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Abstract Have you ever wonder why ice cubes floats when mixed with water? or when oil stays at the top of the water instead of mixing together? This goes back to 250 B.C when a Greek mathematician named Archimedes discovered density. Density explains the correlation of mass and volume and also when the object is supposed to rise, sink, or suspend an example is when oil stays at the top of the water that is because the oil is less...
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1.0 Introduction Western hemlock is the single most plentiful tree species on the coast of British Columbia and makes up 18% of the volume of BC’s total growing stock. It grows along both the east and west sides of the coast range, from sea level to mid-elevations, as well as in the Interior wet belt west of the Rocky Mountains. It seldom grows in pure stands, and is usually mixed with Douglas-fir, amablis fir, sitka spruce, and western red cedar...
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Introduction: The basic idea of the density functional theory started in the nineteen-twenties with the work on the uniform electron gas of Thomas and Fermi [1, 2], who came up with the idea that the energy of a system is given completely in terms of its electron density. However, only in 1964, with the publication of the Hohenberg and Kohn (H-K) theorems [3], and in 1965, with the derivation of the set of mono electronic equations with which one can...
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Abstract Our theoretical interpretation shows that the electron density is condensed at 150°orientation and perhaps the reason for the high mobility of electron in graphene. To determine the above result, the constructed monolayer of graphene contains 40 carbon atoms with 48 bonds in between them and 16 hexagonal polyhedra and the bilayer of graphene has 80 atoms with 96 bonds with 32 polyhedra. The hexagon of carbon lattice has an area of 5.24 Å2. One unit-cell has the volume of...
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Introduction Physical properties of rocks are of interest and utility in several fields of work , as well as geology, petrophysics, geophysics, materials science, geochemistry, and geotechnical engineering. the dimensions of investigation ranges from the molecular and crystalline up to terrestrial studies of the planet and alternative planetary bodies. Geologists have an interest within the radioactive age dating of rocks to reconstruct the origin of mineral deposits; seismologists formulate potential earthquake predictions the use of premonitory physical or chemical changes;...
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Generally, the density functional theory has been utilized progressively in the number of areas of chemistry and materials sciences to account for and indicating the attributes for complicated scenarios at an atomic level. More calculatedly, DFT in form of data processing approach has been studied by checking the formulations and progression entities. These systems have the laboratory results that are overburdened with inappropriate outcomes and unsteady ambience. The current density functional theory application includes the working on the interpretation of...
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There is this unpopular opinion that everything is unique. Even the things we think are the most alike, still have some sort of variation in them. Take identical twins for instance; science made us to understand that there is no identical twin that are 100% the same. That is talking about their DNA compositions. The keyword here is ‘difference’. What is the difference between a ball and a box? First of all, they are not of the same shape. They...
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The purpose of the density of liquids experiment was to learn the techniques on how to measure and dispense liquids with a graduated pipet and a buret while applying the concepts of accuracy, precision, random error, and systematic error. When calculating the densities of the known and unknown NaCl solutions, both mass and volume were measured by the difference and error of each measurement with error propagation was calculated. Once I learned how to use the graduated pipet, buret, and...
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