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Selena Quintanilla Essay

Selena Quintanilla, widely known as Selena, was a Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and fashion icon. Born on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas, Selena rose to fame as the “Queen of Tejano Music” and left an indelible mark on the music industry before her tragic death in 1995. Her life and career continue to inspire and resonate with people around the world. From a young age, Selena displayed immense talent and passion for music. Raised in a musical family, she...
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Influence of Multicultural Environment on an Individual

The multicultural environment is maintained by a group of individuals from different nationalities, languages, religions and ethnicity in same place. At present days people engaged in a multicultural environment due to the reason for their work, migration and study activities. The number of individuals including in multi-culture expanding day by day. It found that in 2001/2002 the quantity of international student in the UK was expanded in excess of six times higher than contrasted with 1973, and more than two...
1 Page 655 Words

Popular Culture and Psychology: Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations in 'Mulan' and 'Legally Blonde'

Movies are one of the many forms of popular culture. Even though popular culture comes with various definitions, it is a culture that is favored by the mass media. Moreover, psychology can be a component of popular culture. A psychological concept that can be in movies is intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. The textbook, Human Development for Nursing, by Reilly (2020), defined intrinsic and extrinsic motivations as follows: “Intrinsic motivation is based on internal factors such as organismic needs (competence, relatedness,...
2 Pages 1004 Words

Jazz Became the Cornerstone of Popular Culture during the Swing Era: Discursive Essay

Swing music (1935-1945) marked a shift in jazz from improvisation to notated music and larger ensembles known as ‘big bands.’ Because of the size of the ensembles, which were made up of several horns, reed instruments, and percussion, swing required simplified written arrangements. Swing was typically more repetitious, and pop-friendly than other forms of jazz. Swing music is the closest jazz has ever come to being America’s most popular music. There are a lot of controversial topics to discuss when...
5 Pages 2401 Words

Impact of Pop Music Artists: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift

It seems as though people have worshiped artists/celebrities for as long as they have been around, but what is it that makes them so desirable and makes their music speak out to the world? Fans from all over the world are inspired by artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. But not just by their music which is great pop tracks by themselves that have everything you want from a commercial pop track, from a catchy chorus with...
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Essay on Ethnography

Ethnography is the systematic finding out about a unique crew of people based upon large subject work in one or extra selected locals. Contemporary ethnography includes the use of sound and digital platforms. These contemporary ethnographic tactics consist of sonic, visible, and digital ethnography. They have extra value discounts and extra fee effective, extra genuine responses, extensive time saving, safe and impenetrable approaches, easier for respondents, and more powerful outputs. Nevertheless, contemporary ethnographic processes have a tendency to be affected...
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Understanding Role and Appeal of Horror in Popular Culture Using Psychoanalysis

Humanity has always sought to capture certain moments and feelings and that way give it immortality. Hence film, bearing the features of an art form operating within the narration of time and space seemed to be a perfect medium. The world of film seems to support the illusion of immortal and immutable reality in the likeness of artificial sleep and rule the subconscious instincts of the viewer. Sleep, consciousness and subconsciousness are the first intuitively found psychoanalytical threads in cinema,...
6 Pages 2949 Words

Black Power Movement Inspired Black Gender Roles in Pop-Culture

In the 1970s, Marvel comics and DC comics released stories that had black leading superhero roles with supporting black characters. These stories were released under a film genre called “Blaxploitation” which featured hyper-masculine black leading roles (Lendrum, 2005) with stereotypical “difficult” black female as their supporting characters. In the Blaxploitation genre, black leading roles were written and directed by white males, thus creating stereotypical and one-dimensional characters that supported the hegemonic patriarchal views about gender and race. With ethnographic knowledge...
2 Pages 695 Words

Importance of Cross-Cultural Competencies in Transnational Companies: Case of Tesla Factory in Germany

Introduction Multi-national companies are increasingly prevalent in today’s global market, however cross-cultural competence including communication is a core aspect. Cross-cultural competence is integral to communications and having global companies work with teams in different countries; it is about understanding one’s own culture and that of the counterparts with varied values, belief systems, attitudes and language and adjusting communication to befit each cultural interaction. In the Resetarits and Ankel article for Business Insider, the crux of the issue is cultural competence...
5 Pages 2460 Words

Future of Time Travel: Theoretical Physics between the Lines of Modern Pop-Culture

The Next Generation’s big screen outings are a mixed bag, to put it nicely, but the best film by far is the time-bending Star Trek: First Contact. Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-E travel to the past to prevent the cybernetic Borg from mucking with Earth’s history. It’s a good film all by itself, but even more excellent if you’re an invested Star Trek fan. We get to see huge, never-before-seen moments in the Star Trek universe,...
5 Pages 2465 Words

