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Differences Between Muslim Ummah And West

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There has continually been a distinction between Islamic Ummah and West and their civilization and different aspects. This report can explore the variations of each. Civilization may be a heritage of social norms, moral values, ancient customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or association with Europe.

Muslim Ummah believes and follows monotheism culture which might be delineate because the “belief within the identity of God (Allah) Islam religion} of Islamic Ummah enjoins faith within the identity and sovereignty of God, that makes individuals responsive to the significance of the universe and of their place in it. But the social distinction between the Islamic Ummah and West is obtaining less day by day as a result of Islamic Ummah isn't following the teachings of their faith as they must.

From living in West it will be ascertained on a daily as a culture that promotes individuality and freedom to decide on the method during which you reside your life (i.e. religion, sexual orientation, etc.). Whereas, within the monotheism countries there's very little variation your life within the method you're to measure your life and are dedicated to serving Allah (God) in each facet of.

This topic “Differences between the Islamic Ummah and also the West” is expounded with the most topics “Current Social, ethical and Political issues and Challenges of Muslims and their Solutions within the light-weight of monotheism Teachings “as Muslims have become keen about west and are forgetting their dominance over the west. For a substantial length of your time Christians viewed Mahomet (S.A.W) as a false prophet; even these days several of Christians would presumably consider him as a real Prophet. The Moslem state of mind toward Judaism and Christianity is extremely extraordinary. Islam sees itself unambiguously as having an area with indistinguishable worshiper convention from its 2 sister religions typify. It interfaces with them, identifies with them, and however is bothered itself predominant. Equally because they will succeed the will for Christians, the revealing of Islam closes the chain of disclosures for Muslims. The Torah and therefore the Gospels are regarded however it's the religious text alone that contains the real message. Moses may be a prophet, Redeemer may be a prophet, however Mahomet (S.A.W) is that the 'Seal of the Prophets.'

The social relations among Islam and therefore the West took a positively new flip once Europe emerged because the prevailing and undoubted power of the advanced time. From legislative problems and coaching to science and craftsmanship, gift day European culture modified Islam-West relations for the last time. Consolidating a religious belief past with a standard gift, Western civilization has created a crack between Westernized elites and standard networks within the Muslim world.

The Muslim world has, within the course of the foremost recent 2 centuries, received four noteworthy positions on the ascent of Western advancement. The primary is A combination adjustment of Western civilization because the perfection and traditional heritage of mankind's history. solon Kemal Pasha Mustafa Kemal statesman solon national leader} Ataturk in Turkey and Asian country sovereign crowned head monarch} Reza Pahlavi in Iran looked to modernize their nations by receiving Western civilization and foundations. The second position is altogether dismissal and denunciation of Western civilization as social dominion. This disposition is by and huge framed within the idiom of moderate Islamism as on account of gift day Moslem and Salafi developments. In any case, it's equally AN announcement of character governmental problems that sees the West as an immature and materialistic culture.



Principles which makes differences between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. There is lack of morality in west while the Muslims strictly follow morality.

It is tempting to generalize and claim that the best ethical, political and economic practices prevail in places that are rich, secure and free from conflict. A state in constant war, affected by extreme impoverishment, military absolutism and lack of social and economic development can clearly curtail moral values within the property right, and will begin to erode them even within the home. One average Islamic educating on moral quality is that monumental a social control on a offender in extent to their offense is admissible and just; nevertheless sympathetic the offender is healthier. to travel on top of and on the far side by giving some facilitate to the offender is revered the foremost noteworthy excellence. Another guideline is that no matter is nice and advantageous for human race is ethically nice and dangerous habit versa. in keeping with Islamic sharia law, a Muslim is needed to act simply in nice manners as terrible behavior acquires indecencies. Muhammad is accounted for as expression 'It is not conceivable that you just fancy reproaching and censuring and keep honorable within the meantime'.

It is engaging to add up and guarantee that the simplest ethical, political and financial practices win in spots that are made, secure and free from struggle. A state in steady war, experiencing outrageous poorness, military autocracy and absence of social and financial improvement can clearly cut back ethical qualities in folks generally house, and will begin to dissolve them even within the home.

Better or Worst

In West, what is good or bad is determined by the rule of the majority, with little attention given to the principles of morality. On the other hand, Islamic ethics differ from the Western concept as these are derived from God, directly from the Quran, and from the practices of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is therefore a set of beliefs and actions that is divine and erode the limitations of time, place and tradition.

Difference of thoughts about Nature of a Man

In West, believe is that man is evil by nature, it is not in his hand to do good or bad deeds and to refrain himself from evil deeds but Islam holds that man is born with a morally good nature that responds to faith and ethical values. Over time, it may get corrupted due to temptations and man’s inability to exercise control over his desires (Nafs). According to Islam, there is major equality among all the mankind, with the single exception of moral goodness and power of character.

Intention and Deed

For man’s conduct to be moral as per Islam, there area unit 2 conditions that should be fulfilled:

  • His intention should be sensible.
  • His action should be in keeping with what God has schooled.
  • If either is corrupt, his behavior is unlikely to fulfill moral standards.

But in West apply; intentions aren't thought-about to be important in their conduct. They solely mean to sensible outcome whether or not from sensible or dangerous.

Three inter-related ways in which Mortality of Muslim Ummah differs from the Mortality of West:

1. Individual Freedom and Independence:

The first is that the conception of independence of the folks. In Islam, one’s freedom ends wherever another’s physical and ethical area begins. Indeed, aboard freedom of expression and liberty for people, society additionally has ethical rights. Thus, how one individual behaves morally must be guided by how that behavior influences the behavior of those around him.

