Dieting Vs Exercising: Comparative Essay

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Nowadays, many people are aiming to lose weight. Some of them are doing a diet or eating less and others are doing exercise. Exercise requires physical effort to sustain or improve your health and fitness. Exercise not only helps you to be healthy but it also makes your body proportion. Dieting refers to restrictions or limits on eating food which providing enough nutrients needed to have good health. The diet of one person should always be balanced, so it can provide her a positive and healthy result. Many people are looking for the fastest way to reduce weight, for some changing eating habits is more effective than doing physical exercise. But which is best for having weight loss? Which is more effective? In this essay, after making a comparison between dieting and exercising, I'm going to answer these questions.

Eating less and being physically fit have the same goal or ideas, it is for a person to reduce weight and to be healthier. Both of them are effective but it depends on the body of a person. If these two will be together it will be more effective and can provide a healthy body, but there are some people cannot do dieting with exercise. For them it is like a torture, so that's why instead of doing the two together they will choose only one, either diet or exercise.

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These two strategies to lose weight are both challenging but worth it. However, both of them are hard to do but if a person is very determined to reach his goal to be fit and thin, she can achieve it. There is a saying: ‘No pain, no gain’. One of the challenges in dieting is your effort and decision to change your eating habits while in comparison to the challenge in exercising is your effort to spend time and take the risk that you can feel hurt because you need to move all the parts of your body. Before doing both of these strategies, there is one person who can discourage you or encourage you to pursue it, and it is yourself. The success of these losing weight also depends on your self-motivation. Dieting and exercising have both the same requirement, which is your dedication, efforts, and courage to face all the challenges that you will face while doing it. Another similarity of these two is both of them can modulate the weight of a person.

Even these two have some similarities in some areas still, they have differences between each other. First, diet is only focused on healthy eating habits to weight loss while in contrast exercise is only focus on the improvement of the body structure or composition of a person. In dieting, you can learn how to discipline yourself in eating healthy foods, while in the exercise you are only focusing on how you will make your body beautiful or sexy. Some cases happened when a person did exercise and he feels exhausted, sometimes that is his excuse to eat a lot, in the opposite case in dieting, I can eat a lot of food because later I will do exercise. Meaning, you cannot give excuses before you do any of these strategies. If you like to do something you should always be determined and motivated. Exercising needs more motivation physically and mentally to make it done, while dieting needs only decisions to change your eating habits. Diet can be more feasible to do than exercise. Diet can always be done in house, in contrast with the exercise, most of the time it is done outside the house like in a gym, parks or in a place where there is space. That is also the reason why many people choose dieting than choosing exercise.

Although dieting and exercising have similarities and differences, when they will be together, they can provide more positive outcomes in one's person's body. If both of them have been combined they are promoting maintenance of weight loss. They both have the long-term result in losing weight. Despite their differences, they are both helping people to be healthy and to take care of their selves by having disciple and habits in proper eating and exercising. Both of them can be the motivation of a person to live a life full of a healthy lifestyle. Dieting and exercising are both promoting not to abuse our body, because our health will always be our wealth. Choosing these two strategies is one of the most important and worthwhile decisions you can make in your life, as if you are giving yourself a chance to live long and live your life in good health. You are also preventing yourself to experience any sickness in the future. It is just like, saving your health and your life from any harm. But we need to remember that, by doing these two we should also be careful and not to the extent that you need to fully force yourself to do it if yourself cannot. Much better to check first yourself or seek a piece of advice from the doctor if you can do dieting or exercise, just for you to be safe all the time.

Choosing one of these strategies should always on our bodies. If you cannot do physical exercise, dieting can apply to you. Remember, for you to be successful to lose weight you should give efforts and time. We cannot reach our goals if we are not doing it without commitment to giving your efforts and time. We can lose weight with diet alone, but to be faster and effective, do it with exercise. More healthy, more effective and faster. Both exercise and dieting are important to our health. Without proper eating habits and if you are not physically active and fit, do not expect for a healthy body. Therefore, making these two parts of our daily life is very important to be more healthy and physically fit.

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