Religious Belief in Pakistan: Reflective Essay on cultural Anthropology

Firstly, the topic that I considered to explore was ‘Religious Belief in Pakistan’. I chose this topic as there were many beliefs that usually depicts the negative thought and side of Muslim community as well as I already have some information about the Pakistan. Subsequently taking this into my mind, the first most questions that I had taken to bring out were as follows: Firstly, as I said earlier that whenever something inappropriate activity like war happen in the world...
3 Pages 1499 Words

Relationship between Ethnography, Vernacular Architecture and Designing of Spaces: Analytical Essay

Ethnography and ethnographic research help in exploring how interactions of human beings with their surroundings eventually impact the way the spaces are designed. The purpose of this study is to understand the terms and establish a relationship between ethnography, vernacular architecture and designing of spaces, and how these factors could make the planning and designing of spaces more efficient and organized. The ultimate goal of doing ethnographic research, using vernacular materials is to improve the design of buildings for the...
2 Pages 966 Words

Relationship between Anthropology and Ethnography: Analytical Essay

Ethnography exists as an integral component of contemporary anthropology, allowing for the exploration and understanding of culture through the study of subjects and their behaviours in given situations. The practice enables the documentation of accounts of livelihood; producing credible accounts wherein knowledge and understanding is received through observation and immersion with participants to form a representation of a community or group. Of course, modern ethnography exists as wholly different to early 20th century practices, and this essay will explore the...
5 Pages 2109 Words

Reading Summary: Elise et Al. “Autoethnography: An Overview”

Autoethnography approaches research and writing to describe and analyze personal experiences to understand cultural experiences. This treats research as a political, socially just and conscious act. Autoethnography is made up of autobiographies and ethnographers, making it both a process and a product. Crisis of confidence introduced new opportunities to reform social science and reimagine objectives and forms of social science inquiry. How would social science be different if they were closer to literature than to physics? If there were more...
2 Pages 799 Words

Physical and Cultural Anthropology: Analytical Overview

Physical Anthropology When our species first evolved we have experienced transition some changes were universal, while others were essentially more national. The noticeable shifts in global populations include a reduction in both the average body size and brain size, as well as a decline in the proportions of the jaw and the tooth. In response to different climates and lifestyles, regional populations have developed various physical and genetic characteristics. Smaller bodies Generally speaking, we are shorter, thinner, and smaller boned...
4 Pages 1730 Words

Importance of Cultural Anthropology in Our Daily Lives

Overall, with this being an introductory course, it has not been difficult, however, a lot of new information was introduced to me. Having lived in a conservative country for the majority of my life, anthropology was never introduced to me because it involved evolution, and even after moving to the United States, I realized that anthropology was not introduced to students here either. So, I took this course with an open mind, knowing I would be learning a lot because...
3 Pages 1167 Words

Gender Roles of the Trobriand Society to That of East Harlem: Theoretical Approach and Ethnography

Introduction: Throughout history, there has been a clear divide of what is expected of a man versus what is expected of a woman. It is clear to see that in every society and culture, there are gender roles separating men and women. Gender roles in anthropology are defined as “perceived biological differences and the latter as the cultural constructions observed, performed, and understood in any given society, often based on those perceived biological differences.” Gender roles are based on theories...
7 Pages 3183 Words

Ethnography Description and Challenges: Analytical Essay

Abstract Grounded theory is a qualitative research design that investigates wide interpretations of a particular action, procedure or method (Creswell & Poth, 2018). Grounded theory methods will investigate the point of perspective linked to a broad base of respondents who are knowledgeable in the sector or subject matter studied by the researcher or research group (Creswell & Poth, 2018). Grounded theory study aims at identifying, developing and integrating ideas, individuals are not the objects of assessment. Relatively, it is the...
3 Pages 1268 Words

Essay on Critiquing and Evaluating Autoethnography

Introduction In this essay I will critique the research study by Greg Vass (2016), ‘Everyday race-making pedagogies in the classroom’. The author explores the way teachers pedagogically racialise students in classrooms through everyday interactions. I start off with a summary of my understanding of the article and move on to unpacking the methodology. I will focus on critiquing and evaluating the research methods used such autoethnography, the themes of insider and outsider conundrums, participant observation, subjectivity and reflexivity within research...
6 Pages 2629 Words

Discursive Essay on Ethnography as a Research Methodology in Relation to Selection Research Participants

Introduction Research involves selecting one suitable method that could facilitate the researcher achieve his or her objectives. It is for this reason that in social science research new methods have been proposed effective when conduct a study which involves human and their culture. One of such methods is ethnography. In view of this, the paper discusses ethnography as a research methodology in relation to selection research participants. It begins by defining ethnography, stating the historical view of ethnography, situations on...
4 Pages 1972 Words

