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Discrimination Against Hijab Women In The Workplace

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Nowadays, women are making a mark in the society through their jobs unfortunately women wearing hijab are at the forefront of the population that has been extensively unsuccessful in acquiring suitable jobs that would benefit them. Presently, the current issue has raised serious attention and sparked numerous controversies in society due to the noticeable levels of discrimination that women wearing hijab face. While a huge percentage of people believe that women wearing hijab should keep religion out of the office, others claim that people who wear hijab should not be discriminated against, but rather be treated with equal opportunities as the rest of the population.

Past studies indicate that discrimination against these women still exists in the workplace. The article “Types of workplace discrimination experienced by Muslim women wearing hijab”. Shows a study that revealed that ladies who wear hijab are given false data with respect to work accessibility, are denied the opportunity to apply for occupations, made to feel unnoticeable and unwelcome when applying; they are fired from employments as a result of wearing hijab. Muslim ladies wearing hijab experienced this separation in any case of their age, skin color, or accent. The article highlights the definition of discrimination and additionally examines certain situations in order to identify patterns of discriminations that hijab women suffer from in the work place.

Ghumman (2018), professor, from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Shidler College of Business has completed an intensive marketing research on the effects of Muslim women who wear hijabs in the U.S. The surveys result where 30 percent of women who wear hijab have been concerned about practicing or engaging in any work, 88 percent said they were not willing to take off their hijab when applying for jobs, 63 percentage said they were aware of incidences where women carrying hijab had been refused work, and 22 percentage said they where in person rejected from work because of their attire.” Unlike other religious groups who wear religious attire, Hijabis are increasingly subjected to discrimination in the workplace. According to a report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC, 2003), there was a 153 percent increase in workplace discrimination claims by Muslims after the 9/11 attack in New York City”.( Muslim women who wear headscarves face workplace discrimination in US: study, University of Hawaii at Manoa)

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Many discrimination cases happen to Women and in no way make the news, nearby or in any other case. The issues faced through finding out that women wearing head scarf are denied or face many issues. Companies say that wearing a hijab is a cultural choice, and in no way are they obligated to recognize cultural norms. Some women cannot manage the pressure that is put on them, so that they choose no longer to wear the headscarf and they are more well-known with the aid of western lifestyle due to the fact they don’t look distinct. Elawawadh(2013), shares Hani khan and Imane Boudhal stories of work discrimination. They were both accepted at first, but then where asked to take off their headscarf or wear caps. They both refused and where fired from their jobs, they both believe Christians and Muslims should both practice their religion and not be stripped from their faith and what they believe.

Many people believe that this type of discrimination starts when a women wearing a scarf first gets interviewed for a job. Once they notice the headscarf she is put at the end or not on the end list, even though her qualifications are good enough. “Discrimination during the hiring process can be the most common, but hardest to prove, says Sayed. Corporations may have an open hiring policy, but especially in entry-level jobs, managers often make the hiring decision. If a manager sees a woman in a hijab, Sayed says some might assume it’s too difficult to accommodate her religious practices, which can require prayer breaks, fasting during religious holidays, or exceptions to uniforms. Other managers may not want customers to associate Islam with their business. Customer-facing jobs such as hostess or receptionist could be discreetly removed as possible positions for Muslim women. ( For Muslim Women Workers, Bias Can Start with the Interview).

In conclusion, I believe that no one should be stopped or not have the opportunity to work in the job he or she has the right to work in. More movements and awareness should be done for these women.

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