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Destiny's Connection To Free Will

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You often hear people saying that it was just meant to be by destiny, but how much of life does destiny actually play a part of? Destiny actually plays a massive role in people’s lives in the fact that it sets up your starting environment, but people shouldn’t say it’s playing a part in the latter parts of life all too much.

Destiny stops playing the big role in your life after you start adulthood, you get to make your own decisions that will affect your own life and possibly others. Destiny does though, still make suggestions to paths you should take along your choices. For example, having the desire to go on this grand adventure into nature and be free from the shackles of society for a time.Even though destiny stops guiding your life around the beginning of adulthood, it still affects you indirectly. By choosing the environment, people, and other things that you grow up around, destiny inadvertently develops the majority of your personality, and in doing so, how you use your free will. It is though, by a humans will, that a war starts between countries. If one were to attempt to break free of destiny’s will, technically they’d just be playing straight into its hands.

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Other major things like which family you are born into, what ethnicity, gender, color eyes, are decided before you’re even conceived. Research found that some people could have an advantage in a certain sport mainly because of their genetic makeup. Such as, someone having a longer muscle to help with vertical jumps. Usually others would still be able to catch up to their ability with a big amount of time towards training, but at the beginning, the people with the advantages are in the lead due to destiny’s choice. Other things like ethnicity, being african american brought up a massive problem across the globe for the humans that went on for centuries. Billions of african americans were dragged into this conflict of slavery and many more were killed because of it. Destiny didn’t play all that much of a role in this conflict, but it did get the conflict rolling in a number of ways. Examples would include whites not being used to seeing humans of a different color, and people not having a choice about what color they are born with.

There are also daily parts of our lives that aren’t affected by destiny much, such as entertainment options, taste in music, among others. In this age, people have a lot more free time in their daily lives. Some people decide to go hunting down animals, others play sports, or listen to music while drawing. In this fact, people usually don’t say that they don’t have anything for entertainment because of destiny.

Taking everything into consideration, destiny sets up the majority of your life for you, but you still get the choice to turn it into something for you. Everyone has to take what they get and turn it into what they can, so that they can live the best life for them.

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