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Discrimination Against Same Sex Parents

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All human beings are born with equal rights despite their sexual preference! Since the 1900s, homosexual people have become increasingly popular but highly resisted. Improving rights for people of the LGBTQ+ community is a critical human right issue. In some countries, people are still imprisoned and even killed for their sexual orientation. Even in places where it isn’t illegal, they face violence and social stigma by the political system and society. Due to these challenges, they fought to have the same marital and parental rights as heterosexual people. But how does society look upon them and their children? Can they be good parents?

“We won marriage, and people thought the fight was over,” Ms.Eisenberg said. “But having to adopt your own child feels way more invasive, upsetting, disturbing” (Same-Sex Parents Still Face Legal Complications, 2020) Family isn’t determined solely on blood relations, therefore homosexual parenting should be legalized in all parts of the world because they are just as good as heterosexual parents, and can be better in some ways and can provide a second chance for children waiting to be adopted. Unfortunately, people still believe that same-sex parents aren’t able to nurture a child properly without the presence of the opposite gender in their family dynamics. This can make it very hard for both parents and children to live their life without fear of discrimination.

There are 3 major concerns about same-sex parents that are commonly voiced (Falk 1994; Patterson, Fulcher and Wain Right, 2002). Namely:

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  1. Homosexuals are mentally ill;
  2. Lesbians are less maternal than heterosexual women;
  3. Same-sex couples leave little time for their kids.

But, research has failed to provide proof for any of these concerns. Firstly, homosexuality is not a psychological disorder! (Conger 1975). The psychiatric, psychological professions don’t consider homosexuality as a mental disorder since years ago the American Psychiatric Association removed “homosexuality” from its list of mental disorders. Regarding the 2nd concern, there is no scientific evidence that parenting effectiveness is related to sexual orientation. Homosexual parents are as likely as heterosexual parents to provide love and healthy environments for their children(Patterson,2000,2004). Similarly, same-sex relationships have not found to detract from their ability to care for their children (Bos et al, 2004).

In fact, in certain ways, same-sex parenting skills are superior to those of heterosexual couples because they rarely become parents by accident therefore they tend to be more motivated and committed than heterosexual parents. Kids of gay parents have the advantage of open-minded and patient role models of equitable relationships. A homosexual parent will be able to relate to the child more if he/she is facing internal conflicts; whether it is sexual orientation or self-identity, as they have experienced it themselves thus making the child feel comfortable talking to their parent. Many heterosexual parents fail in this aspect. Usually, children of same-sex parents feel less pressure placed on them from gender stereotypes, as their parents have fewer expectations for the child to act like their biological gender role.

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages as well, that is children of same-sex parents might be more vulnerable to mental breakdowns, behavior problems and be less psychologically healthy than other children. But if there’s any disadvantage that is due to the prejudice and discrimination by society. Discrimination against their parents deprives children of benefits and privileges enjoyed by children of heterosexual couples. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with parenting. So let’s not hate or discriminate against any same-sex couples or their children and give everyone an equal chance to showcase their talent and be successful!

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