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Disadvantages Of Zero-Hour Contract

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In this essay, I will argue that zero-hour contracts should not be allowed because they cause more for issues for the employees and they cause the organisations or companies that hire the workers receive most of the economic risk than the workers. The zero-hour contract may lead to organisations mistreating their workers by exploiting their workers, I will back my argument by using varies information from online resources.

A zero-hour contract is a type of contract in which an organisation allows workers to work in any minimum working hours and workers are not indebted to take any work the organisation may offer. According to (Cabrelli, 2018, p. 850), a zero-hour contract is a workers contract under which (a) the undertaking to do or perform work or services is an undertaking to do so conditionally on the employer making work or services available to the worker, and there is no certainty that any such work or services will be made available to the worker.

In a zero-hour contract there is flexibility in work and could provide a means of permanent work for employees, it is also flexible for organisations as well because they need workers for short term projects. For an example as Illustrated by (Advisory, 2017), A company may need a worker in a such as “unexpected or last-minute events (e.g. a restaurant needs extra staff to cater for a wedding party that just had their original venue cancel on them)”,or the company is experiencing temporary staff shortages (e.g. an office loses an essential specialist worker for a few weeks due to bereavement) and also for on-call/bank work (e.g. one of the clients of a care-worker company requires extra care for a short period of time).

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There are some of the major disadvantages of Zero-hour contract like it is that there is no steadiness in employment due to no assurance to be employed in the future, this may lead to a situation where workers may not have future income. As pointed out by (James, 2018), “Damaging social life; If you don’t want miss out on work from your employer, you may find yourself waiting at home and turning down your social activities”, The author talks about how the worker may have to work at inconvenient times.

Another disadvantage of zero-hour contract is there is no certain future flow of income, so if the employer wants to organise his savings, he may find it difficult due to lack of continuity of income. According to (Lucas, 2018) , ”Lack of control over the worker; an employer can’t stop a zero hours worker for another employer, even a competitor, and the law is on their side if the employer treats them unfairly for doing so. In this situation they have a right to claim unfair dismissal from day one of their contract”.

In zero-hour contract there is flexibility in working hours which beneficial for workers because they will decide when they want to work and also when they what want to receive income, According to (Davies, 2013), “Extra income, As there are no set hours, one of the upsides of zero hours contracts is the ability to pack In extra hours as they become available, so if you need extra money one month and earn extra money”, but this is a disadvantage to the company because the company may need workers during a particular period they may not be able to get due to the zero-hour contract workers may refuse to work if not agreed upon in their contract. Another disadvantage is the company may suffer from loss in protection of reputation, For example as stated by (Ventures, 2016) , Public criticism is a serious concern for companies offering employment on zero hours contracts . It may be difficult to reconcile such contracts with your values and brand image. It may also put off potential employees who choose not to apply for a job where their working hours are uncertain, or who don’t want to work for a brand that has received negative coverage for bad employment practices.

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