necessitates the ability to interact efficiently with people across cultures. The social, economic, cultural and technological shifts in the modern world namely the increase of migration, the professional and educational mobility in addition to the exponential growth of technology, have yielded fertile settings in which EFL learners have to implement the target language in multi-ethnic contexts. Contemporary EFL teachers’ response to the...
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Effect Of Sports On Intercultural Communication

Introduction The technology revolution has skyrocketed over the last few years; the whole world has become a global village. Consequently, the communication, interaction and relations between lots of individuals of different cultures all over the world have increased. This multiculturalism requires international understanding and awareness of different cultures’ dimensions, in order to have an effective international system, otherwise cultural conflicts can’t be avoided, undoubtedly leading to misunderstanding between individuals and hence system failure. The shrinking trait of the world and...
2 Pages 853 Words

Sports Vs. Culture

It all starts of on the court. Where all the males players are picked first …. We must admit that although the quest for gender equality has gone leaps and bounds, discrimination on the basis of sex is still not considered unconstitutional. I’m getting tired of the novelty of the first female prime minister, the first female basketball coach, the first African American female to win an Oscar. When is the exception going to be the norm? How are young...
1 Page 473 Words

Types Of Religion In Singapore

Singapore like india is a secular country. This means that it does not have a state regulated religion which the citizens are bound to follow. Singaporeans are free to decide and follow any religion they like. Unlike other countries, this stands absolutely true. The government does not go against those following other languages, the freedom of choosing and followings ones religion is one of the foremost rights given to each Singaporean. Children are also made to participate in religious outreach...
3 Pages 1222 Words

The Role Of Religion In China

As in all ancient societies, religion was a significant factor in the culture of early Chinese dynasties. Another important factor in the development of Chinese society was the geography of the region. During the Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han dynasties, China developed two religious systems. The culture included arts, inventions, and important political achievements. China was very isolated from the rest of the word. The west and southwest side of china was blocked by the Himalayan mountains which consists of...
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How Different Groups And Organisations Have An Influence On Science

Many organizations have an impact on on science. Those groups. These groups may additionally be political groups, organizations in society, businesses in commerce i.e enterprise or economic organizations and so on. They are many groups that have an influence on science. For example, there is a team referred to as ‘campaign for science and engineering’. Groups like people who are in opposition to abortion influence science. Groups like environmental groups have an effect on science and technology. There are three...
2 Pages 820 Words

An Overview On Becoming Visible: Religion And Gender In Sociology

The article Becoming Visible: Religion and Gender in Sociology goes into two main points. In the first point the author goes into detail about how religious participation is gendered disturbs the standard assumption about secularization. The second main point the author seeks to understand religion through a gender lens. Methods Throughout the article the author does not mention doing many surveys. She does mention one survey done in North America and Europe that say, “women are more likely to be...
1 Page 397 Words

Self Assessment Of Cultural Competency

Culture is the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group (Virkus, 2009). In the field of nursing, we deal with various cultures regularly. We as health care professionals, need to be able to provide culturally competent care to the patients we care for. Self-assessment to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses within your cultural competency is key to discover and make changes to prevent cultural destructiveness. In the cultural competency continuum, I believe that I...
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Harmony In Diversity Through Art And Culture

If there is one word that can be used to describe the culture in Hyderabad, it is ‘diverse’. Hyderabad has always found itself rooted to traditions along with art. It can be seen through the various monuments and iconic architectural structures in the city that are testaments to the city’s glorious history such as the Charminar and the Golconda fort. Culture and creativity here manifest themselves in almost all economic, social and other activities. A multitude of influences has shaped...
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The Role Of Gender In Family Life In The UK And Cross-Culturally

Differing conceptual ideas of family life are clear throughout historical and contemporary societies and thus minimal agreement is apparent. However, the family can be seen as ‘the solidarities which exist between those who are taken to be related to one another through ties of blood or marriage’ (Schneider, 1968). Discussed is the idea that traditional nuclear families, formed of married or cohabiting heterosexual couples and their children, base significant importance on gender with regard to parenting and socialisation of the...
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American Values In Christopher Mccandless's Into The Wild

In America we have values, a person’s principles or standards of belief or what a person finds important in life. Throughout history, we have acquired values that are still present to this day. In A Narrative of the Captivity, Rowlandson loses her child and has to continue working to be able to survive. During that time period, work was not stable, she had to find people to do favors for to be able to earn money for food and water...
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Cultural Competence Role In Curing Mexican And Japanese Women

