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Teen Dependence on Technology and How to Prevent It

There are several types of addictions, but what’s more terrifying than an addiction that’s right in front of your face 24/7? Technology is comparable to a drug because most people depend on technology as if life is unbearable without it. In the 21st century, technology has become one of the necessities, but spending an unreasonable amount of time causes negative outcomes. Adolescents encounter technology addiction because apps are designed to make us addicted. Every time a teen sends a message,...
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Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Gadgets for Students

As technology develops, each individual in this world has been depending with the use of it. Since we are in the 21st century, modern life has been a replete of technological tools. Technology has been rising day by day and plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. We could easily find children and students use gadgets for their studies, recreation and entertainment. Nowadays, students tend to use gadgets than spend time studying. We all know that gadgets produce a great...
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Overdependence on Technology and Its Negative Effects on Our Health

In today’s context, people are becoming increasingly accustomed to modern methods of living, which has in return taken a toll on their health. Countries such as United States and Singapore are advancing and their lifestyle is also changing accordingly. Detrimental effects are inevitable as a country progresses. Health problems such as chronic heart diseases, stress, anxiety, memory loss and obesity are experienced by people. Many cities may argue that modern lifestyle does not impact health much, however proponents believe that...
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Reflections on Whether Today's Youth Is Too Dependent on Information Technology

The increasing use and reliance on tech has a specific term in the psychological sector ‘applied science dependence’, which is a more apt name than ‘technology applied science addiction’. Use of tech is so common and trusted today that doctors have started recommending to go for ‘technology detox’. One of the rising trends, which is included in Oxford Dictionary, where this treatment is composed of spending time where the person does not use any electronic device like smartphones, computers or...
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Are We Too Dependent on Technology: Persuasive Essay

When was the last time you did not have to search for the answer to an innominate question? Probably today because technology has made us so dependent on what we know, but are unable to do out of laziness. Some examples of this technology are GPS, educational advancements, and social media. Therefore, GPS is used by many to help them get to a designated place. As you may know, before we had GPS our only options were to use a...
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Cell Phones Are Crippling Our Youth

It is my belief that cell phones are crippling and incapacitating the majority of our youth. The advancements in technology have created a world where everything is literally at our fingertips. Cell phones undoubtedly play a vital role in simplifying our lives and they have become a necessity in the fast-paced world in which we live today. However, much of today’s youth tends to far exceed the use of cell phones to the point of it becoming an addiction. While...
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Essay on Addiction as One of the Main Dangers of the Internet

Nowadays with the development of technology people use the Internet for having access to plenty of information which can keep them entertained, up to date and being in contact with others in the social networks (Flora, 2015). Most people believe that they cannot continue their life without this technology. This statement has people lives addicted spending their time to use this technology. Addiction is one of the most significant dangers of the Internet, because it has an extremely negative impact...
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Are We Too Dependent on the Internet? Essay

In the era of globalization, where there are no more limits to accessing anything, it provides an opportunity for the Internet to become a ‘primary need’ for humans. The Internet has become the most crucial thing in this era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, because technology is used as a reference in various aspects of life. Technological developments occur so rapidly, this technological development occurs because of the human need for technology to meet their life needs in order to live...
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Increased Technological Dependence and Its Danger to Public Mental Health

The proliferation of Internet-based technology has changed the state of Americans. Smartphones, tablets, and computers gain billions of dollars each year and are owned by most Americans. The smartphone was once a luxury item which costed thousands of dollars for a limited use. Today’s smartphone is now in the pockets of most Americans young and old. A nationwide survey revealed that that 95% of Americans had some kind of mobile phone (Pew Research Center, 2018). Technology has integrated itself into...
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Dependence on Cell Phones as a Pressing Problem of Modern Society

The feeling of leaving your cell phone behind at home is one of the most terrorizing experiences because without our cell phones we feel lost and hopeless. Cell phones are one of the most popular devices that has shown evolutionary remarks throughout the world. Cell phones started out being huge then turned into minimal sizes, but now they are even bigger and better than before. Cell phones, otherwise known as smartphones now are owned by many in the world. Smartphones...
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