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Current Status Of Women’s Cricket In Pakistan

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A sport is basically defined as physical activity which enables or improves physical ability and skills of an individual whilst providing source of entertainment to public. It makes a person physically active, capable and creates sense of readiness and grace. It is regulated by set of instructions which creates equitable competition and allows compatible decision of the winner amongst hundreds of participants competing whether in teams or as individuals.

Sports, itself builds connections between people and helps to form relationships on and off the field. It creates equal opportunities for everyone and helps an individual to develop and grow. Moreover, it promotes peace and puts an end to violence and differences among people. Also, mentioned above it is also an appreciable source of entertainment for ones who don’t participate but show great interest by showing up as large crowds and being great audience at the venues through sports broadcasting.

One of the most important top sport which was/is played worldwide mostly in the sub continent (Pakistan and India), Australia, Southern Africa, West Indies and British Isles and has crazy fans in every part of the world is “Cricket”. It’s a sport which is generally played between two teams with a bat and a ball with each team containing 11 members.

Luckily, it is one of those sports which is played by men and women both internationally and Pakistan is one of those countries which own separate cricket team for men and women. The national women’s cricket team of Pakistan portrays Pakistan in International Women’s Cricket and is one amongst eight teams competing in ICC Women’s Championship.

However, although women in Pakistan have a separate cricket but they aren’t given equal status, encouragement or appreciation just like men are given. Just how proved in the Dawn article on March 12, 2017 by Roha Nadeem, a freelance journalist says be it in terms of broadcast in television coverage, or be it public interest women’s cricket is constantly treated in an uninterested, discourteous manner and seen as the most inactive sports. Thanks to our narrow minded, traditional and completely illiberal mindset which says, “Women should be restricted to homes and shouldn’t bother to play”.

Women tend to get frustrated with this situation, recalling their family’s harsh statements before actually getting into cricket, Mirza Iqbal Baig (Wikipedia of sports) he was once heard quoting about women, “There is nothing in cricket for women in Pakistan, you are better off handling children and homes”. This in turn tarnishes their confidence even more that they stop believing in their selves and take those statements by their families as terrible, but true things.

Also proved in an interview of Shahid Afridi (one of the most famous legendary cricketer) in which he was asked by the anchor, his views on Pakistani women playing cricket to which his unusual yet confident response was, “ Our women have magic in their hands, they’re good cooks”. Though the anchor wanted to ask more but Afridi cuts him off by saying “you got an answer”. To receive such statements from such a looked up to and popular sportsmen, does this not show the proud anti feminist attitude Pakistani men keep? Even Afridi who himself is a cricketer, said such shocking words and didn’t show any decency to say good words for our Pakistani women’s team. Instead showed disrespect even he himself being a father of four daughters. His statement implies that women’s cricket is not considered significant enough , does this not show how undermine women are in terms of their influence in sports.He could have shown some appreciation or have encouraged the problems Pakistani women cricketers face compared to other teams worldwide. As being a cricketer he’s aware of how Pakistani women are at a disadvantage but still continued with his chauvinistic approach saddens. If such a followed and respected sportsperson is acknowledging this clearly is a strong contradiction of how women in sports are perceived in Pakistan.

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Cricket has made life easier for people as it lays immense opportunities for them. Those who cannot do well in their studies tend to get into cricket as it is an immensely wealthy game. But talking about Pakistani women, this does not go for them as proved in an article on November 17, 2018 that they are only paid $75 per match and not even paid their amount that they have to receive from their central contract. On top of this, Pakistani men cricket-team players are given exposure to everything due to which they get big pay cheques and also get chances to feature themselves in advertisements which garners their income even more.

The discrimination can be clearly distinguished between both the genders and how women are not even supported financially despite of their constant hard work. Because of the low incomes women cannot continue professionally in cricket.

