Cultural Self-assessment

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My Culture is my identity and undoubtedly, my personality. It not only gives me spiritual, intellectual but also emotional divergence from others. Culture is the shared characteristics of a group of people based on either religion, language, music, literature, or geographical land. A culture may be small or extensive, however, each culture can teach us about ourselves, others and the global community.

I was born and brought up in Punjab state of India. It is one of the countries which has diverse cultures and a land of different communities. According to me, being an Asian inhabitant, I belong to the high context culture. It is a matter of fact that I am absolutely relational, contemplative, intuitive, and collectivist. In other words, I respect and tend to indulge myself in groups and take decision keeping in mind their consideration. I practice group duties and value them. I always believe in leading in a group and facing prosperity and obstacles with my peers.

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Undoubtedly, managing time is important but the group I belong in to is observed to value time often less than other cultures like that of North America. I tend to consider time with a relaxed attitude. Because of my culture and the ethics I have acquired residing in there, I along with my peers indulge in formality and paternalistic power relationships. Asians are believed to rely on nonverbal cues to communicate in society including figures of speech and I don’t have difficulty in saying no.

I can improve my communication aspects in my work environment by interacting with people belonging to diverse cultures, by adopting their cultures, by respecting their beliefs and differences. Curbing Ethnocentrism is another way to develop and maintain healthy and formal work and environment relationships. Another ways to enhance communications among cultures is by avoiding prejudice, practicing oral communications and body language including hand gestures, eye moments and facial expressions.

  • It may be awkward for you and the individual you are asking, however by demonstrating your readiness to ask when you don't comprehend or when you come up short on the social information important to keep away from social false, you are showing your ability to get familiar with another culture and the predominant correspondence standards as opposed to racing through uninformed (Corp, 2017).
  • Effectively focus when speaking with individuals of different societies. Listening will show you better approaches to lead cooperation’s (Strategies to improve intercultural communication, 2019).
  • Approach others with proper manner and address them suitably; this is particularly significant for shutting and opening discussions. In case you're uncertain of how to address somebody, ask first (Balk, 2018).


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