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Democracy in America Essays

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Evolution of American Democracy

The United States is a very unique country, isn’t it? A country conceived from a war for their values, their liberty. With this liberty, they have established their own unique system of government, none that anyone has ever seen before. A democracy! A representative democracy to specify; a republic. And with this new form of government, comes various definitions from various backgrounds. Certainly, people can argue that some definitions are closer or further from the truth. However, there are definitions...
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The America I Believe in Essay

Stand for America When talking about political issues, it is important to thoroughly understand both sides of the argument on a certain topic. In whatever issue you choose to speak upon, you must identify all of the facts and details to make the best possible decision to better your political values. This is what makes our beliefs grow and metamorphosis. This even allows them to change when we critically think about them and when we go deeper into every tiny...
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5 Principles of American Democracy

The word democracy roots can be traced back to Ancient Greece, it is derived from the Greek term ‘kratos’ meaning power and ‘demos’ refers to the people implying that its meant to mean ‘rule by the people’ the notion attached to democracy seems to be false in this period of time, democracy now is a system of corruption to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, it’s become a system based on hierarchy, privilege and wealth instead of being...
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America is Not a Democracy Essay

Even though America may be considered a Democracy, could it be falling into a Plutocracy? In fact, it very much could, A study named “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens” (2019) implies and gives evidence to show that it could be a Plutocracy. The evidence given was a database of 1,779 policy issues, which included data on the opinions of median-income Americans, to determine whose opinions correlated most closely with actual government policy. They even...
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Benefits of Living in a Democracy

The world is prominent, and it contains many secrets. Those secrets are held and kept by people from all over the globe. The American government is an example of everything that is held and kept from the public based on information that is tending to be told. The right to privacy is our right to stay in the province around the United States of America, which incorporates all those things that are apart from ourselves, like our human body, home,...
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Essay on Role of Election in Democracy

In this essay, I will be supporting the argument that states that there is lack of diversity information in Canada and how it is a threat to democracy. I will begin this paper by defining diversity of information, then provide different examples to justify my argument, and towards the end of this paper I will state few advantages of how diversity of information, is substantial for democracy in Canada. Diversity of information from my perspective, is defined as a way...
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Three Contemporary Theories of American Democracy

Knowing the past allows to better understand the present and predict the future. Most of the traditional leadership theories are dated before 1990. Many new theories or sub-theories have been derived from those theories with the ambition to more or less develop the original theories or to compensate for their shortcomings. The rapid development of communication technologies and technologies in general, which, among other things, support more massive globalization and wealth growth, was reflected in the need to adapt leadership...
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Alexis De Tocqueville Views on America’s Democratic Example: Analytical Essay

Throughout the existence of humans there seems to never be an absence of some form of religion, but also government: a ruling power over the people. It can easily be concluded that these codifications went hand in hand. In his book Democracy in America (1835), Alexis De Tocqueville suggests that America’s equality and political freedom is an outcome of religion. He asserts that without the influences of religion, democracy could not properly function. Tocqueville’s argument for the importance of religion...
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Athenian Democracy vs. American Democracy: Comparative Analysis

In global politics, mentioning of the Athenian democracy and American democracy is common. Interestingly, the world’s first democracy developed in Athens at a time when it was growing imperial. However, major differences and similarities occur between the Athenian democracy and American democracy. For instance, a ‘lot chose a leader in Athens’ while a leader in the US is elected (Athenian democracy 1). The major similarity between the two is that the legislative branch passes the law. However, the following discussion...
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Importance of Religion Based on Tocqueville’s Democracy in America: Analytical Essay

Religion is an important for understanding democracy according to Tocqueville because it restrains excessive individualism. Tocqueville felt that the best way to counter individualism was through religion. Religion has taught people that there are more things in life besides money. Tocqueville wanted to pursue and renew the American knowledge of religion to contribution to independence. Tocqueville argues that modern democratic freedom industrialized as an outcome of Christianity’s impact of the European cultivation, and more predominantly as an effect of the...
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Marx Vs Tocqueville: Analysis of Democracy in America

Marx vs. Tocqueville: Solution to Alienation and Individualism Both Marx and Tocqueville have theorized about community, as well as the implications of the absence of community. The two sociologists have come up with solutions to gain community in order to avoid the opposite, in Marx’s case: alienation, and in Tocqueville’s case: individualism. When looking at both theorists, an important question arises: which solution would be more effective, in order to gain community? In this paper, I will argue that in...
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