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Difference Between Jealousy And Envy

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Table of contents

  1. What is the difference between jealousy and envy?
  2. Definition of Jealousy
  3. Definition of envy
  4. Conclusion

Numerous sounds in conversations have entanglements extremely close. A pair of before-mentioned titles are the topic of the draft below. Have you ever been jealous of someone? Maybe jealous of your friend getting closer to him you dislike. Have you envied others because of any quality they have which you lack? Maybe you envy that the girl next door has a collection of latest fashion outfits and you don’t? Are you certain that you are employing these terminologies in the appropriate sentences? There would have been varied instances when readers would have agonized past the thought- Is there a difference between envy and jealousy?

Indeed there is! Well, our readers have landed on the perfect article to put an end to their search. We will soon discover the corresponding in this article. Prior to digging deeper to explain what is the difference between envy and jealousy, let us learn in brief exposure of anything these terminologies signify.

What is the difference between jealousy and envy?

Jealousy concerns circumstances regarding that you own (ordinarily a connection) and envy, on the opposite, solicitudes regarding others’ own. In a nutshell, we can describe the main difference between jealousy and envy as “Jealousy is over MINE things and Envy is over YOUR things”.

Want to achieve some deep meaningful insights? Cmon! let’s uncover the layers independently so that next time you know which term to employ best in what situation.

Let’s first look at the in-depth elucidations of each of those terms.

Definition of Jealousy

It means a nervous situation of failing in either one’s status or sense of importance to a human, mostly concerning a bond with him. Shakespeare rightly named it as the green-eyed monster. It signifies holding to the present, especially in a relationship. It reflects a sense of animosity for a person who is “developing”. Probably you are a little bit scared of the consequences if the third individual advances to a greater extent. It ordinarily implies the emotional dispute among individuals.

For instance: Justin’s jealous of Sherin’s male friends. Shanaya felt jealous when Alex chose Rose over her.

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Obtained the noticeable distinction? In the majority of cases, it is mostly regarding any individual. To comprehend the jealousy and envy difference, it is crucial to peek a sight on the explication of envy too. So, why delay? Let’s see.

Definition of envy

Envy is a desire for having other’s possession. It majorly revolves around whatever other has. Counted among 7 fatal sins, envy signals a sense of unfulfillment because of being attracted to other’s belongings or expertise. If anyone is envious he/she is discontented with those who are further affluent to himself/herself or things they possess.

For instance: I envy your ability to sing. I envy your new laptop.


So, is it jealousy or envy? Guess now after the above discussion you would be better able to figure it out. Just to summarize, the former encapsulates a feeling of panic that someone or something would replace your ownership. Whereas the latter stands for a longing to have someone else’s things.

It seems that the difference between envy and jealousy, is easy to understand but it is not. Many times lack of context provides a wrong sense. For instance, when a guy/girl says “ I am jealous” this is not a clear indication. It could have been clearer with the context- “I am jealous of Sofia talking to the attractive guy”.

Secondly, the point to be noted here is that seldom jealousy and envy travel together. In the above instance, it is actually the characteristic that you are inclining to rival that is attractive. This suggests that when someone is jealous sometimes it will happen that he is feeling envious as well.

What’s the difference between envy and jealousy – We are sure now that would have become pretty clear. A preponderance of the mass blur the differences between the two easily. So, don’t get confused when they are employed in a different manner in different places.

Hope that this article was worth your attention and read. Now when you encounter the two words you would know exactly what is the difference between jealousy and envy. Have fun in explaining the difference to others!

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