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Data Protection and Prevention of Cyber Crime

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Cybercrimes are liable for the interruption of ordinary pc features and has been acknowledged to cause the downfall of many organizations and private entities. This research paper ambitions to talk about following aspects of cybercrimes: the definition, why they arise, legal guidelines governing them, strategies of committing cybercrimes, who they affect, and cybercrime prevention tactics. More in particular, this paper will delve into one foremost instance of cybercrime ‘hacking’. The record will show the usage and development of generation has amplified one of a kind varieties of crimes which includes robbery crimes and terrorism. Also, this report will show statistical data which will provide an concept of how far cybercrimes has boom over the length of ten years or extra.


In our current generation-driven age, preserving our non-public records personal is becoming more hard. The truth is, surprisingly categorised info have become more to be had to public databases, because we are extra interconnected than ever. Our statistics is to be had for nearly anyone to sift via because of this interconnectivity. This creates a bad stigma that using generation is dangerous due to the fact practically every body can get right of entry to one’s personal information for a fee. Technology keeps to promise to ease our each day lives; but, there are dangers of the usage of generation. One of the principle risks of the use of generation is the risk of cybercrimes.

Common Internet customers can be blind to cybercrimes, let alone what to do if they fall sufferer of cyber assaults. Many harmless individuals fall victim to cybercrimes around the world, mainly since generation is evolving at a speedy tempo. Cybercrimes are any crimes that motive damage to every other man or woman the use of a computer and a network. Cybercrimes can arise via issues surrounding penetration of privacy and confidentiality. When privacy and private records is lost or interrupted via unlawfully individuals, it gives way to high profile crimes such as hacking, cyber terrorism, espionage, financial robbery, copyright infringement, spamming, cyber warfare and lots of greater crimes which arise throughout borders. Cybercrimes can occur to all and sundry once their data is breach with the aid of an unlawful person (webopedia.Com).

According to Norton, “over the last 18 months, an ominous trade has swept across the net. The chance landscape as soon as dominated by means of the worms and viruses unleashed by means of irresponsible hackers is now ruled by a new breed of cybercriminals. Cybercrime is encouraged by way of fraud, typified by means of the unreal emails sent by ‘phishers’ that purpose to steal personal facts” (Cybercrime 2011) Cybercrimes are responsible for the achievement of their respective crook belongings and the downfall of many companies and personal entities. The cause of this paper is to train people who don’t understand what are cybercrimes and its significance in developing technological advance during society.

Understanding the chance of cybercrimes is a totally pertinent trouble due to the fact generation holds a extraordinary effect on our society as a whole. Cybercrime is growing every day due to the fact considering that technological advancing in computers makes it very clean for anyone to scouse borrow with out physically harming absolutely everyone due to the lack of awareness to most people of ways cybercrimes are dedicated and the way they could defend themselves against such threats that cybercrimes poses. This paper will discuss several elements of Cybercrimes which include: defining the time period, why cybercrimes occur, laws governing them, strategies of committing cybercrimes, who’s affected, and prevention methods and many more.

Importance Of Data Protection

Firstly, the motive of private statistics safety isn’t to just shield man or woman’s statistics, but to guard the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons that are associated with that records. Whilst defensive non-public statistics it’s miles feasible to make sure that men and women’ rights and freedoms aren’t being violated. For example, incorrect processing of personal statistics, would possibly bring about a scenario wherein a person is omitted for a process opportunity or, even worse, loses present day task.

Secondly, not complying with the private statistics safety regulations can lead to even harsher situations, where it’s feasible to extract all of the money from a person’s bank account or even cause a existence-threatening state of affairs by using manipulating health information.

Thirdly, facts safety guidelines are important for making sure and honest and customer friendly trade and provision of offerings. Personal data safety rules cause a state of affairs, where, for example, non-public records can’t be sold freely which means that people have a more manipulate over who makes them gives and what sort of offers they make.

If private facts is leaked, it could cause agencies sizable damage to their popularity and additionally convey along penalties, which is why it’s critical to conform with the character data protection guidelines. To make certain that non-public information is secure, it’s critical to recognise what statistics is being processed, why it’s being processed and on what grounds. In addition, it’s crucial to perceive which protection and safety features are in use. All of this is possible through a radical facts safety audit, which identifies the records float and whether or not the information safety rules are being accompanied. The audit can be carried out by answering a hard and fast of specific questions which have been organized for that motive. The consequences will deliver a clean review of the processes and viable facts leaks, that may then be stopped .

Defining the Problem

Currently, when individual talk about cybercrime, they may not understand the extent of these crimes. Many questions arise when the term cybercrime is brought into question. Some questions that arise are, ‘Does cybercrimes only done via the Internet?’, ‘Cybercrimes are done via computers only?’ and so on, however, traditional crimes such as theft and fraud that have been done via physical ways are now been converted into digital resources and are now considered as cybercrimes. But what are cybercrimes?

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A commonly accepted definition of this term is that a cybercrime is a “crime committed using a computer and the internet to steal a person’s identity or sell contraband or stalk victims or disrupt operations with malevolent programs” (Definition of Cybercrimes). However, other definitions have constraints to anexpansivemeaning to more closelydescribe the word ‘cybercrime’. Some of these definitions as follow:

  • New World Encyclopedia defines it as “is a term used broadly to describe activity in which computers or computer networks are the tool, target, or place of criminal activity. These categories are not exclusive and many activities can be characterized as falling in one or more categories”.
  • Bukisa defines it as “It is this access to the technical specifications of how the Internet and Internet technologies are implemented that allows an attacker to subvert systems, networks and the Internet for their own ends”.
  • Webopedia defines it as “Cybercrime encompasses any criminal act dealing with computers and networks (called hacking)’.