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2. Collectivism:

Secondly, Islamic teachings expand with the family as the unit of society, not the individual. Islam believes in collectivism, not individualism. But if we take a sight on the West, we see that majority relay on individualism, majority do not live together as a family.

3. Ethical Principles:

And thirdly, ethical principles, in West if majority votes for ethical principle whether it is against the teaching of their religion or not they’ll adopt it.

But in Islam, ethical principles are adopted from their divine source, and are not determined by the vote of the majority. Even if the majority in a society votes that stocking grains is ethical, Islamic ethics will not accept this decision because in Islam stocking Grains or other needs of humans is Haram.


The western governments are basically democracies and they have clauses to separate the states and religious places like church etc.On the other hand, the Muslim countries or Muslim Ummah dictate laws according to their religion Islam. Their articulation of rights covers communitarian dimension, not only the rights of individuals. As in most original coordinated efforts between railroad line foundations, there are forever each positive and negative estimations. Also, if one appearance little bit of the positive elements of this relationship, one might battle that the method by that focal points of learning within the West eaten knowledge from Islamic human advancement within the times of yore through the Iberian dry land, in Sicily and even by strategies for the Crusades. The Crusades had a precise estimation to that that is not oftentimes complemented. it had been not simply the wars. There was in like manner the exchanging of musings by triumph and trade. you discover that contemplations distinctive with science and development and course, all one amongst those musings crossed edges and breaking points. so was positive.

You had a person WHO later advanced toward going to be pope inspecting in one amongst the unexampled focal points of learning within the Muslim world. Also, he grasped associate particularly open system towards Islam. There wasn't the restriction that his progenitors had showed up. With the target that kind of participation had existed antecedently. what is more, one might battle that, at the part of the mystics, there was a large amount of exchange - paying very little mind as to whether a number of it happened while not the mystics themselves watching this. These were imaginary that navigated time and transversally over cutoff points.

By and by if one appearance hemorrhage edge time span, i might categorical that to the degree authoritative problems and government go, Muslims have eaten an excellent deal from the West, particularly in association with vote primarily based framework, human rights, presence primarily based forms of organization. there is been as unfathomable game set up of absorption regarding Muslims from the West. what is more, i do not trust there is any Muslim society these days as well as those that have remained closed and secluded ... which will neglect the intensity of vote primarily based framework. it has been outstanding amongst alternative political forces of the 20th and twenty first century.

Distinction in Culture

The civilization of Muslim Ummah is an enlightenment of the heart which is rooted from faith and it focuses on building a spiritual and intellectual culture.

Whereas the Western civilization is an enlightenment of the mind and it focuses on reasoning and logical thinking. This concept of western civilization promotes racism.

Respect of women

The historical distance between the West and Muslim Ummah is the treatment of women may be a matter of decades rather than centuries. Westerners regard Muslim societies as unenlightened once it involves the standing of girls. . British girls got the proper to have property freelance of their husband’s solely in 1870, whereas Muslim girls have perpetually had that right. In Western cultures daughters couldn't inherit something if there have been sons within the family, sharia law has perpetually allotted shares from each inheritance to each daughter and sons.


The western countries are rolling over the world because of their unity against Muslim Ummah. All the western countries are on one page against the Muslim Ummah.

The Muslim Ummah in current era is not dominant over the Westerns is because the Muslim countries are not united. They are somehow united on Islamic issues but still have some conflicts like the issue of Saudia Arabia, Iran and Syria. But the Islamic states are not united on political an issue that’s why they are under influence of the western countries economically and politically.


The religion of Muslim Ummah the Islam recommends doing justice in every part and matter of life. But in this era it has been seen that the justice is more common in the western countries rather than the Muslim countries be caused of the ignorance of teachings of Islam by Muslim Ummah. Has there been a past filled with positive connections between Western development and the Muslim world?

As in most different collaborations between civic establishments, there are constantly both positive and negative measurements. What's more, in the event that one takes a gander at a portion of the positive parts of this relationship, one could contend that the manner by which focuses of learning in the West consumed information from Islamic human progress in the prior period through the Iberian landmass, in Sicily and even by means of the Crusades. The Crusades had a specific measurement to it which isn't regularly accentuated. It was not simply the wars. There was likewise the trading of thoughts by triumph and exchange. You find that thoughts relating to science and innovation and route, each one of those thoughts crossed outskirts and limits. So that was certain.

You had a man who later progressed toward becoming pope examining in one of the extraordinary focuses of learning in the Muslim world. What's more, he embraced an exceptionally open methodology towards Islam. There wasn't the opposition that his ancestors had appeared. With the goal that kind of cooperation had existed before. What's more, one could contend that, at the dimension of the spiritualists, there was a lot of trade - regardless of whether some of it occurred without the spiritualists themselves being aware of this. These were thought that traversed time and crosswise over limits.

Presently in the event that one takes a gander at the cutting edge time frame, I would state that to the extent legislative issues and government go, Muslims have consumed a lot from the West, particularly in connection to vote based system, human rights, popularity based types of administration. There's been as incredible arrangement of assimilation with respect to Muslims from the West. What's more, I don't believe there's any Muslim society today including those which have stayed shut and isolated ... that can overlook the power of vote based system. It's been one of the best political powers of the twentieth and 21st century.


From higher than discussion it's over that there'll perpetually stay distinction between the community and therefore the West the most dominant distinction is faith. However, during this era the community is losing their ethical, social and political norms and following the western traits that may be a threat to their existence.


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