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Dependence on Cell Phones as a Pressing Problem of Modern Society

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The feeling of leaving your cell phone behind at home is one of the most terrorizing experiences because without our cell phones we feel lost and hopeless. Cell phones are one of the most popular devices that has shown evolutionary remarks throughout the world. Cell phones started out being huge then turned into minimal sizes, but now they are even bigger and better than before. Cell phones, otherwise known as smartphones now are owned by many in the world. Smartphones are basically a tiny computer that fits nicely in our own hands and is functional for calling, texting, Internet browsing, downloads and much more. The dependence of our cell phones today has impacted lives and grew to become a vital piece of us. Just about everything can be done on any smartphone. The truth is that our smartphones effect our day-to-day lifestyles. With the majority of technology that is being influenced in our lives, it is essential to be wary of evident significances that alter one’s health and wellbeing.

With all cell phones becoming more prominent in our everyday lifestyles, it’s bringing awareness to the positive remarks of smartphone usage. In fact, individuals are using their phones everyday are being attentive of news and worldwide phenomenon that are happening all over the world. It is being used in a way to stay up to date with all the information going on. Plus, it helps with health by having most smartphones incorporate a health application downloaded to phones. Within the application it allows people to track their fitness and health data regarding steps, nutrition, sleep, and activity. There are features that allow people to take their own vitals in order to make sure they are staying on a regular health pace. Even using social media can increase individuals stress levels. Being distracted by social media helps users to forget about the unwanted feelings and takes their minds off of stressful events happening. With the power of social media on smartphones today, it allows people to become aware of new health benefits, eating habits, and inspiration. People who use their smartphones every day have the capability to keep up with their fitness, indulge on up-to-date information, and incorporate certain applications to decrease stress. Cell phones are always revolutionizing and changes about every year. With the more high-end technology being accomplished each and every year there are always going to be powerful benefits that come along with smartphone usage.

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Furthermore, the use of smartphones care becoming more popular it is essential to make sure there being used safely. Smartphones are damaging individual’s health and wellbeing. There are health concerns within using smartphone on a day-to-day basis that can ultimately damage one’s health. Looking at cell phone screens all day transmit blue light which can damage smartphone users eye sight. It causes headaches, eyestrain, and there are possible long-term effects that will damage the eyes in the future. Plus, smartphones distract users and can lead to detrimental occasions. Individuals feed off of their phones and often times can’t put them down even when driving. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of death and it all relays back relying on cell phones. Being on a cell phone while driving allows the driver to be unaware of their surrounding and does not pay attention.

Additionally, smartphones have the capability for application downloads. Some applications like social media causes individuals to negatively rate themselves and have low self-esteem based on posts that are seen on social media. When an individual’s self-esteem is low it causes stress and unhappiness. Smartphone users are being brought into a world where they are constantly viewing applications that can put individuals into terrible mental states such as depression, anxiety, and even eating disorders. More people are getting cell phones and more of them are getting phones at a younger age than most. With all the smartphones being distributed to younger individuals it lacks the person-to-person contact. Families are being dependent on their cell phones which lacks family connection and allows unhealthy relationships. All in all, the dependency on cell phones is an ongoing problem that needs to be minimized in order to protect people’s health and wellbeing.

All things considered, with positives and negatives of smartphone usage there are many ways it can be leveled out. Social media is a huge impact in the way smartphones users spend most of their time on their phone. In order to make sure that social media is being used safety there are notifications that are an alert to let the user know how long they have been spending on the application and to take some time off. In general, all smartphones now have a feature that gives alerts to express the time being spent on cell phones and recommend time away from phones. Smartphones are the way of the future and in order for it to be healthy all around it needs to incorporate a new way of healthy living. Understanding that cell phones are capable in giving out resourceful habits like fitness can increase the likelihood of positive mental health. It would benefit to keep the usage of phones in moderation in order for the individual to not get too stressed or feel powerless. The use of smartphones would benefit if there are being used in balanced fashion. Smartphones are the way of the future and with new technology only growing and evolving there is bound to be instances where users need to take a step back and understand how it is impacting their life.

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