Additionally, cybercrime also includes traditional crimes conducted through the Internet. For example: hate crimes, telemarketing and Internet fraud, identity theft, and credit card account thefts are considered to be cybercrimes when the illegal activities are committed through the use of a computer and the Internet.

Causes of Cybercrimes

There are many methods or means wherein cybercrimes can occur. Here are a few causes and methods of ways cybercrimes can be devoted on a day by day foundation: hacking, theft of data contained in electronic form, email bombing, data diddling, salami attacks, denial of service assault, virus/ computer virus assaults, logic bombs, trojan assaults, Internet time robbery, and web jacking.

  1. Hacking. In different words can be known as the unauthorized get right of entry to to anylaptop systems or community. This method can occur if pc hardware and software has any weaknesses which can be infiltrated if such hardware or software has a scarcity in patching, protection manage, configuration or poor password desire.
  2. Theft of information contained in electronic form. This kind of method arise whilst facts stored in computersystems are infiltrated and are altered or physically being seized thru tough disks; detachable garage media or different virtual medium.
  3. Email bombing. This is any other shape of net misuse wherein people directs amass numbers of mail to the victim or an deal with in attempt to overflow the mailbox, which may be an man or woman or a employer or maybe mail servers there by way of in the end ensuing into crashing. There are two methods of perpetrating an e mail bomb which encompass mass mailing and listing linking.
  4. Data diddling. Is the converting of facts before or all through an intrusion into the pc device. This type of an occurrence includes transferring uncooked information simply earlier than a pc can methods it and then changing it returned after the processing is finished.

Prevention and Procedure

In this modern age, it seems almost impossible to avoid being a victim of cybercrime, with all the advancements in technology which make it easy for someone to perform cybercrimes. In light of this, there are some ways however to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime. Most Internet browsers email service, and Internet providers provide a spam-blocking feature to prevent unwanted messages, such as fraudulent emails and phishing emails, from getting to your inbox. However, every user must ensure to turn them on and do not turn them off whatsoever. Also, users must install and keep up-to-date antivirus programs, firewalls and spyware checkers. Along with keeping them up to date, users must make sure that they run the scans regularly. There are many companies out there that provide free software, but there are other you can purchase, along with that of the many produced by the leading companies providers; in addition, those companies provide free version of their paid or subscription antivirus software. Encryption of information that you do not want anyone to have unauthorized access to is a good way to avoid some cybercrimes; information such as password and credit card information for example. Encryption software runs your data through encryption algorithms to make it unintelligible to anyone who tries to hack into your computer.

Another good precaution is to be weary of who you divulge your personal information to. Try to avoid unknown websites, in particular those that ask for your name, mailing address, bank account number or social security number. When doing online shopping make sure website is secure, look for urls that starts with ‘https’ and/or have the Trustee or VeriSign seal. If you do not see these anywhere on the site, you run the risk of submitting credit card information and other personal information to a site that maybe a fraud.

Another way to avoid being a victim of cybercrimes is to avoid being susceptible to common frauds, such as inherences letter, letter asking for your help in placing large sums of money in overseas bank accounts, foreign lotteries, and phony sweepstakes. Those mentioned activities are all methods used by cyber criminals to get your personal information and money. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Educate children about the proper use of the computer and internet and make sure to monitor their online activities at home and school alike. They should only have access to a computer located in a central area of your home and you should regularly check all browser and email activity. A wise thing to is to use parental control software that limits the type of sites the user can gain access to. In schools, there should be restricted websites and other user restrictions that will help protect the user and entity from cybercrime. Likewise, companies should educate and have written policies governing the workplace pc and its network use to diminish the risk of cybercrime against the company.

One definite way to ensure that you don’t fall victim of cybercrimes is to disconnect your computer entirely from the internet. If there is no network, then you don’t have to worry about any cyber-attacks. However, this option is not the most viable one in our interconnected society. The truth is, it is up to you to take the necessary precautions to avoid potential cybercrimes.


Cybercrimes will continually be an ongoing mission regardless of the advancements being made by numerous international locations. Most international locations have their own laws to combat cybercrimes, however a few doesn’t have any new laws however completely is predicated on wellknown terrestrial regulation to prosecute these crimes. Along with outdated legal guidelines to fight cybercrime, there are nonetheless feeble consequences set in vicinity to punish criminals, accordingly doing no most important prevention of cybercrimes’ which have an effect on the economy and people’s social lives on a large scale through those criminals. Consequently, there’s a determined need for countries on a worldwide scale to return collectively and decide on what constitute a cybercrime, and develop approaches wherein to persecute criminals across exclusive countries.

It is recommend that till sufficient legal moves can be installed place in which individual international locations and worldwide methods of persecution criminals, self-protection stays the first line of defense. The regular individuals and businesses need to make sure they’re educated on what to do in terms of prevent in turning into the subsequent victim of cybercrimes. This basic recognition can help save you ability cybercrimes in opposition to them.

Nevertheless, commercial enterprise have to appoint practices where their personnel comply with right protection practices to make certain that integrity and confidentially of saved information is saved always to fight cybercrimes. Safety practices like making sure that staying off game websites on agency time where viruses may be downloaded, forwarding chain emails, leaving computer unattended or password sharing over digital mediums need to be prohibited. With most of these safety practices carried out,it may be said that the protection of many clients saved statistics is most excellent.

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