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Self Discipline Essays

Discipline is a virtue that lays the foundation for a prosperous and fulfilling life. A discipline essay explores this critical attribute and its impacts on individual and collective life. Its essence is to convey the significance of discipline in various aspects of life, its role in shaping character, and how it contributes to achieving personal and communal objectives. This essay delves into the world of discipline, shedding light on its nuanced interpretation across different contexts. While often associated with strict...
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Discipline Definition Essay

Importance of discipline What is discipline? The discipline itself approaches doing matters which we do not sense like doing it. The area builds someone’s character, nature, and his/ her character. Each one likes to see a nicely prepared person as opposed to a tousled person. Discipline in life is very critical and essential on the way to gain proper effects. Discipline exams your individual. Your intellectual and social temperament to deal with difficult things. Because there are levels in our...
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How Discipline Equals Freedom

What is discipline? Discipline is a word that is connected to the behavior and comes from the Latin language. It comes from “disciple” which means student or pupil. It gives a sense of instructions and training. Discipline refers to a system of rules and regulations. “Discipline means to get knowledge, learn new things of ethics, get training, a process of learning of development, and apply all on the system of standards”. Self-discipline is a chain of improving oneself, developing the...
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How Does Discipline Influence Academic Performance?

Discipline is the key to attain and achieved our goal’s in life. We as a future educator’s, discipline and academic performance are the core in today’s education. While in student’s learning, discipline has a ver important role in the life of every individual, by being well-disciplined we can encourage everyone to be disciplined as well. Discipline also helps us to become a better version of our selves and it can help us to be a better person in this world....
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The Ways And Methods To Discipline A Child

Discipline is the approach of raising a child while guiding them through learning right and wrong behaviors. There are many variations of discipline can that be effective for different behaviors. Unfortunately, many times child discipline is taken upon in ways that are undermining the child rather than preparing them to be successful adults. Children being incorrectly disciplined can cause many problems as they grow older. Many parents do not know what they are doing to the child’s mentality when physically...
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The Importance Of Children Discipline For Parents

As a parent, it’s their job to educate and support their child all throughout their childhood and teenage years. A baby isn’t born given a handbook figuring out what’s right from wrong, it’s the parent’s job to teach them. As a baby begins to grow, so are their cognitive skills and intellectual thoughts. At a young age, kids will start to detect information quickly, however they might not know what they’re saying or doing. In addition, an important parental aspect...
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The Philosophy Of Discipline Policy At School

My overall philosophy of discipline is that it should be fair, consistent, and reflect what would happen at a full-time job. I believe that schools are to teach students how to be good employees. With that in mind, I believe that discipline should reflect what their consequences would be like when they have a full-time job. For example, if they were rude to their boss, they would get written up. The equivalent of being written up at your job would...
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The Effectiveness Of School Discipline

School Disciplinary policies are not used fairly or consistently. Studies have shown that children of minority/ African American descent typically receive harsher/more punishment than those of any other descent. The rate is astronomical, at three times more often than whites. Most teachers in upper class communities or rural areas are predominantly caucasian in nature. There is not a lot of diversity in those communities. Schools could use more teachers and diversity regardless of where the school is located. It would...
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The Problem of Chronic Student Absenteeism and Ways to Deal with It

Schools in California, such as Cerritos High School, have a major issue regarding chronic student absences at an insane rate of 10 to 15% among all schools, and such issues have a two-fold impacting the school itself and the student’s ability to learn. Not all absences are bad, however, students mostly have valid reasons, but those with chronic absences (like skipping school) are just missing out improving their education. Education isn’t a privilege, rather it is a necessity that makes...
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The Peculiarities Of Organisational Behavior

Introduction Summary Personality deals with the behavioral aspects of a person and for an organization, the attitude of employees is a key aspect in determining how the said employee will work in the current working environment of the company. Perception on the other hand is how a person perceives the reality. So, organization in itself like an organism with various quirks, hence how an employee actually feels about his or her work is really vital for supervisors to make them...
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Approaches And Techniques For Handling With Disrupting Pupils

Discipline issue is an experience that creates anxiety, terror and worry for maximum educators. It occur in many ways comprising, disturbing conversation, soundless reactions, napping in class, unpunctuality and poor presence, not seriously taken home assignments, deceitful in quizzes and assessments and speak in disrespectful way with educators and peers in the classroom. There are various reasons for discipline issue; it can originate from pupils’ responses to their instructor’s conduct or from other aspects internal or external the class or...
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Self-discipline Aspects And Evaluation

In this assignment we are going to be looking at self-discipline which is being able to control yourself and your feelings. We are going to record our self-discipline through a report over 2 weeks. It will consist of 7 different areas; presentation and personal grooming, punctuality, reliability, composure, attitude, performance, personality. All of these 7 areas are essential as they contribute to you being able to control yourself in the correct manner. We were looking at our presentation/appearance meaning we...
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