Unlike men’s cricket, women do not tend to get high incomes as they are considered inferior as compared to men. Women are not given security which makes it difficult for them to opt for this game, as it is not very exciting for them. Mainly because, a wise person would prefer working in a bank or in that matter any other place where they are valued and given more respect.Additionally,it takes effort and hard work for the women to work on their fitness, even when they would not be given much of attention and credit.Inorder to survive in cricket, one must devote himself into tremendous hard work and determination, being mentally tough is what is required, but women are not considered to be tough enough.

It is an obvious thing; teams representing their country, that also in a World event tend to acquire new kits with sponsors. Men also get these new kits. Talking about the women, all nations get these new kits for the World Cup with new designs and a new look, but in case of Pakistan the women were handed the same old logo shirts with no new big sponsors and used the same kits that were worn by the men’s cricket team in 2016 World Cup held in India. In the recently concluded ICC Women’s World Cup in 2017 held in England, Pakistani women were given the same shirts that were worn by the men in 2017 world cup. Lack of sponsors for Pakistan cricket is also a big issue that further neglects Pakistani women status.

Pakistan have produced exceptional talents in the past(men) like of Wasim Akram who is still considered the best fast bowler ever, Imran Khan for his exceptional leadership skills, Shoaib Akhtar who still holds the record for the fastest bowl ever bowled. Pakistan has failed big time to produce any exceptional women’s cricketer, the fastest bowler being Fitz Patrick who is a former Australian, Mithali Raj from India is the highest run-scorer amongst all women, and Jhulan Goswami has the most number of wickets and have made a name for themselves. This is not the case with Pakistani cricket women. When given opportunities, teams do wonders for their country. Talking about the English wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor, she is truly a master class when it comes to glovework.She has all the sights and gets the nod by the legends of the game, she got handed an opportunity to make history. She holds the Guinness World Record for catching high ball, 81 meters that is she made that record on the third attempt and was over the moon on her accomplishments that her record remains intact for a long period of time.

Because of traditional and illiberal mindsets Pakistani women can never show up their hidden talents instead they prove to be housewives, there’s no platform for them to show their talent unlike international players not only in cricket but they get chance to show up their different talents in different fields. Why? Because of broad minds and liberal thinking for their women. Ellyse Perry , a pure beauty who represents her nation Australia in cricket as well as in football and also got gold standard in women’s cricket as a fast bowler. What makes her story different is that the lady represents her nation in both the sports as a double international. She even represented Australia in the football World Cup in 2011. Holly Ferling is heard saying about Ellyse: “She’s my idol. I’ve always looked up to her. To do what she’s done at such a young age is an incredible feat and I don’t think it will ever be done again.” If Pakistani women are given opportunities to prove their mettle, they can also use their hidden talents and put it to good use and undoubtedly can play their part in enhancing Pakistan’s name; just like Sarah Taylor and Ellyse Perry. These sports personnel have truly made a name for themselves.

No tours for the women team like they have for the men; this won’t get any better results for Pakistan cricket. The women would just struggle to save their place and keep a little prestige of their country. Nothing can be expected from these women and they’re not inhuman, they won’t deliver results, they would need support and resources. Ever seen Pakistani men sitting in the dugout, cheering for their wives and fiancés? There should be regular tours held for the women as men have .This would help these women keep in touch and gain experience merely playing around the grounds in the world. If these tours and fixtures would not be held, these Pakistani women would just try to keep their place in the team and would not be able to do any good for their country. The stadium which hosted the Final of the Women’s World Cup (Lord’s The Home of Cricket) was a complete pack house which witnessed the England women lift up the Trophy. The stadium was packed because people around the globe value cricket equally, and tend to not distinguish between the genders, not the case in Pakistan sadly we do not have that much public interest or large audience when it comes to women cricket.

Sana Mir, the former Pakistani skipper is concerned about the current status of women cricket; she tried to better the current situation of Pakistan women cricket. She took some measures and proposed a Pakistan Super League to be held for women just like Australia Women’s Big Bash, who would help to bring in new-young talents for Pakistan, much like it did for Pakistan men. Unfortunately, she got ignored and was paid no heed as her this proposal went invain, much like the other things which go wasted in Pakistan women’s cricket.

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