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Digital Security On The Internet As A Major Issue In Recent Years

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Digital Privacy

The term digital privacy can be characterized or explained as by usage of digital means to protect the private data of citizens or businesses. Digital privacy is becoming an important discussion area for all businesses and organizations in this technology era. Furthermore, concerns about the digital privacy on the web is progressively turning into an argument of the international contest. People are getting more worried about the most confidential details of their day-to-day life being monitored, searched and recorded. Because of the internet protocol, (IP) address, user’s activities like their search and web history can be observed on the search engines or servers. In this age, we can encounter quick and sensational changes and improvements in technology and digitalisation. In particular, it is getting much easier to get required information than before likewise, privacy breach is also being observed and sometimes technology helps to uncover abuses.

Presently, due to the increment of the competition among business, it is getting hard for businesses to remain profitable.

Business plans which run without managing their risk could leads to disaster. In addition, data security and confidentiality is becoming an essential part of today’s business plans. Keeping data secured and maintained is becoming more challenging for business some examples of such data are – business plans, reports important documents, projects critical information. Additionally, it is important for the privacy of the business, that only the authorized person gets the excess to the required information. Nowadays, privacy and security of information is getting more complex, which will never going to be resolved. It is a challenge for businesses to keep client’s information private and secure from competitors and also due to the excessive use of technology risks of leaking of information are increasing. Given underneath are some advances or steps which business have accepted to maintain their digital privacy.

Firstly, data encryption standouts amongst the most ideal approach to shield data from unauthorised people’s access and reduce risks. There are many third-party encryption software accessible for businesses and by utilizing this software solutions business can manage their digital privacy. Besides, there are various levels of encryption security available, and businesses can personalise according to their needs and built policies for passwords to ensure protection.

Subsequently, there are some policies and procedures that’s being implemented within the business environment to guarantee security and privacy of the business data and records. In addition, employees should be provided with effective training to maintain digital security and security breaches. It is very important for businesses that their employees should follow the work environment policies and procedures to ensure data protection and security all employees are responsible to keep business privacy maintained.

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Additionally, use of the biometric and recognition technologies within the business environment can provide with more accurate identification, decreasing unwanted breaches. Moreover, with this type of technology access to the employees will be granted with the help of their biological characteristics such as iris scan or fingerprints which are hard to duplicate or forge. This type of collected information helps the organisation with the security and the accountability of the data. Logging with the biometrics security framework helps the organisation to keep the track of the personnel activities which can helps to lead to an unfortunate case of security breaches.

Furthermore, digital natives or young individuals who are born or brought up during the age of digital technology they don’t need to learn to become digital natives. However, digital privacy also causes some harm to these natives which has some negative and positive side. These natives were dependent on technology and they build their trust on this. Further, digital natives like to associate via social media like Facebook where, their identity is no more secure. Simultaneously, digital privacy also impacts digital immigrants. Digital immigrants are those individuals which are born before digital revolution. They are opposite of digital natives; digital privacy implication is also affecting them in some ways that they now feel unsafe to use social media or get involved in any other social network. Moreover, they use the traditional way of communication like phones. In addition, organisations should ensure that (before the implementation of any new changes in business structure to strengthen the digital security) both natives and immigrants are happy with the changes. This should be the first priority of the organisation to ensure security breaches don’t occur.

Besides, privacy is no longer a social norm, web organisations are now continually gathering information of their customers to keep track of their daily web activity so that they can focus on commercials obliged to their interests thus breaching privacy. These organizations also share personal information (emails) to third-party websites, bringing endless spam. On the way to its intended destination, information sent over the internet has the potential to pass through dozens of different computer systems. Each system has capability of capturing and storing information while making communication with on another. Internet user’s online activities can be monitored, both by their own service provider as well as any system operator of any internet sites which are capable of capturing them. Also, there are practically no online services that can guarantee absolute privacy rights. According to federal law, if information is easily accessible then viewing or disclosing the information to the public is not considered illegal. Anyone can access public messages on the internet at any time, even after the original message was written.

Nevertheless, digital security concerns cannot be ignored in this modern era of rapid expansion of businesses. As more and more people are engaging with computer-based devices therefore digital privacy should be accounted for accordingly. More often changes to the new inventions could alter personal life and it also affect the individual’s identity. Data is like currency for most organizations, they gather vast amounts of data. Companies have to stop gathering such an amount of data, as personal information is confidential and shouldn’t be exploited. Sometimes, digital privacy gets hacked with only the email address. Hackers can intercept the other persons credit card details to buy their own stuff. In the past, people were afraid of putting their card details on the internet but now due to advancements in technology data is now more secured and encrypted which leads to people buy more than ever.

In conclusion, digital security on the internet has turned into a major issue in recent years, something must be done to guarantee web users are in a safe and private browsing environment. Our digital privacy is at risk and the government should set some workplace rules and regulations to ensure integrity, confidentiality, consistency of business to give a healthy business environment. With the expansion of technology and rapid innovation of new technologies, people’s privacy has diminished. By putting obligations on getting access to certain type of information by the user, organisations can keep users’ information save by implementing privacy measures. Only association’s important staff chooses which information needs to be shared or not. Lastly, privacy policies should be shortened and simplified, so that individuals can easily understand what they are agreeing to. Most of the time solutions are in the companies’ hand, who should not share user information with third-party companies or monitor web activities in order to deliver targeted advertisements.

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