Healthcare facilities provide care for many different diverse cultures whose beliefs may affect the medical treatment in which they need to receive. In today’s time the increased racial and ethnic diversity can bring some new challenges for healthcare providers, there is a need for healthcare organizations to provide culturally competent care this is essential to reduce healthcare disparities among the minority population. Providing culturally competent care to patients of all different cultures is something that nurses and other healthcare providers...
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The Effects Of Cultural Relativism On Society In The Philippines

Culture is the way we live as humans. It encompasses beliefs, practices, values, attitude, laws, norms, artifacts, symbols, knowledge and everything that a person leans and shares as a member of society. Cultural relativism is where one suspends one’s cultural roots and understand by seeing another culture according to the standards of that culture. Although having a common culture is a way for us to coherently relate with one another it is also important for us to open our eyes...
2 Pages 1101 Words

Moral Relativism In Context Of Multiculturalism

“Six for me and nine for you”- simplest way to explain relativism. It is not about wrong or right, true or false, actually, it depends on people how they see a particular situation. I find myself in favour of relativism in multiculturalism, further, the essay will discuss some of the advantages of relativism in multiculturalism. In order to bring more talent, skillful workers or may to handle situations like ageing population etc most countries around the world used the strategy...
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Intercultural Communication: Conversation Problems And Competence Peculiarities

Cultures and conversation No matter in which you’re within the international, Communiqués essential. However speaking in some unspecified time in the future of cultures may be pretty difficult. And that i do not truly advocate that there is a language barrier, regardless of the truth that that may be a trouble. No, I suggest that cultures honestly have a few very specific processes of speaking. a few cultures are casual, some cultures use an entire series of formality greetings before...
2 Pages 1115 Words

Intercultural Communication: Elements And Effectiveness

INTRODUCTION The term “intercultural communique” changed into finished in Edward T. Hall’s (1959) influential ebook, The Silent Language, and Hall is usually referred to to be the founding father of the field (Leeds-Hurwitz, 1990; Rogers and Steinfatt, 1999). Hall emerge as born in St. Louis, but grew up in particular within the American Southwest. INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Intercultural verbal exchange (or pass-cultural conversation) is a area that studies communique in the course of amazing cultures and social organizations, or how lifestyle...
2 Pages 915 Words

Three Types Of Friendships: Utility, Pleasure, Goodness

Friendship can be described as a bond of mutual affection between two people. These people could form this connection through a variety of different ways. According to Aristotle, there are three types of friendships. These are utility friendships, pleasure friendships, and goodness friendships. Utility friendships focus on the self-interest of one, or both, of the individuals. Their main goal is not to become a lifelong partner, rather to benefit from the relationship. This could be through manipulation or flattery, but...
1 Page 570 Words

Cultural Relativism And Human Rights Protection

The world is composed of many different groups of people who have unique perspectives on what they believe the proper way of thriving and surviving is. Each group and civilization has created their own unique culture and systems that have lead people to view life and lifestyle differently, and has raised the question of whether we can determine who’s ultimately right and wrong. According to Cultural Relativism, we can’t. Cultural relativism is an established theory that sates that an individual’s...
4 Pages 1799 Words

The Importance Of Cultural Competence In Health Care

Abstract In the past five to ten years, American medical system has not only become technologically advanced but multiculturally diverse. That is why being culturally competent is very important in the healthcare field. One reason cultural competency is important is that it allows healthcare professionals to better provide patient centered care to those whose beliefs and values are different than their own. Another reason is that it gives them an opportunity to gain knowledge and new perspective of the patient’s...
6 Pages 2731 Words

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity

Introduction “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” -Mahatma Gandhi America is a land where immigrants and minorities from different cultural backgrounds and heritages come together to adopt one common culture. From the beginning of time, the term ‘culture’ has often been associated with social behavior, norms, values, identities and the way in which different people react to different circumstances. It is because of these very attributes that organizations including the healthcare industry...
3 Pages 1174 Words

The Approaches Of Multiculturalism And Interculturalism In Modern Europe

Multiculturalism is a project of coexistence of different ethnic, cultural and ethnic communities with different religions, languages and races. Is multiculturalism still a useful tool when talking about European society? Why (not)? What other paradigms may be useful for discussing the changing societal and demographic dynamics in modern Europe? In this essay, I will discuss three possible approaches to this pressing yet complex issue. In the first aspect to answer this question, we begin by taking a closer look at...
5 Pages 2185 Words

The Importance And Technology Of Intercultural Communication

Globalization advancements have put intercultural correspondence at the most important places of many examine. A few people concentrating on cooperation, culture and the character of social components, morals, connection and furthermore culture obstructions. Intercultural interchanges is the verbal and non-verbal associations among people from various social foundations. It implies how culture influences correspondence. It describes a major scope of correspondence procedure and issues that normally show up in the public arena from various religious, social, ethnic, act, impart and understands...
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