Cultural Anthropology Principles: Analytical Essay

Cultural anthropology describes the interrelationship between food and culture. It involves study of human culture, practice, values, ideas, and technology. cultural anthropology principles are used to understand various food and nutritional problem. This discussion will explain the cultural anthropology principles which are used to understand various food and nutritional problem in the community [bookmark: _Hlk62119896]Cultural anthropology principles used in understanding various food and nutrition problems in the community are; relativism, it involves knowing and respecting cultures of others and not...
1 Page 613 Words

Critical Discourse Analysis of the Article on Ethnography

In this essay I will be exploring the use of discourse analysis approach on how Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) is utilised. Discourse analysis has been looked upon in a variety of disciplines like in social sciences and humanities. It includes linguistics, cultural studies, human geography and etc. Critical Discourse Analysis is a sub-control of talk examination. It approaches talks from a political intention. On the other hand contrasted with campaigners or potentially government officials, conclusive exposition assessment stretches out past...
5 Pages 2335 Words

Concept of Auto-Ethnography: Critical Analysis

Childhood trauma will have an instantaneous, immediate, and probably overwhelming impact on the power of the ability of a child to learn. This issue is usually ignored by our education system because the child doesn’t know how to speak out. When I was a child, literacy was an important part of education where learning starts through the implementation of instruction through real-life experiences. 21st-century learners like myself mainly inherit memorization of facts, procedures and connect with real life experiences, which...
8 Pages 3532 Words

Chicago School of Ethnography: Analytical Essay

Analytical Essay What is the Chicago school of ethnography? What are the specific research tools used by the Chicago school ethnographers? How would you differentiate this approach for “critical ethnography”? Which do you prefer and why? Ethnography originated in the nineteenth-century, when some Western anthropologist wanted to use ethnography as a way to give a descriptive account of a culture or community. “Ethnography” was seen as a compliment to “ethnology”, which referred to the historic and relative study of non-Western...
1 Page 559 Words

Case Study Method Versus Ethnography Research Method: Comparative Analysis

Reflect upon other possible research methods (and their aligned data collection and analysis methods, but with focus on methodological aspects) that could have been used in the project As a replacement for the case study method, the ethnography research method, could have applied. According to Hammersley (2006), the ethnography research method resulted from first-hand experiences, such as what people experienced and acted in particular circumstances and conditions. Hammersley (2006) discussed that ethnographies draw attention to the cultures as well as...
1 Page 627 Words

Book Review of ‘Body and Emotion: The Aesthetics of Illness and Healing in the Nepal Himalayas': Ethnography of Emotion

The blossoming flowers of summer, if only they could last through winter we friends who have gathered together, if only we could last through life (p. 109) This verse of the Yolmo “songs of pain” echoes in my mind since reading Robert Desjarlais’ Body and Emotion: The Aesthetics of Illness and Healing in the Nepal Himalayas. It recognizes the inevitability in the changing of seasons and finite nature of life. It captures the feeling of never wanting the good things,...
6 Pages 2834 Words

Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic and Archaeology: General Analysis

Anthropology is known as the scientific study which seeks to end the infinite curiosity about humans(HASKINGS-WINNER, COLLISHAW, 2011, p. 7). Anthropology does not focus on one research about humans, it is a broad study seeking why, when and how people appeared on earth as well as how they have changed and got distributed around the world. Anthropologists also want to know why there is variation between people in different populations. In Anthropology there are four fields used to study humans,...
2 Pages 965 Words

Applying the Concepts of Cultural Anthropology in Analysing the Social Organisation of a Society: Critical Analysis

Introduction This report presents a critical analysis of the theme of social organisation discussed in the ethnography of Yanomamo written by Chagnon. The ethnography will be analysed based on the conceptual framework of cultural anthropology put forth in their book by Bonvillain & Schwimmer (2010). Careful attention is paid to make sure that the analysis presented in this paper is objective in nature and devoid of personal biases. Critical Analysis Chagnon (2013) begins his exploration of the social organisation by...
4 Pages 1654 Words

Analytical Overview of Marwick and Boyd’s Ethnography

Alice E Marwick and Danah Boyd (pg.1052, 2014) research into social media and privacy sought to question and understand the societal assumption that “teenagers don’t care about privacy”. Through conducting semi-interviews as part of a wider ethnographic experiment, Marwick and Boyd were to a great extent successful in combining a variety of research methods to not only understand how young people conceptualize privacy but constructing their ‘networked privacy theory’ that challenged mainstream privacy theories. However, the objectivity and validity through...
4 Pages 1741 Words

Analytical Essay on Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practices

Study Case The reason for why an award show was selected as a case study in this paper, is because liveness is very much the central concept in a show like this. The elements that float around in the bubble of the concept of liveness, are all things that can be applied to a media event like this. An award show is a combination of a broadcast that shows pre-recorded and live performances, but also verbalized interactional moments such as...
5 Pages 2174 Words
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