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Difference Between Invention And Innovation

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Some of us acknowledge English indeed is a funny language. While analogous sounding terms tend to have a separate meaning; there are some words which we had taken for granted as having the same sense. We had been using these words in our daily conversation; articles as well as research papers; and various other areas of business. We know that any misused words can have an adverse impact and the other person may have a adverse feeling about us. We should always be careful about whatever we say and whatever we write.

So, is there a difference between innovation and invention? This has been quite intriguing for some of us. While most of us say that they mean the same, what remains is a small difference between invention and innovation. In the article, we will take you through the difference between invention and innovation.

Definition of innovation

While we try to find out what is the difference between an innovation and an invention, let us find out about innovation. Please get to know that innovating means there was an idea that has been moulded into a real product. So, we can say that anyone has invented a new product and innovating it would mean that changing the new product into something that sells like hot cakes and is popular amongst customers. An able example would be smartphones which are quite popular amongst clients.

It will improve tremendous worth to any product such that it will be able to gather the accolades from the customers. It will be loved by them. Anyone needs to have proper marketing skills to be able to propagate the innovations. There needs to be a proper strategy that goes into propagating the produce in the market place.

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Definition of invention

We have covered one of the words regarding what is the difference between an invention and an innovation. So, let us see what an invention is. It means a new product has been created that varies from any object that has been present before. It required tremendous brains to create any such product. The person also has to insure the knowledge is entirely new and his own. It is understandable inventions are difficult to make but it does require anyone to have the right thought process to build anything that is new.

Some of the normal items we see around us have been the result of the tiresome work by great scientists. Without these inventions, it would have been difficult to lead our normal lives. Taking a patent ensures the IP stays with the owner. It requires the creation to be of great value.


While these two processes will need a large amount of resources; the key variance is the use of marketing resources for making modern items. To invent a knowhow requires people to have expertise about that subject. Moreover, innovation requires the producer to contain multiple inventions within the same produce in order to provide a great unique selling proposition for the consumer market. While it may not be possible for a single scientist to come up with a great innovation; large corporates can easily combine great creations and come up with an exclusive merchandise that is lapped up by customers.

We have come across what is the difference between invention and innovation. We should be using correct terminologies so that we can depict the correct usage of the words we use. We sincerely hope that you would have gained knowhow about these terms. We will look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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