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Difference Between Joy Vs Happiness

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Table of contents

  1. Definition of Joy
  2. Definition of Happiness
  3. Main Difference between Joy vs Happiness
  4. Conclusion

When people have conversation in the English language, it is not uncommon to see them use joy and happiness interchangeably. While this mistake has become commonplace, we must not never to fail to point out that there is a difference between happiness and joy. You are probably going through this guide because you are guilty of such a communication error. Well, it would help if you learned the disparity between knowledge is power. So, in the next couple of minutes, you will get to grasp the contrasts. In the end, you will always use them with rock-solid confidence. Now, we will kick of this joy vs happiness tutorial by defining the terms.

Definition of Joy

Joy is the feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind. Feel free to describe it as the quality that comes with inner peace. When people are in this state, the common thing is that you see them wallow in limitless pleasure because we live in a world of endless challenges. So, it is safe to say that this state of mind comes within oneself. It is devoid of any form of mental turmoil. Much as the state of mind has to do with oneself, lots of external factors can change it. One easy way to explain what the concept means is painting a picture of you helping someone who is in extreme poverty. Not sure of the next meal, the person runs to you for assistance.

Lo and behold, you are in a position to help. Well, you go ahead to offer that much-desired support, thus becoming the person’s glimmer of hope. Without mincing words, the needy person will express his heartfelt appreciation. Sure, you will be absolutely delight that you could help. This is simply because you were not compelled to. You go feeling fulfilled. That is joy in action. However, joy does neither lasts for a moment nor a flash in the pan. Nevertheless, it lasts for a long time. It shows that you lead of a fulfilled life.

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Definition of Happiness

Happiness is a sweet feeling that comes as a result of an external factor. However, the driving force behind happiness is always materialistic. More often than not, this state of mind does last for a long time, as the external initiator that terminate anytime. Despite that, it is the feeling that shows that someone is delighted about something. The thing in question could be strengthening of bonds, gift items, mutual understanding, compliments, etc. Going back to the previous example, the needy person will be happy because you have given him food.

Here’s the caveat though: The person may come for the second time, and you will turn him down, telling him that times are pretty hard. Well, this means is that you have terminated the person’s happiness, as the comment will remind them how miserable they are. It is often said that he who goes borrowing, goes sorrowing. In other words, happiness is temporarily or momentarily because the external force that initiated it can easily terminate it at the drop of a hat. Sure, you are the external factor in this context.

Main Difference between Joy vs Happiness

You probably wondered: What is the difference between joy and happiness? Well, the table below will satisfactorily answer that question.

  • Definition An internal, long-lasting feeling of pleasure An external-initiated state of mind that shows a feeling of pleasure
  • Source The source is within The source is external
  • Foundation It comes with a moral foundation or attribute It is usually based on material things or gains
  • Outcome Self-realization and better satisfaction Mutual understanding, strengthening of bonds, admirations, etc.
  • Duration or timeframe It lasts for a long time It is always momentarily or lasts for a while


In conclusion, we have to mention that the two words are nouns. Little wonder many people use them interchangeably. Having come thus far, you will have learned the wide chasm between them. This happiness vs joy guide will be incomplete without reemphasizing the fact that while the former lasts for a moment, the latter lasts for a long time. Sure, these are the most crucial disparities between them.

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