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Developed Vs Developing Countries: An Essay on Distinguishing Cultural Differences Based on Political Behavior

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Cultural difference due to geopolitical concern is the beauty of culture when we talk about the diversity of it. Cultural is universal but the elements get to vary in different parts of the world due to valid reasons. The culture of the Eastern world countries like Bangladesh India is more of a family oriented and religiously obliged one; whereas the culture of the Western countries is the direct opposite due to the fact of their excellent productivity and social livelihood. However, political behavior often influenced culture quite a lot and this essay will be projecting the details explanations of those with latest examples. This essay will be focusing on the differences that have arisen due to the geopolitical conditions and variations in terms of projecting the diversified components of culture.

Few Words About Culture

As it is quite common to learn from the definition of culture that “Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts”. Culture is the part and parcel of human being reflecting what we are; denoting what is the attributes we possess in our day-to-day activities. Being the most important component of human life, culture has equal significance in normal life to exhibit the best taste of human hood. However, due to different geographical locations and economic influence along with the different political forms of government, culture is totally different in different parts of the world.

Elements of Culture

There are five key elements of culture. These elements are used to determine different cultural activities among different particular group of people throughout the world. The elements are as followed: symbols, language, norms, values and technology. Symbols are the expressions or gestures used in culture to conduct different cultural activities (for example, showing thumbs to praise). Language means the media people use for communication (for example, English as a language). Norms indicate the common practices to practice cordial cultural functions (for example, shaking hands). Values are the principles driving the way of life, such as integrity, honesty, etc. Technology is the latest up gradation of standardized mean to perform cultural activities more effectively and efficiently.

Geographical Orientation on the West and East

Usually, countries that are economically enriched are called the countries of the West (so-called developed countries), and those that are experiencing economic difficulties are called the countries of the East (in other words, developing countries). The countries of the West mainly refer to the countries of Western Europe along with the USA, Canada, etc. Countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Denmark, Poland, etc. These countries are mostly near the Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, countries in the East are countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and some other developing countries.

Differences in Historical Background

From a multipolar world towards a bipolar world and now being a unipolar world, this world had a diversified history. After first world war and just before the World War II, the world was experiencing the thirst of gaining power by most of the countries, that means a multipolar world, colonialism was a huge concern and that influenced cultural heritage as well. After the World War II USA and USSR tried to dominate a bipolar culture. However, the latest world after the breaking of USSR in 1997 is dominated by USA which is unipolar. So, the dominance of USA in terms of economy and culture is hugely identified in these days. More importantly, the gradual enrichment of technological advancement is a huge a huge factor to influence culture of the West. On the other hand, under the colonialism rule, the culture of the East was obliged with the paths that the British people mostly followed. So, this part of the world was more focused on literature and less concerned about the technological advancement. Whereas the Western world was equally advanced in literature and music alongside their constant dominance in the technological aspects.

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Variations in Different Forms of Government Systems

As mentioned earlier the colonialism gave the birth of prevalent practices which was democracy. So, the open market economic system was there in the East and capitalism was the part and parcel of the West, let alone communist countries like China, Cuba and others which have different practices on the basis of socialism. It is very natural that in a modern city state government has got a huge role to discuss the different issues related to the way of life of the denizens (citizens) of a state. So, culture is really impacted by the influence of governmental systems through a diversified economic system as well.

Cultural Activities of Developing Countries of the East

East constantly struggle with their economic limitations but they have also a solid taste of culture. Though they aren’t that affluent always like the East but they do really have a strong heritage. They do practices related to their cultures and more of stick to it. Countries in the East are more likely to go for informal communication. They do love to maintain strong religious ethics, and also, they lack a bit of prudent advantage in terms of technological advancement. However, they have their own different language with minor groups who practices their own culture. Religion is a part and parcel of the countries in the East. Most prominently, the local sports are not like those luxurious sports car races of the West, rather these are more of traditional sports like Ha-Du-Du types.

Cultural Activities of Developed Countries of the West

The cultural activities of the West are of an open minded where individual taste is preferred in terms of performances. The creativity is privileged rather than social justification. Society isn’t that offensive in terms of dress code. However, formal relationships are encouraged. Self-dependency is also encouraged which ultimately accelerate individual culture as well. However, the social point of view is more of a complacent one. In terms of gesture politeness is maintained and formal communication is found mostly. However, technological application is really a lot in every sphere of cultural progress. Aristocracy is a part of rich culture over here. Countries being affluent can invest more on cultural heritage maintenance. However, the culture of the West compared to the East are more sophisticated.

Comparison of Cultural Activities

Compared to the both geographical and political ground of justification the Western culture experiences fast change compared to the cultures of the East. However, the culture of the West is more diversified compared to the East. Globalization has got a huge impact on the cultural acceleration of both the East and West. However, the East having a constant economic limitation, struggle to sustain cultural stability in terms of benevolent mobility. The countries of the East are often prudent in terms of cultural depth. However, the stronghold of religious beliefs is also a valid concern for the countries of the East. Higher religious values are observed within the people in this group. On the contrary, the West has got the luxury to flourish more upon technological enhancement.


Justifying the norms, the Eastern countries have the soft practices on the other hand the West has got hard practices. The economic difference made a remarkable diversification in terms of culture of both the parts. From the East’s side, this part of the world is happy to rely on religious fundamentalism. On the other hand, The West is busy in catching up with the technological dominance of one over another. Luxury is a part and parcel of the West whereas, poverty and poor standard of livelihood is a constant struggle for the developing countries of the East. But the basic character traits of people of course in many particular and distinct instances vary from one to another. With no utter surprise, it can be said that the culture of the West is more prominent, prudent and sophisticated one.

As far as globalization is concerned, there is a dynamic influence of cultural exchange in between the countries of the East and West. Colonialism has always dominated the culture of the East by the West. But the reality is, the East are progressing towards a cultural revolution in very soon. The best cultural practices have always been valued well in terms of both the countries of the East and the West. However, time has come to reunite the global cultural heritage. No matter it is a country or culture of East or West, culture must be respected with deep generosity and kindness. If we can value our culture and keep on maintaining the best practices then only then the global culture will be experiencing a rapid change towards its peak of success. Last but not least, it is not the religion, not the technological, not even the economic discrimination that guides our culture. Rather it is we the humans who are all the way responsible that how are we adapting with the beauty of the culture. So, let’s hope for a better world with deep respect from the core of the heart of the all the possible cultures. Only then the world is going to be a better place.

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