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Dark Ages or Middle Ages: Argumentative Essay

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Often when we think of ‘Dark Ages’ we frequently reference it with the perversive thoughts of the human mind or the saddening illnesses that took lives… or we think of how many now call this time period the Middle Ages. Nothing eventful came out of the Middle Ages really, but the people during this time period were happy, all in their own ways of course. The Dark Ages doesn’t give you the idea that many people be joyful or even smiling; It simply doesn’t suit the Middle Ages.

According to dictionary entries for the Dark Ages, it states ‘a demographic, cultural, and economic deterioration occurred in Western Europe following the decline of the Roman Empire.’Most historians see this era a time in which people were not worried about their intelligence. Many only recognize just the start of the Middle Ages, due to not much was happening because of everyone trying to regain their losses and piece together their sickly families. Historians only mistitled this era because they were just trying to get the point across that not much good came out of this time period at all.

Although, being named something as dreary as the Dark Ages, does not truly shine a light on those who found success in this era of failure. Instead of looking at the bright side of the bright and lucky people of the Middle Ages, people still get locked on the fact that it is named the Dark ages. People usually assume that no advancements came along with the Dark Ages; they think it is a stagnant era for advancements in general. But they were very wrong. For example, when King John abused his power as a king, he wrote the Magna Carta. To stop monarchs from overstepping boundaries set in place. Without him, we wouldn’t have had a good monarchy at all and no future kings could be exempt from turning corrupt with power.

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Although many bad things did occur in the Middle Ages, those conflicts were sooner or later worked out. A great example would be when the Christians wanted control of the Holy Land, which led to the start of the Crusades that lasted 200 years and were led by different figures. They seemed awful at the time but it helped Christians gain more. It also led the church to become stronger than before, and it opened a door to new and better trade opportunities throughout many different areas.

Although invitations were limited in the beginning, the outcome is many great achievements were made and the greater good for people in the later years was established. Without the events in the Middle Ages, the world would be a different place. Hence ‘Dark Ages’ being a misleading name to the Middle Ages.

Based on this excerpt, do you think trade was instrumental in the spread of Buddhism to Japan? Explain.

Yes, I do think trade was instrumental in the spread of Buddhism to Japan because stated in the excerpt it says ‘Japanese priests on religious pilgrimages often went along on these journeys as well.’

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