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What Does College Success Mean to You Essay

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Table of contents

  1. What is College Success?
  2. Strategies to achieve success
  3. How I will manage my course assignments
  4. References

What is College Success?

Definition of College Success: There is no clear definition of college success, college success is relative and there is no clear cut measures or yardsticks to determine College Success. College success is defined by the parties involved because it has to do with the attainment of set goals or Targets.

For something or someone to be successful, goals must be set, such that progress can be tracked and measured against the goals set. Having graduated from college can be seen as a level of success attained in life, spending 2 years in college and graduating can be seen as an attainment of a goal. To some students graduating from college with good grades is college success, once the goals are met the student can describe himself as successful. While to others college success is more than having good grades in school but the knowledge and experience gained during the course of the study is a valid college experience. Graduating from college with good grades is not the total definition of college success but it is a part of the big picture, getting good grades is not the ultimate goal of college or the best way to define personal success while in college (College Success 2015).

What is Success? What does it mean to be successful, The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines success 'as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors, the accomplishments of one's goals'.

Definition of Success is relative, varies from one individual to another, we come from different backgrounds, brought up in different societies, faced different challenging situations and want different things in life. So the definition of success is personal. My definition of success is to live a purposeful, to my full potentials and to affect people's lives positively, contributing my quota to social and economic development in my sphere of contact.

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Strategies to achieve success

I am responsible for my success, and I am motivated to take the following steps to ensure I am successful and fulfilled in life. I have a clear cut strategy towards the attainment of my goals. I have a clear vision of what I want; I want to be cybersecurity specialist, I am certified Microsoft certified technician (MCT) and A+ Certified, I am returning students and I have less time for studying because of other commitments at work and home, I work from home so a daily reading plan will fit right into my schedule.

  1. To manage my time wisely, I designed a weekly study plan schedule to ensure all assignments are submitted in the discussion forum as at when due, so I can learn from my peers and be constructively criticized so I can do better in the course.
  2. Adopt a Learning Cycle of Prepare, Absorb, Capture and review: It's a cycle that is interwoven, it systematically flows from stage1 to stage 4 and back to stage 1 again it's a learning process that never ends. And as a returning student with an online university I will stick to the flow of the academic Learning cycle to be successful.a. Prepare: I will go through the course requirements from my Moodle, download all the recommended books, journals and materials, and install the required software for my computer science courses.

    b. Absorb: I do not have the luxury of listening to an instructor teach/lecture, since I will be doing most of the reading on my own I must learn how to absorb and understand all the new information from the recommended textbook and other materials

    c. Capture: The act of note-taking while reading cannot be overemphasized, my plan is to take notes as I read every week. The more effective your note-taking skills, the better your learning abilities.

    d. Review: Reviewing discussion from the discussion forum, my personal notes, recommended text etc. it's a way of ensuring that I have a full understanding of the materials.

  3. My last strategy is to build social interaction with my peers through collaborative learning, When students explain what they've learned to peers, fading memories are reactivated, strengthened, and consolidated. This strategy not only increases retention but also encourages active learning (Sekeres et al., 2016).

How I will manage my course assignments

I am new to the new American system of education, My concerns are about the weekly assignments is the area of my writing skills, not knowing what to write and not having enough points about the subject matter. My writing organizational skills and also the issue of plagiarism is a major concern to me. I am disciplined enough to manage my time the only concern I have is about my writing skills.

My Enrollment at UoPeople (University of the People) has opened my eyes to opportunities I never thought existed, my expectations are to pass all my courses and gain vital experience, build a social relationship after my stay at University of the People,


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