Cyberbullying Tarnishes The Mental Health Of The Youth

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Everyone in the 21st century is addicted to the internet and technology. At first, we could not even imagine we would be able to talk to a person mile away but how we communicate with family and friends in a whole other country sitting at home as if they are sitting right in front of us. The Internet gave the world tremendous opportunities and possibilities but on the other hand, it also gave us new dangers. In today’s world, the new harassment that is occurring is cyberbullying. Lots of people, especially teenagers from middle and high school are the real victims of online violence, humiliation, and harassment. The main problem is that these kids do not even realize that they are being bullied.

Cyberbullying is an unfortunate concept when a person is getting threatened, dishonored, humiliated, tortured, and offended by some other person via text messaging, e-mails, or any source of digital technologies. Cyberbullies tend to post embarrassing information about a person online. The victim of cyberbullying can often be teased at different forums and through social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc., by a group of people. Cyberbullying situations can occur in many forms by different people of various characters, and the one thing that is alike is the humiliation and embarrassment of another person by not respecting their privacy.

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A cyber-bully is usually a person who is a really wicked person who has multiple resources to torment other people. However, in the past few years, researchers state that sometimes cyber-bullies are teens who have problems themselves. The reason they behave in this manner could be because of parental/teen abuse, mental disorders, unbearable living circumstances, etc. The teenagers facing these problems try to channel their energy by simply entertaining themselves at the price of happiness of others, which is why these teens channel their discomfort and anxiety through aggression against others. Cyberbullying may also take place on the part of whole groups, just like real-life bullying in schools does.

There are many feelings that teens experience due to being abused and harassed via any digital technology. Feeling overwhelmed is one of the major problems these teens face due to the fact being targeted by cyberbullies is a terrible feeling especially if it’s a whole group of kids that are partaking in the activity. It is a terrible feeling like the entire world is against you and knows about your private life. At times, the pressure of dealing with bullies can cause kids to feel like the situation is more complicated and they get anxious about the situation. Another feeling that these teens face is feeling vulnerable and powerless because the victims of cyberbullying find it hard for them to find a safe place where they can be themselves without being judged or harassed. Typically, this is because this type of harassment usually takes place at their own home through their digital technology devices or different platforms of social media, at any time of day. They no longer have a safe place where they can feel safe and escape the bullies. For a victim, bullying is everywhere and not escapable.

Furthermore, these bullies are often anonymous, by which these teens feel more triggered and scared which can make them feel fear at every point of the day. Usually, cyberbullying is caused by the bullies who they know from their own community. Furthermore, the worst feeling that a teen can feel is being exposed and humiliated because cyberbullying occurs on the Internet and the stuff that these bullies expose online is usually permanent, meaning it cannot be completely erased. Teens know that once something is out in cyberspace, it will permanently negatively affect them for a lifetime, and it makes them feel afraid for long periods of time. When cyberbullying occurs, disgusting posts or pictures, or videos can be shared throughout the world with different people.


In conclusion, there should be more awareness of the harmful effects of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying tarnishes the mental health of the youth today and they feel more stress added to their day-to-day life. All in all, the youth and societies of today would be positively impacted if they were more aware and other individuals would be more sincere to the well-being of others.

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