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Disadvantages Of Media Development

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Media development refers to change that occurs over all forms of media. It can be influenced by many factors; rule of law, how supportive diverse views are by society, freedom of expression, the attitude of journalists. This essay will focus on how whether the development of media had been a positive or negative impact on society. The publication of the World Wide Web to the public in 1991, which allowed users to build websites of their own, marked the start of media is accessed by the public and how they retrieved information. In order to understand about society and to get informed, the people rely on the mass media sources such as television, newspapers, radio, news that are accessible online etc. This is one of the primary sources of information for the public.

Media can create a very strong influence in the public’s mind which can potentially lead them to changing their opinion regarding a certain subject. Media has become a vital part of our life, we become up-to-date via media, and it could be argued that in some cases the public believe blindly what has being portrayed through media without knowing or questioning the authenticity of the news they hear. The more susceptible portion of the public fail to think about the validity of the news sources they are acquiring information from, nor do they question what their underlying motives are. Nowadays, many believe that media and media culture has gained an upper hand over the general public’s thoughts and opinion.

The media arguably controls what citizens see. This is because they only make available to us the news that is a priority to them. The problem with such news is that its focus is likely to contain subjects that will raise their news value and increase their rating. With the time and as new technology develops, the media needs a new definition in a more general way, so that it includes any technological tools that also have communication roles.

Over the years, the modern-day media has developed so much that we acquire a vast variety of data at our fingertips, wherever we are now we get information about the world from any location. Sitting back at home we get informed what’s happening in other part of the state or country, this development has taken the media into another level.

Media is one of the biggest and growing commercial industries to date, if they are not able to retrieve eye catching news, they create one. The technology has made it easy too for this. This is because online news is far less demanding in terms of having authentic news sources. With the high turnover of news posts and articles, writers are far more fixated on producing news to either meet targets and deadlines, that they are spewing out unaccredited news. The rise in technology has made the news spread among the globe in a fraction of seconds.

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The increased volume of internet mediums such as blogs, forums that are now available at everyone’s fingertips means that media has a much more increased capacity for jobs, income and revenue. Now we can see that there is more online journalist, this platform has given a new job opportunity for the people. Now everyone can access news, it has become more convenient for the people. media has portrayed different cultural practices and which made another cultural group to see different cultural practices.

Media has educated people through television and radio programmes. it has benefited many people with it. Children have learned gained knowledge by the quiz programme animal programs which comes in television and radio programmes. The media has also served as good platform for entertainment, it helps people to understand each other and embrace their difference.

As a coin has two sides even media has as a bitter side to it. The media makes people spend too much time on the internet, viewing television. A form of addiction could be argued to develop in people, especially the younger generation, who have grown up with modern technology to hand. A negative consequence of this is that socialization with family, friends and neighbours is jeopardised, thus leading to individualism. Therefore, the development of media may not always be for the best if it impedes social characteristics. Furthermore, the glamorisation of alcohol and drug use through media and advertising, portrays to the public an ideal that they should aim to and if not intentionally, unintentionally promotes this to the more susceptible to follow through.

Furthermore, not all the content in the media is suitable for children and restricting the audience that has access to any sort of media is extremely difficult. Once a piece of information is released into modern media, it is nearly impossible to control how it spreads, and who will gain access to it.

A further disadvantage of media developing more is the unending increase of fraudulent users, imposters and hackers. As a result of how fast media and technology is developing, there is unlikely to be related laws governing that area, which means that it takes longer to find those committing online crimes or crimes using newly developed technology.

Bullying also takes place because of the internet as many mediums of media, online news forums, blogs give people behind a screen the freedom to write anything and everything they want, with zero question of authenticity and no supporting evidence. This thereby miss informs the general public and also spread rumors about things and situations and make them panic and also sometimes in extreme cases cause riots. Media has developed in many ways, and still has a long way to go. Over the decades the changes have being magnificent, from print media to electronic media, from black and white movies to colour three-dimensional and four-dimensional movies and also animation movies. The media has developed in a significant manner across the world. New technologies have been accepted and every institution is updating itself with the new media change. Media development has caused society to forcefully change and adapt the new technology. This development has made things much more easier and pleasing but everything has a small side effect too. Likewise, the emergence of more technology causes people to fall into the lazy pit. People become less productive and their lives revolves around more of the online electronic world, thereby they a forget the real outside world. In the long run, developments themselves are a positive thing when used responsibly, otherwise, they are of no use. You should be the one using media, it should not be the media using you.

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